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lmao'ing from Europe
Another 4 years, please.

Imagine being such a failure that your colleagues have to go against democracy just to get you off the hook for the retarded decisions you make.

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You know it baby

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>from Europe
Ok mohammed.

>Imagine being such a failure that your colleagues have to go against democracy
It is sad that the democrats are going against democracy. That we both agree on. Not that anyone can be surprised by this. We all knew this was their endgame from the start, a one party rule with no freedom of choice. Just take a look at that joke of a "caucus" they just ran in Iowa.

MAGA 2020
MAGA 2024
MAGA 2028
MAGA 2032
MAGA 2036
MAGA 2040
MAGA 2044
MAGA 2048
MAGA 2052
MAGA 2056
MAGA 2060
MAGA 2064
MAGA 2068
MAGA 2072
MAGA 2076
MAGA 2080
MAGA 2084
MAGA 2088
MAGA 2092
MAGA 2096
MAGA 2100

american politics have turned into a hilarious comedy of errors at this point; watching from outside is a goldmine

I'm looking forward to the years of seething impotence and crying.

>It is sad that the democrats are going against democracy.

Learn to read faggot, its the republicans who basically lied to get him acquitted. With the exception of Mitt Romny,

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Cry more Bitch.

>american politics have turned into a hilarious comedy of errors
Compared to who? The globalists running Europe at the moment?

Take your meds kid. It's gonna be a long 4 years for you.

>It's gonna be a long 4 years for you.

In what way? You dont even know if Im in America. If anything I just like pointing out how much of a loser this guy is and laugh at his retarded antics.

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No u

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For all the TDS victims out there, explain to me which laws that Trump broke that warranted this impeachment. Go ahead. I'll wait...

>You dont even know if Im in America
I don't have to even ask, it's obvious you're not. Or you are, but you're some snowflake retard studying some bullshit nobody cares about, like sociology.

>It's only democracy when it fits my specific narrative and nothing else
The absolute seething state of the left

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>it's obvious you're not. Or you are,

Lmao, way to cover all your bases faggot

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>everyone who laughs at america must be European
sorry to break it to you; every first world nation laughs at you guys now, not just europe

Well am I wrong? You're some liberal arts studying faggot aren't you?

>First world
>Outside North America and Europe
Lmao let me guess, you're a spic living in South America? If so you are the last person to be laughing at anybody

Yup, get ready to pony up more for NATO. Your country might have to buy an occasional bullet to defend your country. Sorry.

And its the democrats that pushed a politically motivated bullshit reason to impeach him in the first place. Funny how Mitt Romney's "political conscience" disappeared when it came time to vote on the 2nd charge.

>>It's only illegal when the left does it

My bad, Im silly to think that its a government officials job to seek out the truth and justice instead of suppressing evidence and denying witnesses. Good thing it wasnt democrats doing this or you retards would be having a hissy fit. You all still complain about HilAry's EmAiLs!

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Yeah, the president of the country with the best economy and military is a loser. Sounds legit, Nancy.

because bad words are the equivalent to violent murderous thugs

Did the snowflake get triggered? We understand, you're taking a break from that well "tough" sociology degree. Then you'll be one of those fags demanding socialism because you can't get a job without of management of Burger King.

Good point, user.

Lmao but when Obama was "president of the country with the best economy and military" you guys wouldnt shut up about how much of a loser he was, Karen

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Haha he doesn't do shit but fuck shit up and you know it. Gotta find a new troll topic. If he ran as Democrat. Won. And was acting the same way. You'd say the exact opposite. You Americans are so predictable lol

COVER UP! Get it right, idiot!

OK boomer

I know world geography isn't really a strong suit of your people; but maybe you shouldn't be so brazen about a lack of education. american doesn't even end up in the top 10 on the human development index; your country used to be respected but over time has become a laughing stock. Everyone laughs at you while you fight a culture war against yourselves

Where is the this war with Iran you speak of? Trump took a defensive action that didn't result in a war.

>Did the snowflake get triggered? We understand, you're taking a break from that well "tough" sociology degree. Then you'll be one of those fags demanding socialism because you can't get a job without of management of Burger King.

What the fuck are you rambling about. Go have sex bro.

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The economy was shit under Obama though
- Record highs of those unemployed
- Record high of those welfare dependent
- Record high medical costs
- Low GDP
- Lowered US credit rating

Trump has already set record high those that do have jobs, GDP, NASDAQ, getting more off welfare, and on track to fix the rest by undoing the shit Obama set in place to cause most of it.


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Yea a real winner

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>a defensive action
>assassinating a foreign general outside of wartimes

found your thread

>but maybe you shouldn't be so brazen about a lack of education
My friend, you aren't understanding the point here. I think education is a GREAT thing. It's very important. But when you have literal dykes, faggots and niggers/spics majoring in liberal arts bullshit that doesn't teach you a goddamn thing, then they turn around and complain and demand people give them free shit, I'm sorry but I don't feel an ounce of pity for you.

>dems cry like babby when she doesn't win
>spend millions trying to remove trump from office instead of developing policy and performing their fucking job
>republicans point out all the money wasted and fact dems are just a hollow threat
>4 more years
>dems blame anyone but themselves


Have you not been paying attention to the attack on our embassy by Iran backed militants? And why was he in Iraq? Maybe to plan more attacks.

and to show them up your country elected an idiot barely capable of forming a sentence?

He did nothing wrong. He breaks a few rules, behaves corruptly so he can continue to serve America when re-elected, that's altruism.

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>political party forcing people who were not white anglo sax christians to be slaves
>government states going against other government states because of legislature

What a shock, not a real argument. But thanks for confirming you aren't actually American. Likely some dirty spic living in some backwater in South America, stealing the wifi from his corner bodega.

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>But when you have literal dykes, faggots and niggers/spics majoring in liberal arts bullshit that doesn't teach you a goddamn thing, then they turn around and complain and demand people give them free shit, I'm sorry but I don't feel an ounce of pity for you.

Have this same energy when faggots start talking abou "its ok to be a white male" and complain because their not getting all the privileges they were used to

That's the usual in the U.S. for decades.

Those people are pathetic too. The difference though is no one panders to those individuals.

>He did nothing wrong.
>He breaks a few rules, behaves corruptly

Pick one

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The Obama method of funding terrorism via cash to Iran was better?

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Says the nigger living in a makeshift camp, shitting in the street, sitting in the ally outside starbucks to use their wifi

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he did it with the best of intentions

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i stated at the start I wasn't american the whole point was that the rest of the world laughs at you now, and what would you like an arguement against? you provided a blanket statement complaining about gays and brown people that anyone with half a brain could see doesn't apply to the majority of your country's population; you are a joke.

>California is all of America
Meanwhile every country in Central/South America looks exactly the fucking same, with the exception of the white parts

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>Central/South America looks exactly the fucking same
lol no

If you're not American then why are you worried about it? Mind your own fucking business then. Which I know is literally impossible for you monkeys to do. Given how you love to stare at people and stand on street corners all day.

lol yes

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lol no

America in one picture

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you're just poor because you can't afford to travel
>sucks to be you

sorry pal your wrong again, too cold here right now to stand on a street corner. But you are about a perfect example of how ignorance has consumed your country; the idea that people shouldn't be aware of global politics because its not their country is outright foolish.


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Too bad America is nothing but redneck meth amphetamine and cousin fucking, with the exception of a few cities. Hows that opiod crisis working out for you?

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Sorry to break it to you but going from your moms basement to the kitchen to get tendies is NOT travel user.

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>Too cold
Ah so you're Canadian? That's even funnier that you think America is a "laughing stock". When you have a literal faggot who wears blackface running your country.

Yes, orange face is much better than blackface

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are you just going to guess every country one at a time while trying to come up with an vague insult you can associate with them to try and deal with the fact that your country prides ignorance at this point?

>are you just going to guess every country one at a time while trying to come up with an vague insult you can associate with them
That's right, so you in Canada or do I need to keep going?

There's more than just her emails to discuss, but yeah that is some serious shit. Federally classified information kept on a private server knowingly illegal that could get her imprisoned for life all vanishing then somehow she escaped penalty free of all penalty and anyone who can link her to crimes all commit suicide one after the other. Hmm, totally a legal and amazing role model for president, a mass murdering psychopath with more crimes against civilians and soldiers alike than any right wing president in the past few decades would've been a great president.

It was performed democratically. Stop bitching because you don’t like the outcome

id say keep going; I'd love to see if you actually know enough geography to get it

Mom I posted it again!
A day late and too many dollars short.. get used to us winning.

Oh I'm pretty sure I do. I'm also pretty sure I already guessed correctly since you're so triggered.

yeah laughing at you is a form of triggered

No one cares

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Daily reminder the faggot left is legitimately beyond redemption or an ounce of intelligence, unable to even remotely report news correctly.

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Apparently America does, too terms bitch.

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Go your saying there’s no war?


Lmao as if youre useless faggot ass has every accomplished anything in your moms basement. Even if you voted for Trump he lost the popular vote. Retard.

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>too terms
Literal retard detected

The left is on suicide watch

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>Go your saying there’s no war?

learn to spell correctly, faggot.

Haha look at the little seething faggot, can only pick on a typo because they're defeated. Socialism will never trump Trump :)

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He's done more things in his life your dumb ass could even dream of attempting. Just because you try something and it doesn't work out right away doesn't mean you've FAILED...I mean, he IS your president after all. He sure as shit didn't fail that...

>Go ahead. I'll wait.
Try not to breathe while you're waiting.

“W” and “o” are on opposite sides of the keyboard.
This is not a typo. This faggot can’t spell.

Seethe harder, commie faggot. Left can't win

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>Imagine being jealous of someone for going to college.
The majority of Trump's supporters : the post

Destined to fail. That’s why we spent most of a century and trillions of dollars to combat socialism and the world’s leading superpower is China.


You really need to do better research. Regurgitating the shit your meth addled stepdad says while he watches fox news isn't factually accurate.

Left is winning right now.
Won the midterm election.
Is going to win again this year.

Trump just became the only president to have a party member vote to convict him in an impeachment trial.

Then Nancy totally stole his media coverage by ripping his faggotty speech.

Now the snowflake republitarded are trying to say that hurting their fee-fees is a crime.

You’ll have to hide your tacky red hat this November, faggot.


Oh? Was this your scheme all along Mastermind? You must be super smart and stuff...4D solitaire

You clearly don't know anything about China's economy if you think they're a leading superpower lmao, they're so desperately clinging off the border of complete collapse they're practically spamming infrastructure they can't pay for in the hopes they can make it look like they're doing well do drive some sort of commercialization but all their peasants can't afford to do any shopping with how taxed they are so you end up with gigantic mega malls and other buildings newly constructed but completely abandoned. Their driving force is on appearance alone, they have no substance

>hurrdurr I proved myself wrong so I’ll attack typing mistakes

They’ve had 30 years of solid economic growth and most countries are trading in Chinese yaun instead of American dollars.

>Being jealous of a gender studies degree

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You're poverty level and uneducated. Trump wouldn't acknowledge your existence if you were standing next to him.

>cope in action the post

Democrats just keep taking L's

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Not having an education or a future.

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Yeah because he was born with millions of dollars, it’s easy to do shit retard

You are having a hard time coping? Sorry man. It’s true.
Mom says your tenders are ready.

What the fuck are you going on about, did you get all this from your autistic echo chamber of hate that's Twitter? Everyone was against that faggot secret democrat Romney since he ran against Obama and intentionally took a dive and those who didn't see it then see it now.
Ontop of that everyone thinks Nancy is a crybaby bitch and that Trumps speech was fantastic. It's hilarious, so hilarious seeing the left tear themselves apart metaphorically and then see Crybaby literally tear Trumps fantastic speech up. It puts true emphasis on how lost the left is.


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Daily reminder that you're on the same anonymous basket weaving forum as the "faggot left" and completely undeserving of the pompus attitude you're exhibiting.

He won, everyone else lost.

Left can't cope

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Fixed it.

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>Being a lifer at McDonald's or Walmart

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>its the republicans who basically lied to get him acquitted

Acquitted of abuse of power and obs of congress.
If Trump was actually committing crimes, do you not think those would have been the articles of impeachment...

You need to relax.

Seethe. In through the nose, out from the mouth.

5 more years.

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The butthurt is real.

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You think it's bad now, wait until after the DNC steals the nomination from Bernie again

Implying school shooting is more than a dust on the total "gun" violence.

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The primary make me feel like we are going to have 4 more years.

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The war engulfing the Middle East never needed. Where have you been?