Why do white women like the taste of a black man's ass so much?

why do white women like the taste of a black man's ass so much?

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why does anyone like the taste of ass. i dont get it. pretty nasty place to put your mouth

cause cucks like you don't like their booty holes licked

Because she's getting money


Cum is tastier t b h

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they dont, that picture is of a professional porn actor and actress who are paid to perform acts of a sexual nature it is not a reality but a fantasy for erotic enjoyment by people who pau for such entertainment

After my ex and I broke up she's only been with black guys, I'm the one who ended the relationship because I was talking to a few other girls but during her and I being together we kinda played around with the whole open relationship thing and I encouraged her to have sex with a black guy, she was afraid but after we broke up shwewent back to her home town and she's been with nothing but black guys since, skinny pale thing.

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Because we’ve all had to kiss nigger ass for so long I guess the common goddamn traitors just don’t know any better.

Like having TV show us that every fucking household in America has a white woman married to a nigger and a nigger bitch married to a white guy.

I think it's also because of how black dudes react to it. My wife told me that if she tried to do it to a black dude, they were much more likely to encourage it, and some asked for it, and generally the reaction was "hotter." White guys had a higher likelihood of being freaked out by it. Accordingly, about half the black dudes she dated or hooked up with before me got their asses licked, maybe only a third of the white guys. I think it's phenomenal, and love it when she does it to me, which is frequent.


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what does she likes in them ?

According to a recent poll of women who dated black men and have experimented with "eating thier ass", an overwhelming amount describe it as tasting like chicken

I think it's purely sexual.

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aside the dick what do coal burners like ?

Because when white guys decribe how delicious a sexy black man’s hole is, they just have to find out for themselves.

Its 85% the dick, 10% getting back their family, and 5% the lifestyle if the guy is rich...if he isn't rich, the that 5% usually turns into drugs

They like submitting

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Even when the dick is average ?

Close to the balls, which have an addicting smell and taste

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This picture is magnificent. It’s like his cock is forcing her tongue into the other man’s asshole. I’ve never seen anything like it. But I want to see more.

>why do white women like the taste of a black man's ass so much?
I'm sorry, but this is exclusively a male fetish, and you're most likely into black men more than you are attracted to white women, so i don't understand why you keep making threads about what ''women wants''.

It's always those four things. The percentage for those four things will fluctuate depending on the individuals...let's call them "statistics". If the dick is average, the individual will try to make up for it by getting rich playing sports, or making music, or selling drugs. This will sway the percentages but will still perpetuate the myth of him having a large dick due to status

This is a good theory. Never thought of that


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Thank you. The most consistent percentage is the 10% for the woman to get back at her family. This is because it doesn't have anything to do with guy.

How to make sure your daughter don't do that ? without turning her into a contrarian whore by strictly forbidding her dating black guys ?

shit taste

Fuck, that's hot

can you post the webm of this?
been looking for it for months

You really are totally clueless lol

Honestly, not quite sure. Cant give good advice on that. Just raise her the best you can, treat her right, show her how women should be treated by treating her mother right. But at the same time maybe drop suttles hints on how black men dont treat women right, which has been somewhat historically proven through the years and in recent pop culture. Hopefully if they're smart they get it

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you're a fucking god

heading to Cred Forums now

have fun!

I think it has a lot to do with drugs and money.

I'm speaking to the reason as to why the majority of white women engage in a relationship with black men. If you were to get an HONEST poll from white women as to why they first wanted to/had sex with a black man...it would overwhelmingly come back as one of those four reasons I stated