Anyone collect trophies from hookups?

Anyone collect trophies from hookups?

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Excuse me



Of course. When ever I'm having sex with a new girl I tell her I like it when she spits in my face. Then when we are finished, I take Q-tips and swab it off my face. I have binder with plastic sleeves full of Q-tip trophies now

...why though?

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Send all of them to 23 and me.

So are you saying “Do I collect severed vaginas?”?
Nope. Can’t say that I do.

> hair
I scour the sheets for it afterwards and stick it in an empty dime bag.

What in the Goddamn.

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Summer came early.

It's just a kink.

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I forgot to mention that I also have a picture of each of the women there with the Q-tip swabs in the sleeve. This way when im older I can go through the pages and remember over my trophies, maybe take one out and smell it to get the memory going, recall how our diner had gone before we made know reminisce.

No, they are just for me. Besides, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't give them back after and that would defeat the purpose

..why spit though?
Why not wipe her other juices on a swab?
How is the aroma of halitosis preferable to pussy or even sweat?

ok im in

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what in the fuck

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alright what's going on here

I'm not seeing all these girls on a regular basis. Most of them are just one night hook ups. So I'm gonna be hooking up with them and them randomly pull out a Q-tip and say "let me just swap your pussy/forehead please?" Or explain to them about my admittedly peculiar hobby of trophy collecting? Almost all are more than willing spit on my in the heat of the moment, especially if I tell them to give me a little slap to sell it. Then after i go the bathroom to "clean up", where my trophy materials are located in locked box in the closet and do what I need to do. Doesnt that make more sense?

Looks like a a week will involuntary celibate couldn't get hard in front of a hooker And proceeded to kill her because the weak-willed boy going to get his dick hard.

If the girl's aren't wet and sweaty enough to collect a contact sample, you're doing sex wrong. You shouldn't need to ask them if the sheets are soaked.

No its not a kink, its autism.

On that note. I collect women's wet panties after I get them soak. I have conquerors from 6 to 7 years ago. .

this reminds me, i signed a paper 3 years ago where after i die, my penis is to be cut off and preserved in a jar and displayed at museum in debuque iowa. turns me on thinking how 15 years after my death, young college students are ging to be looking at my cock irl in at least some of it's glory.

Fuck female spit is the best thing ever id sell my soul to have a cute girl drool into my mouth while moaning

I've been doing this for a while, you think it was my first thought to have them spit on me? I tried lots of other ways before coming to this method. Yes the sheets are usually wet with perspiration and some fluids, possibly from both of us (which isn't what I would want) depending on if we wore protection. However, the women doesnt always just get up and go right after we fuck(so I cant get what I want in this case). On top of that, what ever is in the sheets is SOAKING INTO the sheets and is no longer a good sample. The method I have allows me to get the most SUBSTANTIAL and UNTAINTED sample for my trophy, while allowing me to procure it unsuspected.

your post would be potentially epic if it contained the added word "else"
as in "anyone else"
turns out you're just a faggot

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now this is ebin
you have their DNA user
use it well in the GMO dystopia to come

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Post more os this

photoshop by a sexless loner

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Yea.. I'm just going to come out and say it: you don't have a collection.

I refuse to believe someone of your mental condition could attract a woman that would fuck you for no charge.
And if you were paying, you could swab from any orifice.. hence I conclude you're a virgin with an autistic fantasy.

Photoshop is preferable to this right?

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That's fine, cuz everyone on here believes everyone already, right? And I give so many shits about what you believe, right? You're just some user saying I'm full of shit and I'm just some user responding to a post about hookup trophies...the world just keeps going...big deal come out and day what ever you want cuz you're a tough guy on a keyboard

Tough guy on a keyboard?
Calm down kiddo.. nobody really cares enough to get worked up over your fantasies. I'm just shitposting on a slow work day.

If you do have it, could you just post a pic of it? I mean the time it takes you to do this would pretty much prove that you have it.


Gladly, as soon as I get home from work tonight

you make shirts with nake images of the girls you bang? my god, that is so incredibly based i cant contain myself

Makes me want to wear a shirt with my ex's noods on it to crash her wedding.

fake and gay

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>instagram mobile screenshot
>baby yoda
Fuck off

Pic of trophy room

>how to make sure nobody else uses her pussy

You, Sir, are a genius.