SJWs ruined Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Square Enix:

SJWs ruined Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Square Enix:
>Censor Tifa and Shiva
>Have Shinra blow up the reactor because terrorism bad
>Cross dress scene now has LGBT message in it: "True beauty is an expression of art, a thing without shame... To which notion of gender don't apply."

First image is Remake Tifa, Second image is photoshopped.

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I like seeing her armpits. Fuck off, beta.

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its a tragedy im glad I experienced the real ff7

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What you should be concerned with, OP is that one faggot on the motorcycle. Just some random new faggot character I will most certainly not give a shit about and hope dies.

What the fuck? These are shitty PS3 quality graphics. Hell it almost looks like FFX graphics on PS2

You're not a true FF7 fan if you didn't like Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, and Ehrgeiz. The Remake can do no wrong. I will buy all 85 separate installments if I have to. It's the equivalent of the second coming of Christ. Only this is actually going to happen.

The honey bee inn will be torn apart.

the guy who voices cloud wasnt even born when the original was released

how the FUCK does anybody expect him to understand FFVII and put on a good performance

let that sink in

All the VAs are literal nobodies.
>Aerith's VA is a twitch thot
>They got rid of Sephiroth's iconic VA

The defenders for this game on Cred Forums honestly think this and won't allow you to criticise the game. They call nuTifa's tits big.

>Women being uglier = censorship
>Literal japanese trope line about traps = queer propaganda
What a fucking beta. Bad thread OP.

I hold the opposite view. Yes, I was used to the English VA's for so many years, but I've always felt that they sounded wooden, and were simply reading from a script. It's jarring to hear new VA's, but I can tell they actually put emotion in to their characters.

I was like that when they changed VA's for Wesker in RE5. But now, he's actually my favorite VA for Wesker. He truly cares about his role.

>I hold the opposite view. Yes, I was used to the English VA's for so many years, but I've always felt that they sounded wooden, and were simply reading from a script. It's jarring to hear new VA's, but I can tell they actually put emotion in to their characters.
What? FFVII doesn't have voice acting you fucking cretin

If you're talking about the crapulation then gtfo

Well, I think that way about the game, I really do. But hell, I haven't argued with someone over FF7 in 15 years. I'm sure there will be things not everyone likes, but IMO, they literally can do no wrong by me. I've been hoping for a remake since they released the PS2 cock tease demo on G4 TV.

I forget the name of the show, Adam Sessler hosted it. It was around the same time Advent Children was coming out, I think.

Are you a fucking retard? Why the fuck do you think people are angry about the VA changes? Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts, Crisis Core. That's where these actors appeared, and have always been the same. Besides KH1's Sephiroth.
Kys faggot.

If you're a real fan, name all of them!

I swear to fuck if they change the story to avalanche NOT being the terrorists at the beginning....
I am going to replay FF7 PS1 and fap

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masturbation is better while crying and this would be a good reason too

trips of truth

also the ballz they had to do the cross dressing scene. too bad the alphabet community now thinks it's in there for THEM.
No offence.

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I have a feeling people will be playing the original FF7 for another 20 years, simply because the story isn't adjusted

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All of what? Every game with a FF7 character in it? Shit, I'm sure there's plenty of obscure Japanese games that have them that I don't know about.

I will list the ones I do know, though. FF7, FFT, Ehrgeiz, KH1, 2, Chain of Memories, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, all the Dissidia's, and Super Smash Bro's. Pretty sure there's some mobile game with the FF7 characters, not sure the name of that though. I don't play mobile.

aeris is so much more fuckable. She has this innocent girl next door sex vibe going on.

wasn't ehrgeiz this beat m up game?

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Lol yes. It was really terrible. I still liked it as a kid though.

yeah I played it a few times as a child too, but ff7 is my favorite jrpg

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left one is male armpits
congrats you're a faggot

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take off your shoes and let me suck your toes, baby...

looks like japan is gonan save us from matriarchal castration

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tifa lockhart gets my cock hard

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Square should of never moved their HQ to California. Their Ethics Department are the ones probably causing all this mess because they were the ones responsible for Tifa's tits being nerfed and her being covered up. For the episodic part? You can blame Sony wanting more money.

Lulz. I'm bisexual, actually. I'd suck Cloud's cock all day long. Stay triggered, incel.

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yea true it suxx, sjw bullshit

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Unpopular opinion inbound:
Crisis core was the best ff game ever released

It was really good, but nothing beats FF7 for me.

I respect that at least u didn't say ff x-2

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Fuck, I couldn't even get past the opening FMV before I never touched that garbage again.

X2 is basically dead or alive extreme

it was the worst , so fucking bad
ff x i liked a lot but x-2 omfg

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Yup. X was the last good FF game IMO. Never really cared for the later FF's. XV was alright though. Never beat it. Probably should.

I can´t tell if this thread is for real or if it´s just some bot net who tries to imitate humans.

Can someone arguing in here please prove that they are real so that I can sleep tonight? Thanks.

same here

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I just tried FF15 for the first time and thought what could go wrong? The fucking gameplay is horrendous. I just hold B to do auto attacks. No combos for FF Hack N Slash. And they're bringing that exact same gameplay to FF7R.

Uhh, okay? Sounds like you're still a triggered closet fag. Let me guess, Trump voter? You've certainly got the quick wits of one!

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Ur mom wishes you weren't real.

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Wasnt he in Crisis Core?

In the leaked gameplay of the demo on YouTube a month ago before it was quickly taken down by Square, this is what happened:
>Barret and Cloud plant bomb
>The bomb explodes
>Smoke clears
>It did nothing to the reactor
>Shinra orders his robots to blow up the reactor
>He blames the explosion on Avalanche

I honestly don't know. You could be right about that. I've only played CC twice, and that was when it first came out. That'd certainly make me hate him less, if he existed prior.

>Being a liberal in 2020

Attempted terrorism is at least trying. Makes sense Shinra would want them branded as terrorists just for attempting it.

12 was ok. actually completed 12 more than any other FF

didnt even know there was a 15...

15 was the one with the emo boyband

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I'm more of an extremist progressive. I hate both the left and the right, love the fuck out of guns, but I don't get triggered by religious nonsense like gays are icky.

Don't give a fuck about Jews or Muslims either. They're just as fucking retarded as the Christians that believe the Jews are trying to breed out the white race. Now begone, beta faggot. I'm done wasting my time with you.

I beat FF12 once, but I dunno, the story was just so damn boring to me. I loved the shit out of Mark hunting though.

They ruined it. So move on, don't put your money.
Let them ruin themselves in their blind idealism - when the reality of economical principle. Demand and offer becomes clear.

If you're super ensitive and perfectly inclusive but nobody buy syour shit and you are out of work or money. Then what did you learn ?

As this SJW creep into positions of decision has come to expression in many fields, they all imploded in self made irrelevance. The problem solves itself.

Wait, there was a Final Fantasy 2? Fucking butt hurt gamer retards.

And Enix ruined Squaresoft.
Get over it.

As someone who was exploiting the original when you were in diapers, the best I can do is let you know you're a massive faggot and move on with my life.

Kek. What are you, 38-40? I'm 34, you dumb faggot. Keep crying.

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Wow, she's gorgeous. I can't help feel like they based her off Anri Okita.

I played the original when it came out, loved it. Its still one of my favorite games of all time (top 3 FF6, Chrono trigger, FF7)

However, the LGBT scene has seriously turned me off from wanting this game. I'm sick and tired of having this shit forced upon the 99.7% of us who are not trans just so the .3% can feel normalized.

The scene was really stupid in the original and most of us thought it would be cut, not heavily expanded upon with what looks like a song and dance number. *Cringes*

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Good, good. Stay offended snowflake.

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Stay queer fruit loop.

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what is fruit loop?

Oh, I plan on it. I'll take an extra spurt of cum on my face just for you, faggot.

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I enjoyed crisis core, even if I did know how the story ends.

Zack is based soldier, have more Zack.

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Yup, I love that they expanded the lore of FF7. Zack was a fantastic character. Though, I'm a super duper hardcore Sephiroth fanboy. This was easily my favorite FMV.

>The original exists
>He could just play that
>Bitches about a remake he literally doesn't have to play or see anyway

You moan for the sake of it. I hate the remake too. So I just bought the original on PSN and I'm playing that. Done. Simple.

What are you talking about ffX didn't have any sequals? What sort of crazy person would ruin the bittersweet ending of 10 eh?

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You're absolutely right. There was no X-2.