Lolis and toddlers and dogs, oh my

lolis and toddlers and dogs, oh my

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Did someone say loli dog?

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red rocket! red rocket!

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source, i need

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to the draw fag who drew this for me. much thanks. you can find me on wikr as zettryou. if you wish to draw more for money, please hit me up.

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dat ass tho

shitty op

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I DEMAND moar loli porn be posted

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got anything like this? lolis being lifted from the floor?

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this better be porn

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Bocchi is a slut. SLUT!

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she'd do anything for a friend

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I want to be friwnd with a bocchi

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captcha is being nigger asking me to find all the bicycles.

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And I'd do anything to stick my tongue up her ass.
Shy girls are HOT

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someone's way of telling you to go out and exercise

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It's looking for bicycle, cops and traffic lights.
biking is for losers, real man goes hiking.

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I don't have a sister made of maggots.

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So is she getting tied up or me?

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She gonna tie YOU up user

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>i-it's not traced I swear!

>he doesnt have a sis made of maggots
Jesus user kys what a loser

What's it called when you like loli but it's over the age of 18?


>Citation needed

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I don't care, it looks good and I didn't draw it.

Love me some Dom lolis


Loli is a body type, this is a 20yo loli

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My fellow gentleman of abundant melanin.

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>it's a body type cope
yes, this thing named directly after a book about fucking a 12 year old girl is a manga drawing figure type from Japan.

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So she isn't a loli?

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I swear that damn conehead gets bigger and bigger every time I see it.

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Where's the preggo lolis at doe

*only body types I personally like

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Not him but she's top-shelf loli in my book.
>brains of a college girl
>body of a loli
>completely legal in every country
Good shit.

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Smol and moe!

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anyone kik me stuff? or add me to groups plox

kik: doesarehot

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No, loli is a depicted age that is prepubescent. That is a 20 year old character with the depicted age of a 6-10 year old thus a loli.

So, loli is a body type?

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>six year olds have tits and hips

IS THIS PORN???????????

Yeah, I'd smash that like the fist of angry god.

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To a degree, there is of course variability and consensus can't always be reached. Putting things into labels is often a subjective matter. For instance, oppai loli throw a wrench into that definition.
You realize that the character we're talking about has no hips or tits right? However, as I was explaining to the poster above, there is variability. My girlfriend for instance had size B breasts by the age of 7, well before beginning puberty. She's now an adult with DD tits but with the hips of a 6 year old.

Want some beer user?

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She's so cute. The type of girl that would never even think about anal unless she was good and tipsy and even then she'd probably make me work for it.
Wife material.

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I'll agree that labels are subjective. Ultimately if they are cute, smol, and moe I feel they have a home here

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But, shes secretly training her butt for you despite complaining

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What a good girl. She knows how to please her man. Can't wait for her to graduate and work for a few years so I can start pumping her full of babies.

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dfc is patrician taste

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which one of you is gonna bitch first at this loli

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Why THE FUCK is she sucking off a darky? She deserves white cock.

Only gonna bitch if thats the only one

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>kindergarten uniform
Please proceed.

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I am not sure if it is the same manga, but

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also, kek

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Something new to listen to!

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Ugh, sounds like my ex.
She never learned that the reason was because I'm dysfunctional and get way more aroused by drawings rather than people.

How old was she?

I'm in a similar situation at work. I'm not married and no kids so the women in the office always want to hook me up with one of their girlfriends or some shit. I'm just not interested, I'd much rather jerk off to some hentai and loli and not worry about dating ever again.
I think I might just fake come out as gay or something.

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Sounds like you've got some issues relating to emotional intimacy. Autism? Social anxiety? Avoidant personality? I sure don't know, but it seems likely.

and this is also for you

Probably a mix of of all three. I've had gf's and long relationships in the past but I'm a total homebody these days. Dating is far more trouble than it's worth, especially since I hate eating out with other people and drinking.

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You don't want the attention of gays. Just say that you are romantically asexual

You should consider a long distance relationship. you can date in video games from the comfort of your own home, and when you see each other in person its just a fuck fest.

You're probably right. Scratch that idea. Fortunately some of them seem to be getting the idea that I'm not interested but fucking women love to play matchmaker.
Not a bad plan but I still prefer 2D at the end of the day. Vaginas are sort of nasty t.b.h. plus I'm bad at the sex.
Probably wouldn't kill me to get laid tho, it's been a few years.

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>I still prefer 2D at the end of the day.
You can date 2D loli chicks in video games

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new bread

wickr trhowfaraway420 for "loli" ;)

never meet in clearnet

wtf op