Hello b, are there currently any online internet mysteries out there or anything to solve or look into...

hello b, are there currently any online internet mysteries out there or anything to solve or look into? im in the mood for a good mystery...

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find out where my dad is, been going on for about 19 years now

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

another cigarette run?

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Let's see the color of your skin. Just curious btw

r/arg is probably the board your looking for

send me in the right direction? where to start/what's already out there?

>The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.
He was found stabbed to death in his study by one of his own daggers.

it was the guy holding the dagger

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What ever happened to the death of Elisa Lam? I mean the circumstances of her death make her's the most interesting mystery in my book.

Stabbed in the back?
Classic suicide...
Case closed.

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Dubs to prove it.

Onto my next case.

Your dad doesn't happen to go by the first name Roger.
Does he?

Family say he may have been upset over the marriage of his daughter in law. Other deny this and claim there was a dispute over money stolen by the housekeepers.

Last I checked shes still dead

The mystery of why OP is a faggot


Check out Bob Hickman on YouTube. Or you could also look into the houseofxi.com website. Those two should keep you entertained for a long time.

There are no internet mysteries anymore. Nearly everything is hoax or ARG or some crap. It was usually like that before too but now everyone sees them coming and it's so easy to expose things as being fake. If anything real does happen, either the mystery is unraveled quickly and anticlimactic or it's covered up by CIA niggers and the public will never know what's really happening.