ITT: we create a greentext story together

ITT: we create a greentext story together
Only post 2 greentext at a time
>be me
>mom enters room

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>watching hentai
>mom joins

>"wtf mom, get out!"
>mom looks at me

>mom poops on me

>Hitler enters room
>enter Hitler

>Hitler say "I was sent forwards in time to stop this shit"
>He shoots both of them in the head and enters a portal

>Have threesome with Hitler and Mom.

>nut on Hitler
>tfw realize Im gay

>mom pregnant from threesome

>wake up
>realise my life is a failure,but as soon as it came to my mind i glanced at this book covered in dust on the top of the shelf and its called "holy bible", i was so touched after reading it i decided that no more fapping or porn, Cred Forums.My life turned out the better, i have no dreams about hitler or mom poopin and having sex with me, i have a son and a beautyful wife.I go to church every weekend and i feel like i've finally became a man.

>realize my religion is a lie and ive never known the truth
>join esoteric secret society to find more answers

>Rise through the ranks of secret society and become the leader.
>Turn secret society into cult based around me and fuck members wives.

>since i was susceptible to reality evasive, causality negating, blind, duty-bound and whimsical group-think (i.e religion) and lacked independent judgement, I completely lost what little self-esteem I had had and began slitting my wrists

>members wives all get pregnant
>hitlers child has 48 half siblings

>Wait, only 49?
>With only that many illegitimate children I still look like a beta male cuck when compared to Tyrone.

>i decide to use Hitler's time travel technology to go back to when I was a child
>rape self

>new childhood trauma leaves me unable to have hitler threesome later in life
>entire plot twists right before my eyes

>go back to the future
>become super saiyan

>become super horny

>invent a time machine to go back into threesome with my mom and Hitler

>mom rips mas off
>fucking Bill Murray

>open the door, get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur