I want to get off weed but the problem is that it treats my depression, anxiety, and PTSD...

I want to get off weed but the problem is that it treats my depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Any Cred Forumsros have good advice for quitting and alternatives to help with my problems? I started to exercise, which kind of helps, but I'm looking for more things to do.

>inb4 just kill yourself

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dude weed lol

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>it treats my depression, anxiety, and PTSD

it doesn't treat any of those things, it just makes you feel better temporarily, but then when it wears off, you're worse off than before you smoked

why quit when its on the verge of being legalized?

I smoked weed like a fiend in college. When I graduated I was worried about drug tests for jobs, so I smoked cigarettes when I craved weed. Thought it would only be temporary. I now have zero desire for weed, but I smoke cigarettes. Should have stuck with weed. I never had any drug tests

I was far worse off than I was 4 years ago when I was hanging myself in my shower. Since I started smoking I haven't tried to kill myself once, I stopped cutting myself, my alcohol intake has reduced to nearly non-existent and I'm not on dangerous SSRIs. I don't even smoke everyday nor do I smoke all day. I usually smoke when its very rough for me to deal with under a sober mind.

You literally have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

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i reiterate
why even bother quitting you dont sound like you even have a problem

Getting around THC tests are very easy too since THC leaves your body relatively quickly as long as you have low body fat and aren't smoke all day long every day.

Because I don't want to spend money on weed anymore and I'd like to get to a much more healthy way of dealing with my problems. In other words, I want to get off this crutch.

just keep smoking weed unless you want to be put on 10 pharms with worse side effects

Its legal in my state so that's not something that matters

weed is far FAR cheaper then pharmaceuticals

I wouldn't get on pills. Already been on them and they made me feel out of control and highly suicidal.

weed is for losers
>b-but muh depression/anxiety
it just fogs your mind up, makes you passive and lazy. it's for faggots who deal with reality. start by fixing life instead

>weed is far FAR cheaper then pharmaceuticals
Also this isn't true. When I was taking SSRIs I would typically spend $30 for a month supply. I spend around $250-300 per month on weed.

Pick your poison mate, you were drinking before you were smoking

If you stop smoking you'll be drinking

You'll have a crutch either way unless your bitchass learns to cope better which sounds impossible so go with the safe crutch

You don't have these problems so what the fuck would you know, you dumb nigger? Fuck off.

>being on health insurance

>makes you passive and lazy
I exercise on weed lol you're obviously a dumb faggot that listens to every bullshit story about weed

lol cope you fucking druggie, keep smoking your braincells away

I’m high right now so fuck it

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Yeah but the antidepressants fuck up your brain chemistry and are more addictive

Have you tried CBD?

nah mate, drugs are the lubricant of society
alcohol is a good example

I'm not on health insurance either. There are other ways to get cheap medication (coupons for starters). Plenty of state help exists too. You're just not looking good enough.

He said treats. As in it addresses the symptoms. As opposed to say, curing, which fixes the problem that causes the symptoms.

i've smoked for years, probably spent thousands on weed. i can tell you it wasn't worth it and it just turns you into a loser

>he uses coupons

I literally posted a thread about wanting to quit, you fucking brainlet lmao its people like you that ought to kill themselves

I know, that's why I'm not on them anymore. They're like playing russian roulette with your brain. Fuck that.

No, not really.

Why not have health insurance? Any job worth a damn will give it to you

so you recognize it's a problem but you keep defending your loser lifestyle

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It turns some people into losers who already kind of were. I have PTSD from combat and anxieties from being around crowds of people so using weed helped me get through the worst of it. I still have those problems but to a far, far, far lesser degree than years ago. Plenty of hard working people smoke weed no different than hard working people coming home from work to drink a 30 rack.

Start running/jogging. Nothing takes your mind off shit like physical exertion.

kill yourself

I've been lifting as of late but you're right I should start running.

Just get some low dose edibles.
I don't get high, and it helps my anxiety.
It honestly just clears my fucking head enough to appreciate my surroundings.
I only dose between 5-10mg.

kill yourself faggot

Try long walks too. I go on 2 hour walks through the trees. It will straighten you out for a while

stay mad weedtards

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my job offers it and i refused it an will do so till the affordable care act is gone

Dont get down on yourself for smoking weed. A lot of us need something to make it through day to day shit

You believe the wrong things.
Addicted is just a word. You just need to breathe manually and you will get off that smack

That makes no sense. You dont have to have an ACA plan. I just switched to an ACA plan because it was cheaper

very few people handle a productive life while still indulging in drug-use, a lot fewer than you think. i'd say maybe 1 in 30.

>it treats my depression, anxiety, and PTSD

Replace weed with alcohol in your statement and you'll see how retarded you are.

Seek professional help for you mental health problem, and face them instead of fleeing them by numbing yourself in drugs.

i will participate in no health insurance until the ACA is gone and hopefully replaced with universal health care with NO input from republicans

fucking this, these drug apologists are the biggest faggots. defend weed to their death if they have to and make it part of their identity, not any less addicted than any crackhead i've ever seen.

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anxiety, depression, and PTSD aren't real

Hillary Clinton is that you?

The ACA has harmed more people than its helped. I got smacked down with the ACA fine 2 tax seasons ago for not having healthcare. Fuck Obama

Cognitive behaviour therapy

>Seek professional help for you mental health problem
I did. They gave me a weed card so I could get weed at the local weed dispensary.
You faggots have no idea what you're talking about, the medical applications weed is useful for, the countless patients who have bettered their lives from weed, the cancer patients that can eat and live because of it, and you're blanketing patients with the same insults and stigmas that stoners get.

If anyone should kill themselves it should be you niggers.

Theres been research that mushrooms and ecstasy in small doses combined with therapy can help with depression

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If it helps you with your mental issues then why the fuck would you stop taking your medicine

Read the thread you lazy faggot.

Wow, you're retarded.

He should buy seeds which are cheap and grow the plants.

no one told you to kill yourself, stop projecting. i know people with fucking epilepsy or cancer can have benefits from it, but you're a DEPRESSED faggot. start working out, socializing, sleeping 8 hours a night, eat healthy, and you won't need to numb your mind with drugs

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>I did. They gave me a weed card

how you mean you don't have access to serious doctor that can treat the root of your problem, and not give you some crutch to rely on ?

Maybe you should just move to a place where you can get some real help if you live in a 3rd world country.

Not OP, but some of us are wired diferently and need something to help us be "normal". Mental shit is a grey area. Its not like diagnosing diabetes

The answer lies in your own question. You are using a natural substance (a herb) to treat chronic issues. So look for other natural substances (herbs) to treat the same issues.

So the person a need to see would specialise in herbs. A herb-alist. Wow. Imagine that. Logic.

it's just dopamine, not that hard to understand. people aren't wired differently, people live healthy lifestyles or they don't. no shit you're going to come crying on Cred Forums if all you do is sit at home for hours infront of a computer, smoking weed and jacking off to porn

opium is a natural substance, maybe smoke some of that /sarcasm

truly nigger-tier reasoning

Im not a loser. Im married and successful. I supoosedly am on the autism spectrum and I get annoyed at things that dont bother others. Just saying if something makes life easier why judge people

Yes switching to opium is nigger tier.

Switching to Kava for anxiety or St Johns Wort for depression would be God tier.

lots of successful people end up killing themselves.

Kermit Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, had a life full of accomplishment and they still lost their battle against depression.

because life isn't easy, if you always take the easy way out in life you'll end up a loser, which is why i highly doubt your claim of being successful.

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Think whatever you want. Lots of successful people have issues. Im guessing you are a young guy and extremely close minded. You might be more successful if you give up thinking in black and white

>Ernest Hemingway
literal alcoholic, you realize his drug of choice likely lead him to suicide in the first place right

i'd say almost all successful people have issues, but that doesn't mean everyone who has issues are going to be successful, that's just retarded

Or maybe the booze kept him from killing himself sooner

Agreed. Thats why I never said that

It's more likely than being alcoholic was a way to cope with depression, making life endurable enough and delaying his suicide until late in his life.

grow up

>He perhaps summed up what every writer has known: “Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.” Drinking likely exacerbated a medical condition he had that led to mental confusion and depression. Hemingway eventually took his life.


Use CBD oil, it will still treat the same things, but you won't get high.
Just learn to dose well, because too much will make you sleepy. (Which is great for stopping smoking weed, as you'll be sleepless and having very heavy nightmares when you do finally sleep)

If you miss the routine of rolling your joint, lighting it, etc... You can also get CBD-weed, but I strongly recommend the oil, for both easy dosing as for your health.

Switch to a better drug.

Ready for legit advice op?
I wanted to quit for 3 years but never understood how. I became depended on weed after getting dumped and family passing away. First week is God awful emotionally. I would get in my car and drive around crying for no reason, write myself cryptic messages on my calendar like "save me save me save me save me save me save me save me. No one is saving you no one is saving you no one is saving you.". Very hard to come off of weed if you smoked an ounce a week like I was. I smoked for more than 1,000 days consecutive without ever taking a break. You will be very very chemically unbalanced for a while. You body needs to adjust to not getting all it's feel good chemicals from weed. Sleep will be awful and you will otherwise just feel good awful. What I did was get hobbies, workout every other day, and read the Bible and pray. I used to lay In bed all day and act dead when I first quit. But like Winston chruchill said"if you're going through hell, keep walking.". All you can do is keep walking through the pain and you will make it to being okay with no weed eventually. It won't be easy but it will be the best thing you've ever done. Also it does not treat your depression and anxiety. It creates it. Understand and accept this and you may actually quit. You're depressed because you rely on weed for all your dopamine, when you are not high you are in an inbalance. Try tapering off the amount you smoke for a week or two. I personally went Spartan and broke my bong and threw away my grinders and now I workout for my dopamine boost. But I feel better throughout most of the day without weed I'm much less depressed and anxious. But I do get very bad episodes where I can't control my emotions for no real reason and have to leave my house and cry in my car. Weird but praying helps, remember you can't expect god to do all the work.

oh jeez this fucking takes me back. i miss troll logic

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>sit at home for hours infront of a computer, smoking weed and jacking off to porn
Omg are you me?

great input faggot

I know, right. Thank you for your input too

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Get a cat. They generally don't like smoke and can help anxiety. I smoke a lot less now because I don't like making my cat be around it.

This one isn't like the others cuz rather than troll logic it's real world logic.

Real humans do this exact thing all the time in the USA. The prison recidivism rate keeps the homelessness rate down, lol.

Dump the weed and try shrooms every 3 months

spot on my man

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if you found something that works why stop?

Therapy and learning to cope in other ways.

I'm on the same train that weed helps a lot tho and if you need medication better a 50$ a week medicine you can vape versus a 250$ a week addictive pill. Remember almost all medicine simply treats symptoms, it does not cure. Ergo weed is just as moral as Xanax.

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Maybe you could get cheaper weed,maybe home growing?

My dog loves pot. Goes crazy when I spark up and tries to stay close when I exhale. Fun getting stoned with my best bud

>weed is just as moral as Xanax.
Yes and no. Xanax is more dangerous and easier to slip into abuse with. For me at least. Almost died at a wedding on xanax never done it since. Vodka tasted like water and I thought it was when I was beyond fucked up

just stop smoking weed lol