I'm 18 and work as a Mcdonalds cashier for a living. How do I get rich in 10 years?

I'm 18 and work as a Mcdonalds cashier for a living. How do I get rich in 10 years?

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keep working at mcd;s

when you are ready, train for shift lead/crew trainer and also get your certsafe or food handler's license whenever you are ready. As soon as you have these credentials, you will realize your ability to expand anywhere you choose in the business.

running a mcd's is okay, but it doesn't make you rich. it is only a gateway you are already on a path to, if only you show the hunger for knowledge and greatness within your restaurant.

Chef at Wendys

Get a degree is a specialized field. You’re not going to get rich doing unskilled work.

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Get a degree!?! Biggest waste of money going. You'll never get rich with a "job". You'll likely be financially comfortable; maybe even better off than most of your friends and family, but ultimately you'll just be making somebody else rich while toiling in debt.

Start a business. In the time it would take you to earn your specialized degree, you'll have people working to make you rich.



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Yea but that in itself can be a problem.. relying on others come with its own set of problems and challenges

why does mcdonalds have www.365black.com website but not a www.365white.com one? is mcdonalds racist?

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Don't work at Macdonald's

suck off old men that come in at 5am for coffee. At $10 a suck I think you will do well.

When selling chicken nugget always give amount -1. If you collect enough for whole pack sell them at parking lot for 100% profit.

Rich won’t happen in ten years. Work your ass off until you can afford real estate. Never rent the place you live.

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Honestly, quit your job right now and get into sales for high ticket items (houses, sports cars, big commercial software, etc), get really, really good at it and grind basically 24/7

Then, move in with a few room-mates and start eating rice and beans only to cut your expenses to the bone.

Invest every penny and watch your net worth skyrocket.

If you get good enough at your game and haven't eaten a shotgun by that time, you will have (or will be close to having) a 7 figure net worth