The story of poor Allison :(

the story of poor Allison :(

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she started a new life in ireland..

it was all going well, she grew in confidence, started showing more of them colombian curves..

but her moms relationship was going bad...

this made Allison sad, she was going to move away with just her mom..

buuuuuut tragedy struck

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she was happy there but she wanted her mom to be safe, she was going to miss ireland a lot, she made a lot of friends and was always shaking her hips on her insta. and flaunting her body.

days before they were about to leave, things took a brutal turn

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You're making this up. Why isn't she called Juanita or something Latino?

her mom gave her the name to try help her settle in well in europe.

she had said her goodbyes and was lookng foward to new adventures knowing at least her mom would be safe....


the moms bf wasn't gonna just let her leave like that, he went to the apartment, slowly strangled the mom to death...

many might thnk, what a monster, but surely he'd let allison live??... Nope.

he ripped allisons clothes off her tight curvy body, just them alone in the flat, her mom laying there dead infront of her, he ripped Allisons panties off.

and began enjoying her body in every way, licking kissing biting all over, then brutally raping her in every way possible.

he pounded into her again and again, forcing his stiff dick in harder and deeper using her inexperienced smooth body however he wanted.

Allison was helpless, being made to take it.

slapped, raped, choked, feeling him licking over her face while he was thrusting into her.

spreading her legs and pounding her shaved pussy.

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At first you had my interest, but now you have my erection.

he had a whole day of raping her and sodomising her repeatedly, making her obey whatever he wanted. filling her tight holes with stiff meat.

enjoying her screams when he pushed deep into her asshole, shouting in her face what a whore she is, while he pounded her.

once he finally had enough of violating her body, he strangled the life out of her, leaving her a naked bloody abused mess.

he hung himself, in his pocket, police found the mom and Allisons passports, and Allisons ripped panties.

poor Allison and her violated body, all the forced anal she had to endure. her legs pushed back to her head, looking at his face as he reamed her

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More pics please

More pics

those lips, wonder if she'd ever even seen a dick, before his was forced into her mouth.

be kinda crazy never sucking dick before and suddenly having to do everything to one by force

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that body must have been used so hard.

can only imagine how much she must have screamed, knowing nothing was going to stop it

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Fuckkkkkk more!!


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nah man i stay away from kik and shit now.

too easy to go down dark paths there

them lips

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she waits in heaven user

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poor Allison

i would have taken her for a burger and then fed ducks

i wouldn't have cared about her hips or anything

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Fucking sexy. Please dump all pics

her insta is public

*her first name* no spaces *marimon*

check out her insta stories for vids of her shakin it

Show the fucking scene photos already