She is, and always will be, the greatest captain in Starfleet history

She is, and always will be, the greatest captain in Starfleet history.

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I see what you mean, but I personally prefer Picard.

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was my favorite trek simply due to seven of 9.

She is, and always will be, the greatest captain in Starfleet history.

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She is, and always will be, the greatest captain in Starfleet history.

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You put a women in charge of a ship and the first thing she does is get it lost on the other side of the milky way. Good job.


Janeway murdered Tuvix. And wiped out the lives of billions to reset history more to her liking in the finale.

She is a criminal.

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You're a fool

Correct!! Definitely not that pretty boy Kirk or that arrogant bastard Picard!

Although Riker is a better FO than Chakotay.

This poo pushing chink was a better Captain than this bottom tier cunt

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she's actually 5th out of 6 captains

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Not black or bald enough tbh

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The characters in TNG are insanely good.
Chakotay completely outliving his purpose is charming too though. Often, in a briefing or so, there is a sentence anyone could have said, but the writers gave it to Chakotay, because that poor guy.

'Picard' ruined Picard

Only beacuse bloodlust is a virtue not a flaw

She's too sporadic. One episode she will play it safe and not interfere, then in the next episode she will recklessly endanger her whole crew just to interfere in some alien crap.
I would be terrified to be on her crew because her decisions are impossible to predict and seem ultimately based on what mood she is in at the time.

Tuvix was a choice between having 2 people or 1 person. Nobody died when she separated tuvok from nelix.
Likewise nobody died when future janeway went back in time to rescue voyager. Some people were even saved.
The timeship relativity never showed up because the timeline where future janeway jumped into the past was the one that they were preserving.

Janeway is top tier.
Not only did she command the longest away mission in earth history, she brought back slipstream technology and defeated the borg collective.

Did you notice the sign in the romulan-captured borg cube? It said 5800 some days without an assimilation.
That’s just about the time future janeway destroyed the borg queen and the wormhole hub.

Top tier.

Citation needed

We will see. I'm just happy its better than Discovery with Michael Burnam or the idiotic Section 31 thats slated

You seen the most recent disaster with his name on it? Will make you reevaluate that.

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The worst that can be said is that he’s old. And if you understand that he’s 20 years older after 20 years it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

This is Art.

Great thread. Classic chan. Picard is the best there is, best there was and the best there ever will be though.

Discovery is horrible. And I don't say often about any form of fiction. I made it through the first season, and honestly I had moments of good fun, if far and few in-between, but a few episodes into season two, I couldn't anymore.

But: I like the characters, except for Michael. Saru would be a great addition to any bridge crew. I also really liked the fungal scientist and Tilly, and I'm forgetting some others. My favourite was Captain Lorca.

you remember the episode when the invisible aliens experimented on her ship, so she flew the ship into two binary pulsars?

those aliens were terrified of her unpredictability too, which is why half of them died trying to get the fuck off voyager.

>reminder we all live in a matrix
creepiest scene i tv hands down

tbh, I only managed 2.5 episodes. The one alien on bridge was the only character I kinda liked

The beginning of season 1 is hard. I paused the video many times just to walk up and down in my room, putting in words what I just saw and why it's bad.
If the direction of the show could just move away from brutally forcing everything to be about Michael.

What was she supposed to do? Let them kill her crew and conduct experiments on them?

What were they going to do with the data?

To allow them to continue would endanger the entire human race as well as her crew.

She made the right call.

yeah, thats what I said. her unpredictability made her a terrifying opponent

> Michael Burnam

Michael !
Stupid writers gave a man's name to a woman by mistake, LOLOL

Also they made her a lead when Star Trek has always been an ensemble show.

She came to the only reasonable conclusion.

tuvok might disagree.

>I hope you were exaggerating about those odds, tuvok
>I was not.

She’s no more of a lead than any other character.
I thought they focused a bit too much on ash Tyler to be honest.

I don’t think so. I think tuvok would’ve made the same call. Just because they were unlikely to survive doesn’t automatically make it the wrong choice.

time is a cruel mistress.

He is, and always will be, the greatest president in United States history.

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Until Bernie wins in 2020!

Really? What did the aliens promise, a 90% survival rate for the crew? Would you really have rolled the dice for a 3% chance of saving 100% of the crew? I think this scenario pushes the 'principle over everything' idea so far, I could not have done it.

the aliens didn't promise a survival rate at all.

She is, and always will be, the greatest example of why women should not be given a command in Starfleet history

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nah, troi has destroyed 2 enterprises at this point.

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Beg to differ, OP.

Voyager didn't have Kira, the hottest chick in ALL of Trek.

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Are you sure? I think they did. Maybe I watched a localized version and they added it in...

>thinking kira is hotter than jadzia

Troi? In what fan fiction nonsense did they give tits-McBetazed the captains chair?

In the quest to show Captains as flawed, and shows that go on far too long, I can understand why after the damage done to the other Captains + the "Women are Wonderful" effect you would posit this user.
You are not a fag, but you are bait. I would give you a bait image but you are unworthy.

Hey, Captain, remember that time we went warp 10, turned into reptiles, had sex and a bunch of lizard babies?

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Best Captains are probably

I dunno. Lincoln, the 2 Roosevelts and Kennedy were damn good. Plus, can't forget George W*.

>*not Bush

star trek generations and and star trek nemesis. yes she had the bridge both times

Fucking seven of 9.

My bitch.
Tyat ep where all the crew go into hypersleep except her and the doctor.
Fucking perfect.

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Troi was absolutely useless throughout TNG. Guinan should have had the role (not on bridge)

All I needed was to hear that it was based on the timeline of the new shit movies.

Not watching.

Has that been confirmed?

even if it wasn't, it's 20 years past it's prime. what'd you expect? it's like expecting a decent star wars movie 50 years after it's hayday

yeah, picard is on episode 3 or something. it takes place after star trek nemesis, so if you don't remember or never saw it, you are going to be lost.

She was awful.
>sisko (kinda)
>scott backula

It was good acting. PMS, reliance on drugs to get through her day.

I thought you meant it followed the 2000's movies

Picard is punishment for Brexit and Trump. (((They))) are going to burn another icon to the ground to spite you for defying them.
Data has Twin Daughters.
Go watch.

She is, and always will be, the cutest Ocampa in the history of the Delta quadrant

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Given me one argument for why Archer is not top-tier.

well technically nemesis is a 2000s movie, but if you mean "part of the abramsverse" then no. although the abramsverse CGI influences absolutely everything nowadays because america cinema itself has traded story for graphics.

he had a daughter in the original. her name was LUL.

Data had a daughter in TNG, remember Lal?

Not canon

Dax (both of them), Seven & fucking Troi were overrated as fuck, and the fact that you support one of them proves my point. FFS, Seven was introduced SOLELY to function as eye candy. No thanks; big-titted blonde chicks who are clearly only there to function as visual stimulation do not impress me, sorry not sorry.

So, in spite of your dubs, I will lay down the list:


Special mention to Ensign Ro, Minuet & Cardassian Seska (because honestly, Martha Hackett looks better as a Kazon concubine than a Bajoran, a Romulan (DS9 S3E1) or even without makeup at all).

The same exact dubs, but a better list would go:


Think about the denoument to the Michael Eddington/Les Mis dilemma. Do you REALLY think any of those other captains would have given a second thought to launching torpedoes at that planet & poisoning it for all human contact for millennia? Maybe Riker would have, or Archer if he was in one of his "throw a fucking tantrum because why not" moods.

Picard would have bored Eddington to death talking to him, trying to convince him otherwise, Kirk would have sent Yeoman Rand to hit on him & distract him and Janeway would have just pulled rank arguing with him & maybe beamed Tuvok over to do a Vulcan nerve pinch & beam them both back.

No, only Sisko was capable of that level of "Do Not FUCK With Me."

Best and worst. Pic related.

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Fuck all you faggots. Kirk is the best captain.

Even Mulgrew & McNeill cringe at the memory of that!

True, I did mean abramsverse. I wish they would marry the great visuals made possible with modern technology and the political intrigue of TNG. We don't need giant action set-pieces to be excited about Star Trek

Nah James corden is all the punishment you will ever need in fact i almost feel guilty

just watch the first 20 seconds for the Scots opinion

She is, and always will be, the greatest captain in Starfleet history.

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Kill yourself

you forgot t'pol and both versions of saavik.

vulcan women (depictions) are HOT

dax>seven>kira>t'pol>troi>guinan>10 different chicks from the original> and very last is crusher

get out of here you filthy faggot and take that abramsverse shit with you

Because he was so bad i couldnt even watch

Sisko was definitely the only captain I would really want to follow during times of war. He knew the rules needed to be twisted in order to save the federation and his ship.

there was no political intrigue in TNG. do you even english? it was speculative science fiction. thoughtful stories don't need "great visuals". You shallow, vapid adolescent faggot.

she's not hot so she doesnt count
unless you're into femdom by an older woman i guess
but she has an unsexy vibe, just like that whole series tbqh

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You misunderstand. Fuck the abramsverse, I just want stunning space/ship visuals with traditional political intrigue

Greatest Captain of all time. Pic related.

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ITT: Faggots fagging off with other fags.

maybe I am into milfs in uniform. you don't know me.

So you would be ok if you never saw space,ships, or technology in Star Trek?

>political intrigue
there was no political intrigue you dickhead. there was some in DS9, but not TNG.

Tom, we agreed to NEVER mention that.

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Star Trek has always been a show about politics, morals, ethics, etc. That was Gene Rodenberry's vision

so the jews are like SJeWs
impotent faggots pulling tantrums because they cant fuck reproductively

imagine belonging to a tribe that supports your women to fuck around and add anyone they want to your tribe you then have to work for and support with your blood

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They shouldn't. It's one of the most memorable episodes and I watched it with a bright smile on my face throughout. It's hard to believe they had any intention of making at a not trash episode. Just the warp-10 part says it all, but it came out for the best.

Not the Cred Forumstard you were referring to, but:

Having to endure that stupid, humiliating act of contrition to the alien species because Porthos pissed on one of their sacred trees. Because Archer's hubris in thinking the simple biological requirements of his stupid fucking dog > violating an entirely alien society's greatest social taboos. Porthos has been pissin' & shittin' on the ship for how long? I could absolutely understand bringing his dog down if this was a planet they were familiar with & had been to numerous times.

But the first visit? EVER?! And you have the audacity to get mad at the alien society for being upset that you brought your fuckin' mutt down on an away mission establishing first contact? Why don't you get mad at yourself for thinking these aliens, whose planet YOU ARE ON, should just excuse the, to be perfectly blunt, completely rude behavior of you & the intolerable actions of your animal.

Put it in different terms: assuming you're an American, how would you feel if aliens came down from a ship in orbit, the captain of the ship brought his pet tardigrade & the animal took a big, steamy shit on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? (if you're not American, substitute a highly-revered local cultural location for the LM)

Archer did a lot of stupid things. This was the one that stood out to me as the most egregious. The polar opposite on that list was his handling of Trip in "Cogenitor"; I would have ripped Trip two additional new assholes from the one he got from Archer.

women statistically date outside of their tribe because tribes tend to be closely genetically related. (IE, inbred)

Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk!
Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk! Kirk!

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would throat fuck
too bad she's dogfood by now

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Cunt couldn’t even keep his prize beagle alive.

listen to these trekkies
nonfucking boomer nerds

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durring the xindi war he stole someone's warpdrive while they were light years away from home. provided they have to move at relativistic speeds, those guys either spend decades in the delphic expanse, or they died there.

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best captain ever

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Imagine if they'd kept her... it would be like your gramma captaining the ship.

Doilies on the arms of her captain's chairs, Wuther's candies in her ready room, knitting scarves for away missions, and telling the bridge crew to put on sweaters because she was cold.

your argument is inherently flawed, because she's basically labeled a screw-up in HER OWN SHOW, BY FEDERATION TIME-POLICE.

What other Starship captain has literally needed their own problems fixed by the fuckin time cops?

That whole show was garbage. Can't believe it lasted so long.

Then Crunch, then Morgan

...the time cop with temporal psychosis?

Ok, I'll give you that but I'm still not biting. Enterprise was the only show that had more than one female that was good, but I put Hoshi above T'Pol because T'pol was there for the same reasons Seven was on Voyager. So, adjusted for inflation:


Special mention to Ensign Ro, Minuet, T'Pol's mom (Joanna Cassidy) & Cardassian Seska

Uh, no.

You probably think Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears & Paris Hilton were hot as fuck in their prime.

You would be wrong.

>What other Starship captain has literally needed their own problems fixed by the fuckin time cops?

Home is where the heart is, but the stars are made of latinum.

Run the fuck up on Nog I double fucking dog dare you, punk ass bitch. Nog got them Ferengi commandos on standby.
Killing Dominion troops with throwing knives and seal team sixing a Vorta.
Think she bad, think she the best? MY BOY NOG LOST HIS LEG.
run the FUCK up on my boy Nog, I can guarantee that ole menopause can't keep up with his latinum plated cock

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Well, they were a bit more practical back in the day and did less tiptoeing around. Doesn't that contribute to the grittier tone that Enterprise had going for itself?

No arguments here

Weird, I don't see Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise in OPs picture.

EH ? dude she is french they are a little different

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>bottom tier
I see what you did there.


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"er duh she fought the uh borg!!"
Bitch just a fucking plot gangster, ROM RUNS CASINOS IN HIS SPARE TIME

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hoshi is a wuss who's not fit to wear uhura's headset.
crusher had so little character involvement you could have replaced her with the computer itself. atleast troi sat in the captain seat, crusher just bitched from sickbay.
and torres is the single worst engineer of all time.

Sure, who wouldn't? But it's not really fair to insist on that since I myself am not debt-free
>without tattoos
Depends. Tattoos are subjective. If she's got her whole body covered, probably not. A few small, unobtrusive tattoos? Not a problem.
Uh, no. I want a chick who's had at least 30+ sexual partners. That way, I know she KNOWS how to fuck, she LIKES fucking and, odds are good, she's GOOD at it.

That's why I could never be a Muslim (or a white supremacist fascist). Because who wants to teach a virgin how to have sex & have to deal with "ow, that hurts, I don't like that". There's no guarantee with a virgin that, once she gets some experiences, her tastes & likes are going to coincide with yours. You can really only determine that with experience, and as we all know, virgins don't have any. Insisting on a virgin means you either are a gambler the likes of which Vegas hasn't seen since the Rat Pack days, or you are misguided in placing more of a priority on "being the first to defile her" rather than whether you'll actually enjoy the experience with her afterwards.

Idiotic simps.

Cant disagree with that

>(IE, inbred)
Dude, what do you expect from white supremacist trash like that guy?

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What's the point of picking captains when they just write new variations until eventually everyone gets to be captain?

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Dafuq is wrong with you? That was hands-down one of the WORST episodes of Trek ever! I mean, not just Voyager (that's a given) but ALL of Trek! That's on the same level as the DS9 ep where Quark cross-dresses and the ENT episode with the dark-haired chick from the cooking shows as some exalted princess that crash-lands with Trip.

Absolute garbage.

No. See my metaphor for the "tardigrade shitting on the Lincoln Memorial's steps" for clarification.

Love this slut. Wish i could have gone to the same sex clubs she did

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Fuck yeah you cant fucking argue. OP better be FUCKING TERRIFIED.
Nog done heard you talking shit
His ass bout to bring down the fucking hurt on OPs punk ass.

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Have you seen the latest Picard? A vulcan wearing sunglasses...

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Holy shit, this.


I mean that's somewhat questionable. She sprung a known terrorist from prison, added him to her crew, got impregnated by him, then dumped their children on an isolated planet entirely different quadrant. I just don't know if that sort of thing is the kind of stuff the prime directive is about.
In terms of best star fleet captains following the prime directive or having a logical reason to not do so should sort of be somewhat of a deciding factor.

>Choice between 2 people or 1 person
>'nobody died'

Is this some sort of Darmok riddle?

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Picard csn never be topped

the needs of the many....

I remember that.

That ruled.

Canonically-speaking, Uhura wouldn't have been able to do her job had it not been for the trailblazing Hoshi did. And let's not forget the time they went to Risa, Hoshi was the only one that got any alien nookie; although everyone ELSE was sure trying to.

Crusher's character development consisted of parenting the annoying twat she called her son & dealing with serious conflicts re: her dead husband & her new captain. Watch from Farpoint to All Good Things and you'll see considerable development over those 7 years.

Troi was eye candy and nothing else, as evidenced by her "casual" outfits accentuating her figure; outfits that were rightfully done away with by CAPT Jellico and never again reappeared. Troi also was the source of some of the worst acting by a Trek regular. "Pain! I sense pain!" Bitch, please.

As for Torres:

Gotta give credit where it's due, but ffs, Torres is much better than you give her credit for. After all, Janeway had that other dude in mind for the job early in S1 but gave Torres a shot & she proved herself.


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Not quite; Geneviève Bujold is actually Canadian; but from Quebec.

no. just a screencap. as a fan I find it funny in a sad way. it tells us the writers dont know jack about trek...

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Holy shit, those ears. Looks like something out of The Dark Crystal

I think the pressing question of whether or not my people are about to be at war with, enslaved, or exterminated by this foreign space travelling species I've just met for the first time would probably take priority over my sensitivities about a building which functions as a symbol for something.

ppppppfffffffffftttttttttttt the french dint give an inch ever did you hear her say aye ?

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speaking of which, that was the one and ONLY episode in all of star trek where all hell didn't break lose on risa.


geordi is best engineer, not even a contest.

The new Picard series looked great until it turned out he forced them to have a niggerdog Shit Bull on the show.

Star trek is so cool!

you seriously don't get the symbolism of the pitbull?

More dubs... *smh*

I won't disagree with your argument there on the surface. However, diplomacy absolutely essential in establishing a relationship with a species that could very well mean the difference between survival & destruction. Surely you can agree with that?

In this instance, diplomacy = leave the fucking mutt on the ship. There'll be time for Porthos to pee on trees (or the local equivalent to trees) later.

LMAO @ that picture!

But isn't there a river separating Ontario from Quebec? Ottawa River IIRC? So technically, there IS a moat separating Canada from French Canada too, thereby rendering the humorous text on your photoshopped image moat.

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If the needs of the many call for it, you're not a person.

He is and always will be the greatest engineer in starfleet history.

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Jesus, MORE dubs!

I looked at that after I posted it & decided you were right; I need to amend it. So:


it's like abortion except if both of your parents were 100% guaranteed to die if you were born

Data had a daughter once before named Lal

90 illegal immigrants crossed that moat today and our navy didn't fire a shot and i voted for brexit so they would

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Your parents are 100% guaranteed to die no matter what, as are you.

Trips now?



Anyways, the people who are outraged at Tuvix being separated into his original core elements are undoubtedly the same people where, if they had their way, Terri Schiavo would still be pulling oxygen. And still just as brain-dead as she was then.


I love how the US looks like Axl Rose

So it’s just like all the recent Star Wars movies.

well thank you, sylvia plath

I predicted this

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you do appreciate that "no taxation without representation" is the most pinko sentence ever said ? you pay your taxes so the king can afford to attack the french

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Only real argument against archer so far.

Schiavo knew about the Philadelphia project, child sex rings in Hollywood and the hollow Earth.

As soon as it was confirmed she could communicate and was fully-aware, she had to be dealt with before she could Morse-code someone.

That niggers ruin everything and now the Jews want to ruin Star Trek? There was no symbolism, P Stew rescues Pitbulls and loves those stupid faggot nigger dogs

Embarrassing, and I’m a big P Stew fan, but don’t push that gay liberal faggot agenda.

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Yes, he made a mistake. That is because humans are tossed into a new, foreign world. They have to make mistakes and learn from them. That is where they can prove their humanity and the worth of humanity. And the viewer may, to some extent, live this process with them.

Just like recent Star Wars movie would be if they had Picard die and Data was played by a black man

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You do realize that using the term "pinko" is the equivalent of using the word "libtard", and pic related

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shut up libtard

As far as efficiency for sure.

Hello lefty libtard . .. Still cant meme i see

That is Patrick Stewart’s actual dog. He rescues abused pit bulls in real life. That is one of his rescue dogs.

Fine and good.

But if I have the common fuck sense in 2020 not to bring my dog on my first fucking visit to an entirely new, alien world, esp one I'm likely going to be needing their help, surely CAPT Archer could know this in 2164 (or whenever that show is set).

And it must be said, I hate dogs, hence I don't have one; this is a hypothetical dog we're dealing with here. Just so ya know.

you're one of those guys that think star trek is suddenly becoming SJW

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doesn't really apply in blighty old chap our trailer parks are unarmed

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Attached: Your boots, bootlicker.jpg (782x714, 63K)

It is. Gene wanted a bright future for the planet and now in picard the federation are fucking racist xenophobes . they are trying to draw parallels between their hate of trump and trek

Fucking kill them all

Trek has ALWAYS been SJW.

>first show to portray minorities as equals (Uhura, Sulu)
>first interracial kiss (Kirk & Uhura)
>first homosexual kiss (Jadzia & her previous host's wife)

Ok brochacho: simply remove the firearms & confederate flags & replace them with the St. George's cross & pro-Brexit signs, and outfit the guy in the doorway in chav Burberry & voila! An England-appropriate representation of trailer trash.

>still cant meme
>still tries to meme
So sad

He told them about the dog an even sent his genetic profile down to the aliens before they landed.

Shit, if "Picard" is the studio expressing disgust & contempt for Trump, that automatically means it will be good!

*checks local listings*

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Holy shit how did I not notice that?!? Watched the first several seasons of OisNB (well past when it turned to trash), and never once realized.

Wasn't the show supposed to be about Picard? Oh well, they can never take the real Trek away from us.

I hope you'll land on a dog humanoid planet then, so that your dog can live in a maximally loving environment.

Yeah just ruin 50+ years of hope for a shitshow to try and make a point. No surprise some faggots would be all over that

This show was aggressively OK.

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chav Burberry is a contradiction in terms their stuff is so cool even the Chinese buy it

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Like as if I give a fuck whether "the left can meme" or not.

It's ok though. If it makes you feel any better, I'll give it to you that the right can meme better than the left can.

After all, I'd MUCH rather be able to make a cogent, fact-based, credible argument to support my statements than simply be able to "meme". Because meme-ing is SUCH an important personal character trait. *rolls eyes*

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Dax is fucking xena. She's implied to have whooped worf's ass once once to which worf replies "I was not ready". which is bullshit if you're actually a great warrior

>I hope you'll land on a dog humanoid planet then, so that your dog can live in a maximally loving environment.

Congratulations for completely missing the point:

>I don't have a dog
>I will never have a dog
>I don't like dogs
>that is exactly WHY I will never have a dog

I'm not cruel to animals. But just like kids, why would I ever subject one to living with me knowing full well I don't like them, have no interest in them and they would suffer if they had to depend on me? Nothing against people who love dogs; good for the dogs, sincerely.

Just don't expect me to be hangin' around all that much.

I suspect you are hyperaware of things that clash with your political ideology and read into things more than you should. Patrick stewart rescuing pitbulls does not mean the SJWs are pushing niggerdogs.

The only thing cool about either of those chicks is their shoes, and even that's a stretch.

God, even more dubs...
>Dax is fucking xena


Y'know what? Never mind.

K'ehlyr > Jadzia Dax

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It’s all the weight she put on, plus she’s a good fucking actress and her roles are completely different. And her accent is pretty good.
Kate Mulgrew is top tier as well as Janeway.

Overall Janeway>Picard>archer>Jelico>pike>Kirk>sisko>Lorca

In combat:

As far as morality

bit more up market for you

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she completed the British army mechanics course in ww2 and is quite capable of changing an axle

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pffffflel, no

Worf is like what? 30? He’s just a baby in comparison to his wife.
She had been fighting with a Bat’Leth for decades before Worf was even born.

Granted he’s a skilled warrior and much larger than jadzia, but it’s not crazy to think that she would whoop him once in a while.

Also Worf married a weird slug creature.

She is cute but has fake titties and does not even come near seven of nine.

>Special mention to Ensign Ro

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It's not a pitbull, it's a French breed of dog which I'm not even going to try and spell... The same breed as the there headed dog in Harry Potter...


Wrong. It is a pitbull. Go search for patrick stewarts interviews on the new show and his niggerdog

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This looks like an old show. I bet it sucked.

It did not

take that back commie

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I'd hit that

Every. Fucking. Time.

>...the time cop with temporal psychosis?
yeah I'm also including that guy, especially because if I recall his psychosis was her fault.

Haha no.

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NO ONE will get this but i dont care

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mah nigga!

There have been episodes which throw shade on 'guardians of morality', which is an accusation of 'wokeness' that it's standard-bearers have not been able to refute, because they argue instead that they shouldn't have to.

Gene Roddenberry would agree with them on many things, but I expect he would not support the ends justifying any and all means.

Stewart tells an inspiring tale about him; that when they were talking to the press together a journalist mockingly asked "Do they not have a cure for male pattern-baldness in the 23rd century?"

Did Roddenberry answer with "How dare you fucking body-shame him! You're not exactly a pretty picture yourself, shitlord! Human-garbage! Part of intersectionism is freeing men, who are also oppressed by Patriarchy, from the toxic framework imposed on them for how they should look and behave. Your 'question' is cynical gaslighting at it's worst. Do you understand how offensive it is? Do you lack empathy? You're on the wrong side of history!"

He actually said: "In the 23rd century, no one will care."

you really know who he is ?

100% agree

Absolutely best captain. Sadly different show

Dont know if he does, but I do.

Captain Stanley Tweedle

Nah there was definitely a star trek uniform in the run down brothel episode

I agree. And an intense lover.

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the best anti hero ever you could feel the cowardice 2 episodes ahead

Go watch In The Pale Moonlight and get back with me. Sisko FTW. Whoever is next is a distant second place.

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No you retard. Its what they are pushing it as

Which clashes with everything Gene stood for and wanted.

Neck yourself libtard

We had fairly good presidents til Jackson. He's was what trump wishes he could be. Past that, decent presidents pretty much through Nixon. He was a damn good president, but a terrible person. Reagan, even through the most republican diehard view, did more harm to our system than good. Bush 2 sucked, Obama would have been fine if he'd been white, and then there's trump.
Not even gonna talk about him.


wait how does that clash with what gene wanted? gene was SJW as fuck and surely would have had some commentary on the situation

Not only is he the best captain, deep space 9 is by far the best Star trek series

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Put that away, Miles.

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Gene would have been destroyed. The sub-culture that has spawned over the last decade eats its own.

I was quite happy to call myself Left-wing up until four years ago, now I'm all 'ist complexcated'

Learn to trek faggot

Gene ceeated a future with no racism or xenophobia. he wanted all that shit to be left in the 20th century. No way would the federation act like they are.

Weak sauce liberal fuckover of a once loved franchise

The Drumhead. gene was still alive for that episode too

The obvious result of a transporter accident

too bad she is completely fucking batshit crazy

Is it my boomer memory failing me or did O'Brien always seemed fucking pissed at everything all he time? I only remember him as the grumpy teleport guy...

Also, pic related is the best doctor in this franchise. Shits on Beverly on so many levels. Her interactions and conflict with Data were so much more relevant than anything Beverly ever did. Also, she was a real cutie in TOS. Check it out.

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Booking photo from Elba II

Dubs don't lie BB.

What are you, retarded?

You'd be pissed too if you spent your best years in that damned transporter room, with no respect, no recognition, not even a single damned window. Just 'beam us here,' or 'beam us there' all the fucking time, and nary so much a "thank you" from any of the crew.

Going to DS9 was the best day of his career, and I understand 100% why he felt that way.

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>The Virgin Federation
>The Chad Cardassian Empire

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>one single
shit, even o'brian doesn't like cardassians. even all the way out to voyager you get mistrust of the cardassians, mistrust of the maquis, people terrified of disconnected drones.

why shouldn't you be scared of the federation too? isn't the fact that section 31 aanswers to no one the least bit terrifying to you?

>could communicate
>fully aware
>brain the consistency of pudding

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The pic is called heresy

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