Girls perfect for BlackedRaw

Girls perfect for BlackedRaw

• White girls only
• No fatties

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god damn!!!

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Would you watch her on BlackedRaw?

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i would jerk my cock to her while i watched

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anybody got her social?

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Why do you like it?

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the girls outfits as they change in the bathroom is like one of the hottest parts and then the doggy style

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I'd even buy membership.

MILF Bride teacher

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from last thread

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The eye contact is unbeatable.

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fuckk yesss, and when they wink is even better

i have a lingerie fetish so the outfits are most of the time on point

Would love to see her bared by black dudes

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So you can see her get ravaged by a nigger?

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Something like this?

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Is she perfect?

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The fourth wall break is fucking hot. It’s like “you like this, cuck?”

I figure jamal's friends might not believe he has a rich white girl addicted to his cock. So to prove it, he invites her over, and when she walks in the door, he is naked, and his friends are watching. He turns around and orders her "Eat my ass, white whore" She submits immediately, kneeling in front of him and tonguing his asshole lovingly. Of course, she is humiliated, but compelled by her desire for black cock.

Built for BBC. No doubt about it.

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so i can financially support her habit of fucking alpha men

both of them

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Yeah. White girls dolling themselves up before they get savagely fucked by a nigger.

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love jerking off to the thought of them talking to me like i am in the bathroom and dressed just like them

Damn right. You’re lucky she lets whiteboys see her like this.

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what kind of filthy things does he make her say?

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i know, i wish they did it more, or made another one straight up only for cucking the viewer

Imagine if she walked around the projects like that at night, bitch would get gangfucked in an alley

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Ready af

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Too bad the user isn't posting more Blanc Noir, wish she actually did get blacked. Too bad she retired.

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They really need to be more cruel. Turn up the verbal abuse

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All on video of course
"I'm a black cock whore."
"Eating black ass is wonderful"
"I hate white dick"

A BBC would destroy her.

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she was a hit last thread

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What makes you say she hasn’t? That ass is made for BBC. She’s been Blacked, just not on camera.

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that image is so hot, i hope they get more mainstream and get to hire more popular actresses

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Damn, she needs some black cock inside her bad

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They need to get some VS models

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Of course, Jamal knows that a rich white girl is a meal ticket, if he can knock her up. So he orders he to tell her bf she has a work trip for a week, and uses her cc to rent a house way out in the country. As soon as they arrive, he flushes her birth control. Within a few hours, she is taking load after load of jamal's thick cum in her fertile womb.

She keeps trying to convince him to cum in her ass, or on her tits, but Jamal knows that stuck up white girl's wombs are his birthright.

That's beautiful

i am not worthy of her

BBC bait.

fuck me like her

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>Would you watch her on BlackedRaw?
more pls

I sure hope so, user. I sure hope so. Because this ass just can't have anything other than black cock in her life.

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For sure

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Made for it.

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You think so?

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Babs is a size queen. She’s been Blacked in real life.

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FINALLY you post something that google already knew, you subhuman. She goes by xxxParvadi.

With such a perfect fit body, she had to know, deep down, she was never going to let a weak, beta white boy's sperm anywhere near her womb.

whattttt link please?

Interested. I like cute girls

I want Jamal to use her in front of her boyfriend

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Wait... what could she be in the mood for?

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Definitely not. This girl is strictly BBC only.

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source on that info???

You don’t have to hope. An ass like that can’t be satisfied by whiteboys, only BBC.

deserves a thick bbc between those tits

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Definitely. That lipstick.

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When they get back from the trip, he will probably make her break up with her boyfriend. He will come home to find him pounding her out in her bed. Of course, she will tearfully break up with him, as he pounds her out right there. Jamal will love fucking a white girl in front of her pathetic sobbing boyfriend. And she will know she made the right call.

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Yeah she has amazing lips

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She’s been paparazzi’d on her morning walk of shame from a black’s house.

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She looks like she has conservative parents but watches Blacked porn.

Keep lurking faggot. Subscribe to her onlyfans.

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Tinder profile says she only likes chocolate men.


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BBC. What else?

are you making these, because they are gold


Fuck. Complete definition of built for BBC.

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tell me more about that, how long does he watch, what does jamal do to her, how does she respond?

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I didn’t make the Babs one but yes.

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no girls are perfect for that. Niggers are disgusting

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can you do her?

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kendall next pleasee

Really needs to be ravaged by a BBC.

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Needs to be on BlackedRaw with a body like that.

Kalindraaaa. Would love to see her blacked

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Not on my laptop right now

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Would deserve that

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Source pls and thank you

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thoughts on my gf's recent trip abroad?

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Could she be a hit

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next pic you post im gonna cum to


Haley Reed Fashion Week BBC. Porntrex for full

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Already looks like she’s in one. BlackedRaw scenes start like that. Fuck she’s built for BBC.

Whiteboys can’t satisfy her.

Wish she got one for her birthday

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Kendall and Kylie next

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don't stop now user

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Any chance for her?

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True, know her for so long and she gets hotter every day

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Post more. No doubt that she gets Blacked, just not on camera.


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nigger loving faggots

Leggy slut. Not fit for whiteboys.


There’s some I didn’t make on /hr/ and /r/blackedfantasy

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Got my theatre nerd gf into BBC she loves it

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This girl will be blacked this weekend

Ask me everything you want

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Second bullet point - no fatties, you mong.

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saving. name?

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show more skin

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She did. Just didn’t post about it.

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Here you go.
Hopefully those videos get leaked someday

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Any more of those tits?

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She looks like she watches Blacked & BlackedRaw only. More of her face?

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good shit

vids? pics of hardcore with face?

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Blacked or blacked raw?

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BlackedRaw, no question.

What should a BBC do to her?

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Attached: 05DBDAA2-35EA-47E7-9F2D-F902061AAE07.jpg (1080x1349, 229K)


Cream on their BBC and become strictly no whiteboys.

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Would she gain any viewers?

Attached: 2019-04-18_09.08.02.jpg (1078x1437, 843K)

Got kik? Kik:mygf4bbc21



Attached: 2019-06-21_11.21.38.jpg (982x884, 566K)

I would front thousands of dollars for this.

Attached: 7.jpg (1080x1299, 154K)

more like this

no kik. vola? would like to chat

Of course. Reminds me of

Attached: A0BB0466-138F-4681-8365-698A72341ADC.jpg (1200x1042, 181K)

Still a blacked model?

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Attached: 50745857_615229385584394_2178199662164925709_n.jpg (1080x1350, 152K)

Size fucking queen. BBC only, definitely.

Attached: 1.png (1071x1644, 1.32M)



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Attached: 1573953916099.jpg (1069x1268, 886K)

For the intensity.

Attached: 11FA777E-5D48-42B1-9662-6187D6BB89B7.jpg (1080x1349, 118K)

no fucking way that is her?? if so got kik/discord

Fuck yes. That’s how she looks when she creams herself on a BBC.

The girl?
Who is this?

Attached: 2019-07-02_03.42.58.jpg (1054x1266, 579K)

Coalburners = White Trash

Alt girls are BBC only.

Get kik I have split roast vids

I think my girl would fit that role just perfectly... pick of her flashing for an example

Attached: F8AC0DAD-ABC0-4201-9226-E2985903EFBC.jpg (1145x1199, 266K)

Attached: 1121.jpg (1212x2304, 1.37M)

What about weeb girls?

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New thread

begging you for vola. mega. anything. also have a theater gf nerd myself...

no nudes unfortunately but ill share the few I have
disc is SZAIIAZS#6746

Yeah she looks perfect for BlackedRaw. Pic I posted was Naomi Nash

Post more in new thread

All white girls are.

WHats vola then direct to me where I go

saving. more in next

sent add Ragnar

easy file share place.
Google vola and then use this as the room code.15xj5u55m. If you create a room you'll see what I mean by the room code.