Stinky doo doo

stinky doo doo

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Hi Andy

Ca ca poo poo

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uh oh stinky

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Log light shine bright, save us from Dani Filth tonight

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Get Fucked

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Fuck off filthy streamer


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Lukewarm and sour

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Youre a faggot

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femanon here... why do log threads make me so horny I finger my pussy?

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It's simply because log threads are hot sexy shit

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yes this is correct

would you ever use a log as a dildo?

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actually yes, I have am in possession of extra large bulbous tids so I machine gun beat my vag with andy's shit logs every year at warped tour. Sometimes I put them in a condom and freeze them into fecal pussyhole missles but they still leave skidmarks on my pussy which i have because i am an femanon