Punk thread?

Punk thread?

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based op

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I like this man

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Also anyone here live near pittsburgh, anti fest is on the 28th of march

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This man should be a national treasure

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Thats some good tunes my boy

Fuck yeah

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Surprised that you weren't immediately attacked by gatekeepers saying "pop-punk isn't punk!"

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Hey i may be a degenerate and an asshole but i dont judge

Do they owe us a living? Of course they fukin do!

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punk is ded

i feel like anything past dude ranch that blink released was pop punk

in between cheshire cat and enema of the state was the best imo

Youtube links to songs are a big fucking help
just sayin'
i'm not going to go search for your choices

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And that's why I appreciate you.

I grew up with the pop-punk/emo pop bands. They have a special place in my heart.

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No, but your about to be

I don't care what you say, every album up to and including Decemberunderground was good. I'll die on that hill.


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DU was their first album that I didn't enjoy from start to finish. It had a lot of good songs, but the decline definitely started there.

they're legendary. they didn't get any gigs or recording contracts because they refused to change the bandname.


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That man IS a national treasure!!

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agreed! love em

Agreed except I love the whole album, but I was also getting into synth heavy acts when I put this album in regular rotation.

A few years back a buddy of mine got me to give The Misfits a listen. Fucking changed my life. Graves and Danzig are both super incredible.

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Anyone here in PA?

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Dang didnt expect to see this. Excellent taste


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All of bowling for soup but a hanger you don't deserve is best


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Based. I miss the old times

Static Age is one of the greatest punk albums of all time and should be enshrined as a diehard classic.

Mood as fuck am i right?

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I'm named after Dan Blocker (Hoss)

Seen live: Rancid, NOFX, me first & the gimme gimmes, gogol bordello, mighty mighty bosstones, wu tang clan

Want to see: save ferris, reel big fish, blink 182 (but won't see them without Tom) my chemical romance would be a cool show too I think

my favourite punk album since the year it came out, '04 - fuck world trade


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This album is responsible for my love of skate punk. I just needed more of it.

Seen Bouncing Souls twice a year for over twenty years...


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Lucky cunt

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The two times I've seen them have been rough experiences lol. Not a big fan of pits and theirs always seem to be rough compared to others.


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Helmet actually started out as a punk band.

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Hot Snakes and Rocket From The Crypt!!!

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Cute store lady complimented my vest

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thanks to those taking 30 extra seconds to post links instead of just album covers
the rest of you lazy fucks gtfo

thanks to those taking 30 extra seconds to post album covers instead of just youtube links
the rest of you lazy fucks gtfo

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yeah, let's jizz ourselves over album covers. fuck the actual music.

Fuck off

It's all just about image for some people.
I agree, though. Why tf would you go search for somebody else's recommendation just because they are too fucking lazy to link.

based and doylepilled

ITT: hot topic mall punks


ITP: someone who didnt read the thread