Anyone #illiterate here?

Anyone #illiterate here?

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I literally can't read

whats this dude trying to say


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Aa apasdlk aslsl, fdihb okms's lakfsd';

weuhu gh atyy bamaggg

What y'all saying?


i am using text to speech i don't do not know how to right


My phone can read the text off a page out loud and I speak to write

I haven't read a book in 25 years

I went to Ohio once as well

no way, yesterday i saw that she did that too

No. My parents were married when I was conceived.

one milk two shugar please


What's illiterate precious?

@user i think 57


Cjbrbdinch gg. Ehudhuzhbsbebebdjxjjvjvhcndne. Djxjendn denskkskxjjsnndnenenbdnndbxjxjdjnd. Snjdkekdjjdjchchhcj

why yes i DO have the picture here

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Daphne or Velma

-80 + (-4) * 83 * 96 = -669312

i like smelly feet


I don't like Hitler

You're thinking of "illegitimate".

To answer OP's question, I am human, therefore I have a spine.