Why does the US military give out so many medals? It seems like even raw recruits have one or two

Why does the US military give out so many medals? It seems like even raw recruits have one or two

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see them as achievemwnts in games. Everybosy wants them, so there are loads of easy one ones, and a few hard ones. To seperate the noobs from the pros, but still giving noobs a sense of fullfilment.

You deserve a medal

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What about killstreaks tho

valor stealers are prime cringe, post moar

Not sure about America, but in the UK I believe you're classed as having been on a tour (and thus worthy of a medal) after like 17 days

Idiots tend to need lots of positive reinforcement to make them think they're valuable.

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Airman with an infantry badge.

tHaNk YoU fOr YoUr SeRvIcE

Because of all the winning we do

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lol this is the best I've ever seen

Fucking tard. This is such a fake -
Marine uniform, but has a SEAL bud and Army ribbons.
And the SEAL bud is at the bottom... that goes on top, as do Aviator and Airborne insig.s and the Army CIB (Combat Infantry Badge)
Go back to red.dit

He's no fake.i fought with him in the War of 1812. Great man.

Holy fuck he didn't even try

new Army Soldiers receive a ribbon for graduating basic training, and if they enlist during a time of war, they get a second. These are known as the "rainbow ribbon" and "pizza stain" respectfully.

Bait aside? You give the men you're sending to die for the Jews or other interests? Something to look at it. The sense of accomplishment. The little trinket which will try to soothe a mind savaged by gun fire, bull shit, and drone duty.
They can touch it and know that as much as enemy life is worthless, that maybe they themselves are only worth as much as was spent to get them to the front, at least they got this little thing to take home.
To a wife who's already cheated.
Brats who don't know him.
But at least this stupid box of shiny medals anchors the mixed up memories. The confusion. The screams.
At least it meant something.

If I saw that fake ass fucker wearing that gear on the street, I would ask him questions only a Marine would know, and every wrong answer would result in a loud WRONG, followed by a vicious slap across his fucking face.

Stolen valor fags are the cringiest and deserve nothing but ridicule. The videos are hard to watch it’s so pathetic.

bigger metals

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Confront those fuckers for the brothers that didn't make it.

stolen valor, a marine with tat many medals would be a general... look at that fat piece of shit he looks like he hangs at public libraries asking for support...

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Have you seen the Russians, Chinese or North Koreans?

because it's murrica, and everybody feels entitled to be able to feel special.

russian ww2 veterans wear their actual medals, it does look like a lot of metal. us veterans of nothing are covered in ribbons and if they were actually wearing the medals they'd look like north koreans wearing brass on the pants. "oh pfc miller you wiped your ass today? by god, have a medal!"

>35 years

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I was in the AF and got the CIB. Not a big deal if you're attached

They do somewhat exist. Can't sauce you on this right now, but it is mostly based on the distance of your target and how many courses in arms you have completed.

Not from the US tho, but am dead sure US military does have those ribbons.

Not to be an asshole, but crayon eaters are allowed to take BUDs.... can't really comment on the others.

Either way, I know of just one man badass as fuck and stupid enough to go to BUDs while being a freaking Marine.

Fucker did it all for shits since he wouldn't resign to be marine to become a SEAL... I mean, just how fucking stupid you gotta get? After I stopped wondering why everybody call marines crayon eaters.

I came to shoot gooks and party but this place sucks

I would slap this motherfucker so hard Jesus would be proud.

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Because sucking cock and giving rim jobs to your superiors is highly valued in military.

It's because our military is around the world protecting everyone and keeping order, while your "military" consists of a guy with a rake and pickup truck.

Pretty much this.

More chances to get a leg blown in the name of the oil companies.

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>marine uniform
>SEAL Trident
This nigger should be drug into the woods and beaten with a fucking hose.

In fact, marines can apply to BUDs. This off course doesn't imply it's any easier and they have to do a whole lot of bureucratic bullshit to even be admitted.

They have the same washout rate as any normal seaman. Perhaps just a little worse.

>around the world protecting everyone and keeping order

>protecting corporate interests and keeping the profits

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fair enough. i only know of one true badass who was a SEAL then resigned but didnt wanna completely end his career so he joined Delta because at the time they were already boots-on-the-ground in Afghanistan and he was more than willing to go straight back into combat. forgot his name but he was a bad motherfucker.