Most giant areolas

Most giant areolas

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Are you retarded?

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Yes then

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Wtf is the story behind this? Dude has tattoos. At some point hebwas normal. Wtf happened to him?

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More please!

Retarded people can get tattoos too dipshit

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Ok, tranny

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More please

Love them perfect keep her coming please. Would u be willing to post in vola?

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All i got on my phone sorry

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What a tits

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Also retard spotted

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Love them huge and pale as well.

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Moar of her!!




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Those nipples look amazing!
Please continue

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Pepperoni nipples

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Years ago I read an interview with a care assistant guy that was describing a married couple he worked for, and how they were sex fiends despite being heavily disabled, like he basically had to help them have sex. He went into a fair bit of detail, like she was super tight and could barely take a finger in the pussy, but her ass was super stretchy, etc.

It was fairly clear from a few of the comments he made that it was this pair.

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She looks like an old crush lol, guess not. Got anymore user?

Any full body or pussy shots?

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This is an areola thread but yeah.

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I know but fuck me she is sexy

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nips as big as my head? check!
how do i marry this woman

nice, the classic

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Kik yonoho2 for more

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literally not a word. it's AURORAS.

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you know what... KEK
ill give a nice laugh to this

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I have her saved in my phone. Need more

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