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Homos arise

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After managing to avoid a paw fetish for a long time, I very suddenly want my face to be smothered by them. What happened? An I beyond saving?

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I hate that I like it, but the dick likes what the dick likes. I always thought they were cute, but never in a sexual way until a few days ago. Then my brain suddenly thought "hey those are cute, I really want them on my face"

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Why do you hate it? It doesn't hurt anyone. Just enjoy stuff you like.

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Honestly, you're entirely right and I'm just being silly. It's entirely harmless and I might as well enjoy myself. Not sure why I felt embarrassed about it

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Thanks for being the voice of reason. Guess I'm a paw homo now

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more please, i really like those vehicules

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I like those vehicles jaja sorry

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I still can't believe I'm addicted to gay fur porn

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You're right, shame that I have a gf

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Where can I find this artist's work?


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Let's get Down to business, to take the knot, with your ass.
Did they send me S/fur when I asked for Furfags?
Your the Bi-est bunch I've ever met but you can bet before were through,
Mister I'll get this knot into you.

Tranquil as a fursuit, but horny within.
Once you stretch your butt hole, it is sure to fit.
You're a Yiffless, pale, pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll, get this knot, into you.

"I'm never gonna stretch that far"
"Someone said I'm bi then blew me"
"Boy, was I fool in school for not fucking Jim"
"This guy's(OP) got 'em scared to death"
"I hope his knot fits into me"
"Now I really wish I knew how to Yiff"

Be a Furfag
We must be gay as a coursing pride flag
Be a Furfag
With all the force of a gay typhoon. (Of cum)
Be a Furfag
With the strength of a raging boner
Mysterious as the straight side of OP

Time is racing towards us, 'til the knot says hi
Heed my every order and you might survive
You're unsuited for the rage of Cred Forums,
So pack up, go home, you're through.
How could I, get this knot, into you?

Be a Furfag
We must be gay as a coursing pride flag
Be a Furfag
With all the force of a gay typhoon (of cum)
Be a Furfag
With the strength of a raging boner
Mysterious as the straight side of OP.

Be a Furfag
We must be gay as a coursing pride flag
Be a Furfag
With all the force of a gay typhoon (of cum)
Be a Furfag
With the strength of a raging boner
Mysterious as the straight side of OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

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You can always get her to peg you, probably still feels really good. Or do you mean she wouldn't like gfur?

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She wouldn't like the g/fur and I dunno about pegging. Not really into guys 100 percent. But I'd probably a guy in a fursuit/mirrsuit bang my ass.

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Is zillion a qt?

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Hey Luc.

No, you are.

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How are you

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Hey you never know, if she's not too judgemental you could bring it up. I'm gay but my husband got me lookin at sfur. Sometimes we jerk off to it together, fun stuff

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Tired. Went swimming earlier.

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Give my slime girl some love

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Wrong thread for that

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Oh fuck my bad, i don't know why i can't read

I'll give it a shot sometime user

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It's ok, we'll just be the girl's cock need

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Could go for a nice dick to suck

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gay monogamy

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Post your butt.

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no u

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yep, that's the stuff right there

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Why is it that I love men like that in furry porn, but not real men? The floof is sexy in art, but only like hairless irl.

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Bend over for Snarf.

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Lol I don't know. I kind of feel the same way. I have a big preference to hairless irl as well. I'm not completely against it though.

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going to fap to 69 porn now goodnight

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I guess it's the idea of soft fur that I like, but actual hair is a turnoff for me. But I'd totally get fucked by (and fuck) a big wolf like that if they were real :/

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I don't really share the fur sentiment too much. That part doesn't really matter. Irl, I don't mind a bit but if it's a cute boy, then he has to be mostly hairless. If it's like a bigger more manly guy, then I don't mind a bit of extra hair I guess.

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>no horse dick, the best part of a horse
Why is it so hard to just have a nice femboy with a giant horse dick?

I'm kinda the opposite with real guys. I don't mind a small amount of hair on cute boys, like a little pubic hair can be cute, but I don't like hairy men at all. I only like muscular men if they're smooth and shaven.

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fuck this one made me diamond hard

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A don't really mind pubic hair as long as it's just trimmed decently. I don't expect everybody to be completely clean shaven down there all the time.
Muscular men.. Just some hair on the chest maybe and that's it.

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I don't like chest hair, or facial hair either. Tbh, I don't really mind armpit hair, I probably wouldn't even really care about a twink with it either if it's minimal. But I'm a weirdo and love natural, unshaven women :/

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Give into the Snarf.

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Facial hair needs to be maintained well. One guy I hookup with every once in a while just has a mustache and it actually feels good when he's sucking me and brushes the head of my cock against it. Armpit hair doesn't really bother me. I don't like it really on myself but on others it's fine.
On women ehh.. It is what it is. I like clean legs and at least just trimmed pubic hair. Everything else doesn't really bother me.

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Join now before it's too late

I just have higher standards for guys I guess. I'm really not all that attracted to them so much as I fetishize them because I love dicks and butts. Women though, yeah my standards aren't exactly high.

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nice feet

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I think I just have higher standards for cute boys. Otherwise I'm pretty lax for men and women.

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If only I weren't an ugly loser with crippling anxiety, maybe I could find a partner....

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doesn’t get any easier if you’re attractive
I don’t know what it’s called but I don’t believe people when they compliment me

I think you look good. But feeling that way about yourself is a fucking huge hurdle that's really hard to get over. It's something I'm still trying to get over myself.

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Low self esteem? Yeah I definitely have that. I'm very short, ugly, not even girly looking, just a freak.

You've never seen me in real life. If anyone in the fur threads saw me in person, you'd realize I'm pretty ugly. You look fine though.

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I suppose low self esteem is one way of putting it
I basically have to be on the verge of blackout drunk to fuck anyone
I have no value for myself yet people keep trying to involve themselves with me

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I swear I've seen a picture of you before.. I could be mistaken though.
Thanks. Yesterday after my friend finished makeup and everything, it was the first time in a very long time where I've felt cute from head to toe. If anything, I'd suggest trying to learn how to do it yourself.

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That must be nice. I live in an area where I'm unlikely to find a bf or gf. I've never had anyone want to fuck me, and sometimes I doubt I ever will.

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Pictures don't represent reality. I'm ugly in person. Makeup won't fix my fucked up jaw, nose, eyes, my entire face in general....

why all the cub stuff....

Dammit I'm late for bread

what are you some sort of faggot?
shut up and fap like the rest of us.

That is true, I won't argue there. Makeup is meant to make you look better, not perfect. I still think I could look better even with makeup done but it was enough of an improvement to make me feel good about myself. It's something that would still be worth a try I think.

Better late than never. I'm sure someone will make a new thread, but I'm too lazy and depressed to bother.

It’s not really. Having people kinda ask you out (so they can backtrack if you say no type of thing) but believing you’re trash so you say no isn’t nice.
I barely recall what I did the few times I’ve had sex

yeuh i am some sorta faggot just not one that is into children

At least you've had sex. I'm 22 years old and still haven't gotten laid.

Post your butt in the next thread.

I guess
What country are you in?
I’ll come fuck you if you want

US, but I don't want a hookup. I want to be with someone I know and care about and have a real relationship.


There's a thread for gfur on /trash/ go to that board

I mean good for you

I mean I'd much rather have a gf, but a cute boy to be a friend with benefits would be nice too. I'm just not likely to find someone like that near me, or at least a guy who isn't a total slut.

Idk why total sluts are bad, but I mean sure beggars can be choosers.

0% chance if you don't try

Because I want an emotional connection to someone, not just sex. I don't want to have a friendship revolve around sex. I don't think it's that hard to imagine someone doesn't want be around someone who just talks about fucking all the time. That seems like a really vapid way to live tbh.

But what about monogamous sluts?

That's a bit better, but still, I like smart, interesting people more than I like people who just talk about sex all the time. Didn't like it in school, still don't.

I mean you can be a slut and still have quality relationships and deep meaningful conversations.
Pillow talk is a real thing

I would say if all they want to do is fuck and you don't like that then for sure don't fuck em, but... Idk I guess I am just saying I don't think every slut is like that.

Maybe not, but it's not my cup of tea. I prefer more meaningful sex with someone who loves the other person, not just getting fucked by anyone who's willing, otherwise it seems less personal so much as it's just for fun. But I wouldn't know because nobody has ever wanted to have sex with me, nor do I blame them.


I don't think we're talking about the same thing. Most sluts don't just fuck anyone who's willing. There's gotta be a baseline connection.

I mean it's like, I don't just go out with anyone. I wouldn't be like, oh yes total stranger lets go eat dinner. But if you bumped into someone at a bar and hit if off then they wanted to get fresh, shit maybe a breakfast after would be nice.

But you do you

We are talking about the same thing, and I know exactly the kind of people you mean because I've known plenty of them, and even some sluts wanted to be friends with me in my school years because I have a big cock and they wanted to get fucked by the hung nerd, and I still ignored them. I still don't entirely agree with that lifestyle and would never fuck someone who is a slut, period. I'm not sure why you're not getting that.

I just mean you're making it sound like being a slut means they just fuck anything that moves. I mean if that was the case I'd have been laid a lot they would not fucking touch me. zing

I get you don't man I fucking get that. I am just saying you're coming off a little judgmental. From my perspective. NO hate, just saying.

I'm not being judgmental at all, you're just dense. I have no problem with people being sluts, I'm fully aware most of them want to be friends first then decide "maybe if would be fun if we fucked" and have multiple sexual partners, and I'm sure many are decent people as well. Regardless, I don't care for that lifestyle, and I'd rather be good friends with someone that doesn't want to fuck more often than not because it's what they find fun. You're being judgmental because you think I have something against sluts when I don't. I simply want a monogamous relationship, and at most, a good friend to have meaningful sex with whom I know won't go around fucking my friends or their friends too because that means there's less personal connection. Argue all you want, I've seen it countless times and I know people and personality types very well.


Man you said, "and even some sluts wanted to be friends with me in my school years because I have a big cock and they wanted to get fucked by the hung nerd"
That sounds exactly like you're saying they just tried to fuck you and that's the only reason they were your friend. Which sounds like some extra fake bullshit from highschool.

Idk any sluts who would do that, so call me fucking dense all you want but you're describing shitlords and douchbags, not sluts, in my god damn opinion.

I see now why you're certain no one wants to fuck you. god damn

Except they were known to be sluts, and I was that really smart, kinda edgy kid who didn't give a fuck and had a huge bulge. No shit they wanted to be friends with me, I was cool but didn't give them the time of day because they were boring imo, not because they were sluts but because I didn't find them interesting as people so much as I liked the alt girls whom I was too shy to approach because I was shy and have self esteem issues. I really don't care if you believe me because I don't want an "average" gf anyway. I want a smart nerdy girl which none seemed interested in me and there were very few as is. Not sure why you'd think I'd make that up, or why you're so bothered by it.

Chill out bro, I'm not attacking you for anything. I'm simply stating my mind. Sex isn't important to me at all, and there's nothing wrong with people who happen to really enjoy it. It's just not the kind of person I am or who I'm interested in, and that's fine too. No need to be a douche yourself because I'm not the one who's butthurt here.


I never said you made shit up. You're frustrating because you're not understanding me. Fuck maybe that's my fault, but the people you are describing sound like fake assholes who pretended to like you to get with you.

It sounds like shit children do in school. Or adults who never matured. I would not call them sluts even if they did fuck a lot, they are just assholes.

Maybe they did, maybe not. I'm sure the majority of them were decent people. My point is that I didn't like fitting in with all the attractive people because I feel ugly myself, and have little in common with most people. I don't feel like I fit in anywhere, and my severe anxiety issues make it hard to trust people, let alone seek out someone for sex or a relationship, thus if I were to be in a relationship or friends with benefits with someone who fucks other people, I would probably get jealous and would be more of a detriment to me as I simply want love. Sex is basically the last on my list of what I want from people.

good luck with that shit, most people are too busy to take interest in someone who has no self esteem. Which is why casual sex is such an effective icebreaker in this generation.

Yeah I know, and that's why I have no self esteem. I don't want to fuck someone and *then* think "hey, maybe we could have a relationship." I want to make friends, get to really know them as a person, and then fuck and have a relationship. I think it's stupid that humans are so obsessed with sex that they prioritize it over love and affection. I won't go on a rant about the internet and shit, but the internet is entirely to blame for superficiality and everyone wanting sex before trying to have a relationship which fail literally 99% of the time anyway.

The way I see it sex is love and affection. And I don't need arbitrary justifications to like someone. If you connect you connect and that's enough sometimes.

"Love at first sight" or something like that.
I am not looking to fuck someone then build a relationship around that, but I don't want to be talking to someone for a month before anything happens.

But that's objectively wrong because if everyone loved who they fucked then people wouldn't breakup almost every relationship they have then go to fuck someone else. That's not love, that's lust.

>I don't want to be talking to someone for a month before anything happens.
And I wouldn't mind that because personality and interests are far more important to me than getting laid otherwise I would have been laid countless times by now. Maybe I'm too strict in my thinking, but I don't mind right now because I don't really have the option to just go get laid right now anyway. And yeah, crippling anxiety is also a problem. I'm just different than everyone else, for better or worse. I don't want to risk heartbreak when I've had plenty of that already, and without sex at that which I'm sure would only make it far worse if I find out the person I fuck doesn't have any real feelings for me because that's all I want.

Yeah, but you can fuck someone you love without having to do the whole dance. I know a lot of people who hooked up and never split up.

Hey everyone I know who took it slow or were more interested in each other then sex tend to last. I am too fucked up for that, the people who do understand me hardly get along with me and I don't like people.

So you're fine, just hard to get to? idk. motivational quote #6

Yeah, that's why it's hard for me to want a relationship when the chances are it won't last very long. I'm pretty fucked up too, or just weird I guess, so it would be pretty hard to find someone who is smart, talented, and nice particularly in my region. Looks aren't even that important to me. I'm a hopeless romantic.

Yeah, that's pretty much everyone.
I am out, later.