"Discreet Packaging" my ass

"Discreet Packaging" my ass.
I tried ordering from a new store on Ali Express and they sent my loli fleshlight in such flimsy and poorly marked packaging that my landlord opened it by mistake. I'd been wondering why tracking said it was delivered, but didn't want to ask. Then when I paid my rent he handed me the opened package along with an eviction notice. I don't think he called the police, but if I try to fight wrongful eviction; could he?
These are my only hobby, and I've been here for years.. Rent has gone up a lot it seems, and I've been looking around but everything is at least 50% more expensive and has less space. Wtf is he doing to me?
Does it matter that much to him what I do in my private time?

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Rape him into submission, it's the only way

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Sue. There was no breach of the lease.

Oh you like that eh... well....
how do you like.......

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Nigga jerking off is not a hobby

rent is now TRIPLE

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"I'm sick pants"? Explain that fucking sticker you nonce.

Either have a talk with him and offer him one, tell him it has nothing to do with the girls on the box, the loli ones are just tighter or something and he should try it

Or accept the eviction, cuz trying to pay for the wrongful eviction shit especially over loli shit that can still technically get you in jail and registered as a pedo, aint worth it.

>loli shit that can still technically get you in jail and registered as a pedo, aint worth it.
What's illegal about it?

You think we cant google an image? Nice story liar

He found out youre a sick weirdo, so you should leave out of embarassment.

Are they illegal?
If you sue him won't he turn you in?

Why the fuck would someone create a thread to samefag such a stupid attempt at a meme.

Smells like spice in here.

>Ali Express
that's what you get for trusting an arab

I think Cred Forums is 50% bots these days.

I mea it was a federal offense that he opened your mail so sue him and report to the police they cant use evidence that was obtained illegally also check state laws

Kill your self

also drawer labels

You live a shameful life, now you will have to face the consequences. It's not the last time, it will get worse.

This. And it’s a federal offense to open mail that isn’t yours. But we all know op is a fag and this story was all fabricated

>"""""""""opened it by mistake""""""""""
people are fucking nosey, I use my mother's address to ship packages to and she always opens them.

legal vs illegal doesn't factor into it, if you are known as the rubber kiddy cunt fucker in your neighborhood you are going to have a bad day

>my landlord opened it
and most likely used it. how does it feel to get fleshlight sloppy seconds from your landlord?


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>labeled drawers
>jerkoff towel
>used underwear
>loli fleshlights with framed pictures for each loli
>loli wall poster
>eviction over loli merch

>wtf is he doing to me?
a favour. this isnt your hobby, this is an obsession. this is a wake up call.

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: kek

Not OP, but I can clearly read the writing, it actually says:
> Inside Pants (written as: "In side Pants)
..... not "I'm sick Pants".

Get a bigger monitor, or better glasses, if you can't read that sort of script.

It’s actually a federal crime to open some one else’s mail. He could go to prison for a year

the chinks are shareholders and that chink is the chairman, not the founder

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So he opened your mail, failed to return it in a timely fashion, and then issued an eviction notice based on your sexuality? I'd say there are several lawsuits there

is fucking a piece of latex a "sexuality"?

if it's not a sexuality yet, liberal rainbow magic will make it into one.

Lay off the guy.. It's just fantasy.
Not like he'd actually fuck a real loli.
Right OP? Riiight?

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He would have committed a federal offence by opening someone else's mail. He then has to prove that you actually ordered said package if law enforcement got involved since he has no proof that you would have ordered it yourself unless he committed another federal offence To find out. Either way he is the one who would get fucked over by it if this was actually real.

>Sun Apr 19 17:26:59 2015
Obvious larp is LARP 0/10

the ice you need for what?

if lolicon is legal in your state, you can definitely challenging that eviction, but here's the thing: you are now an enemy of the man who controls your land, your life - your oppressor.

Do you really want to stay there?

...it's Elsa from Frozen..
..what do YOU think the ice is for?

> This.
The alternative is possibly evolving into the loli doll guy that posts here.

Op where to get no. 1 and no. 5?

Loli hentai, along with beastiality, are currently legal gray areas in America, in some states it's illegal, in some its not, but pretty much everywhere it's frowned upon.

In side pants? What the fuck?

I don't really know all I'm doing is reading what a label says.

Maybe "inside pants" is casual lounge wear and outside pants are waterproof overtrousers.

But really, idgaf what weirdos choose to call their degenerate fetish clothing.

>Landlord opens anons mail
Thats a felony you stupid faggot