The Presidency famously ages you at an accelerated rate. It happens to all of them. Obama, Bush, Regan, etc...

The Presidency famously ages you at an accelerated rate. It happens to all of them. Obama, Bush, Regan, etc. It's a thing.

Except for Trump. Despite being the oldest candidate to ever take office he hasn't aged a single day.


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what is this thread

>Despite being the oldest candidate to ever take office
congrats. theres your answer.

You are only as young as you feel.
>There's your answer.

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>he hasn't aged a single day

This alone might grab 30-60 (you's) from newfags

I don't think I've ever met a big a faggot as OP and I've been on here for a while. I'm gonna exit this thread and just do a 360 and walk away.

I hope it ages him right into the Alzheimer’s.

I wouldn’t age too if I didn’t have to work. Guy just pawns off work to his corporate buddies. But somehow more corporatism is fighting communism. I’ll never understand his supporters. Reminds me of centrist libs.

he looks better now than he did when he first took office. he's really a good looking dude ngl

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He is part of the Billionaire life extension club. Once full immortality is figured everyone will all be allowed to use it. Only a matter of 10 to 15 years. Hang in there

Playing golf stops the aging process and apparently cures bone spurs

That’s because trump already looked like a stretched out sack of shit when he took office. Plus he’s not really the type who stresses or gives a shit. His appearance can’t get any worse.

Bet that orange spackle he overuses covers up flaws.

*Everyone with a few spare billions

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There is no doubt that the elite class is taking life extension drugs already that are not availble to the rest of us plebs.

They have it stiched up. Create the Right and Left culture war and stoke it up to keep the masses fighting whilst they laugh it up and live forever.

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>orange man make me mad


Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth for 5 more years.

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Between the secret drugs, the golf, and being naturally stress resistant it's easy to appear the same with the cheeto face mask.

Yes. The queen was one of the original recipients . true immortality still isnt available though but will be in the next 10 to 15 . if you can make it until then life extension will be given to all. Stay strong bros

totally. Steve Jobs was only allowed to die coz everyone in that club thought he was a jerk

Its not expensive. It is given to those with the money so they can keep their holdings until true immortality arrives.

Toupees don't grey

Actually he objected on moral and ethical grounds. I disagree with him.

Are you fucking kidding? Are you knees worn out you lemming

psychopaths don't get stressed out.

Cute but wrong

trump looked like shit to begin with, still looking like shit later isn't impressive


> (OP)
>>Despite being the oldest candidate to ever take office
>congrats. theres your answer.
holy shit you someone's never had a proper career before... this mother fucker seriously thinks people just stop aging after a certain point??

Can't wait for the gay mayor to be beat Trump. I really don't give a shit who wins but the reactions on here will be fucking priceless to pass up.

Wont happen. Not because he is gay but because he has to many skeletons. Like the price fixing scheme . that wont go over well

Probably all that orange makeup he cakes on you dumb cunt


Fake orange spray tan. Fake hair color. Insane-asylum-level combover. Morbidly obese. Built like 2 dozen rotting pumpkins in a wet burlap sack. That's him when he took office. There isn't much further to fall. That and constantly being on vacation for golf. Having more money than God doesn't hurt either.

he's done no work and he doesnt care about anything, of course he looks the same. you only look like you are weighed down with the problems of the world if you actually care about them and want to do something about it.

Trump can barely grasp even the basic facts, the generals have to translate complex problems into crayon drawings for the idiot.

he spends half the day in dressing gown watching fox and tweeting

its a miracle if he can get to the end of the day without shitting his pants.

>Having more money than God doesn't hurt either.

more debt that god

he's no billionaire

his net worth is minus 1.2 bn that he owes Bank VTB

>not understanding debt
Economics class is ------->

do you not have 2 pictures of his obese ass?


>you stop aging when you're old
Uhhhhh, user.....

You probably actually need to be doing work when your in office for it to affect you.

most presidents aren't so vain they wear makeup and color their hair

Yeah, he's always looked like shit.

not actually doing his job

Cos it's hard work being a cunt

Drinking liberal tears provides him an excellent source of anti-aging electrolytes.

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I can't wait for the Ted Cruz version of that.

>do a 360 and walk away
you're a fucking idiot

Newfag spotted

Lurk moar faggot

if you spend the whole day rage tweeting and not working, you're not ageing.

Does Cred Forums work the same way? I'd like to know I'm still 45

Yea, and nobody would give it to populations to create ever living wage slaves with no hope.

Fucking newfags

Its nice seeing most comments anti Trump. The rednecks haven't gotten off work from their oil change jobs and the Russian trolls are on lunch break I see

This entire post is pro trump

>Trump listed height 6'3
>Tyson listed height 5'10

Because he's competent, unlike the rest of your examples, excepting Ronaldus Rex.

no literally because the guy is openly gay, that wont fly with a majority of black women

That's because they won't give Trump access to the top secret time portals.

The difference between taking your job seriously and not

it's his experience though.

Obama was an idealist carried to push an agena. But then when he came into office after making pretty speeches, reality set in.
The whole election process is one thing, then you come into an empty cabinet and have to start to figure out how the thing work and do the things. For such a young naive idealist it will soon get too much.
Same with the previous presidents.
Trump is a business man. He knows to negotiate, the stress, pressure and how to deal with it. So for him there is not much new.

Wether he "is doing good" or not, that's irrelevant. He has experience in this high stake climate and knows how to handle it. That's why it's not draining his energy like these others.

Trump gets up at 10am and watches Fox, he doesn't give a shit about the job and only does anything to advance the conservative agenda.

Not much stress like other Presidents who actually gabe a shit