You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an obese American godtard

You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an obese American godtard.

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An obese american godtard who is also black.

Any American south of the Mason-Dixon line. Oh, wait, they're the same thing.


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A tr*mp voter

A republican
oh wait


Sadly their IQ is nearly 6 points higher than the Democrat average.


where you get that from?
You should check the preformance from state to state and then compare voting lines


with socmed access.


Ha no
Go be a dumbass somewhere else

debunked by actual science 10 years ago, IQ correlates with political party but it differs between age groups, with the defining point being their teenage years and the powers at play in that time.

If you're under 30 and a conservative, you have no heart.
If you're over 30 and a liberal, you have no brain.


You have 10 seconds to name someone with more time on his hands than OP.


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An obese American atheist.

Found the fatass. Your favourite god’s fake, champ. Doesn’t exist. Exactly how stupid are you? Could you quantify it for us?

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"An Atheist is a man that considers himself an accident."

Must a terrible way to live.

t. buttmangled godtard

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Americans who talk about war and trash talk other countries and super patriotic but never served in the military and the closes action they seen was playing call of duty.

You’re an atheist too, champ. Believe in Barraiya? Lono? Venus? Are you an accident because Barraiya doesn’t really exist? Holy shit you’re a mong. But thanks for proving my point.

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fan of wwe

Found the retard who's deeply insecure about his autism yet passionate about politics

That is a very candid admission. The Dunning Kruger effect would suggest that you might be wrong about that.

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A nigger godtard?


>Barraiya? Lono? Venus?
Those are false gods so it is not the same thing.

I read that as fan of wee. Must be the German in me.

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No difference. Next.

Top keks

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A dumb neckbeard American quoting whatever his craft beer addled brain remembers Christopher Hitchens saying on Maher. Both he and the godtard ate fucking stupid

>Substitutes atheism for intelligence
>Can't prove his point with evidence but believes he's right
Dumb atheist fag. Now call me a dumb religous tard and make more assumptions without evidence.

Arguements from the preschool level of critical theological thinking.

any one whos not a dumb obese amrican godtard.

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The entire Earth works too perfectly for it all to be an accident. There has to be God to make it so. Just because certain groups may have worshipped false gods or demons are "gods" does not mean the Holy Trinity can not exist.

I've seen and heard too many unexplainable things in my life (think ghost type stuff) to ignore. If such things exist then something exists beyond our reality. If this is so, which I am convinced is so, then God has to exist. Science can not explain the things I have seen.

>an obese egyptian allah-tard

How is your anecdotal "evidence" supposed to convince anyone else? If it cannot, what is the point in even making the claim?

Also, even if ghosts and other supernatural things exist, that doesn't prove a god exists. Just because you can't explain something doesn't mean you get to insert whatever explanation you want to. That's literally the exact opposite of how the scientific method works.

Science can explain the things you've seen, you just reject its explanations. The entire earth works perfectly exactly because its not an accident, it's causal nature. I'm not saying this because I disbelieve God, I don't, I just happen to find your specific points lacking. They are however in the same vein as many of my own thoughts. For instance, Science's best guess about the universe having exactly the laws and properties needed to create life is that there are in fact an infinite number of universes and we happen to be alive in this one because its the one that could birth us. There is no evidence to support this conjecture however, it's more a hypothesis than a theory and in terms of evidence it about matches the simulation hypothesis. Of course what's neat about the simulation hypothesis is that it presumes there to be a God.

Trump supporters.

I mean, support far right beliefs all you want, but that man is an incoherent, hypocritical dumbass.

So explain this:

-hear something go thump in the next room
-take picture of the area the noise was
-see a white-ish orb with a face in it

Can't explain it, which means there is no explanation. It doesn't mean you get to pick whatever explanation you feel like. How does that picture prove a god exists?

>-hear something go thump in the next room
house settling, pressure change, infestation, hallucination
>-see a white-ish orb with a face in it
backscatter + Pareidolia

I'm no expert or anything, but these are all explanations offered by science.

Uh, user....

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Religion hinders free speech

Uh, user...

A eurocuck

Religious differences birthed free speech

>backscatter + Pareidolia
I highly doubt it. Not my photo but whatever I captured in my kitchen looked virtually the same. Look "spirit orbs"- countless people have snapped photos of them.

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Did a Democrat scale that graph? 97 is like one third of 102?

Yeah that's what backscatter looks like, countless people take picture with backscatter.


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A swede.

>t. burger

an obese american kike.

None of those have a face. How do you explain the mist-like apparition I saw in my closet when I was a kid? It looked somewhat like vape steam and then quickly vanished. This is in the 90's long before vapes (e-cigs) were invented.

All americans are garbage

Greta Thunberg

The face is explained via pareidolia. If orbs were spirits and not backscatter you'd expect to see more faces, but instead you seem them about as often as you see them in random patterns. That is to say a random pattern in that backscatter looked similar enough to a face that your brain saw it.

>How do you explain the mist-like apparition I saw in my closet when I was a kid?
>when I was a kid
That's how I explain it.
>"Children are hard-wired to learn through imaginative and pretend play, and therefore they can slip between reality and fantasy much more easily than adults," Dr Angelosante

There are other potential causes, that's just the most likely.

>The entire Earth works too perfectly for it all to be an accident
No. No it literally doesn't.
Earth does not revolve properly in a 24 hour period, doesn't orbit properly in a 365 days period, and the orbit of the moon is a complete mess as well.

A rabid islamic Yuropoor.

No. Laws not being based on religious superstition birthed free speech.
Free speech is not a god given right, it is bestowed upon you by the Grace of Napoleon, emperor of France and rightful heir to the world.

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>>"Children are hard-wired to learn through imaginative and pretend play, and therefore they can slip between reality and fantasy much more easily than adults," Dr Angelosante
That's bullshit. I know what I saw and it fucking creeped me out enough to walk out of the room. I didn't even tell anyone as to not frighten them.

Laws are used and written in trials under an oath to God. The laws regarding free speech, at least in my nation, came from a desperate bid to escape religious oppression by going to the new world. It was in order to protect religious rights that the first amendment came to pass.

The rich imagination of a child.

>That's bullshit. I know what I saw
Yes, this is how most people react. It's why I said science has an explanation, you just reject it. Truth is though, people see weird stuff for lots of uninteresting reasons, and when a child sees something like that it is given new life by fantasy. So sure, maybe there was an airborne toxin, or you wee really susceptible to electromagnetic radiation and lived under a power pole, or whatever, but I know where my money is.

The concept of free speech did not exist until Napoleon (may his grace enlighten us) willed it into being.
The use of free speech to protect (((religious freedom))) is heinous and despicable act.

I can tell you already stopped believing in your own words.

You dare question Napoleon's gift to us?

I lost.

I heard some ghost stuff a lot too growing up, I knew it was god talking to me about my destiny in world domination through rearranging my entire house to put everything in chronological order.

I take medication now

>you're eyes were wrong!
Is what you are basically claiming. I saw it, you did not. I won't keep going back and forth. Let's hear your explaination for this: Years later when I was older and was moving out of that house I went back for the final time to get the rest of my things. I went to take a shit and while sitting on the toilet I was thinking off all the years spent in the house and what have you. Then suddenly out of the blue I hear the loudest BANG! you could possibly imagine. It honestly sounded like a dozen people simultaneously pounded on the walls all at the same time. There is no explaining that. I should mention that the mist-like apparition was right after we moved into the house, perhaps even the first day there. I was getting settled in my new room when I saw it.

By gift do you mean censorship? In that case his "gifts" can be grouped into a few categories of unacceptable material which are: Talk of the Old Regime (Bourbon dynasty) and Revolution, material that may challenge his authority or the churches’, the glorification of other cultures (especially England), and the subjects of Romance.

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>I am a flawless being who could not possibly be mistaken
Sure buddy, and the Berenstein Bears changed their name in secret.

Napoleon did not bring censorship.
Napoleon brought freedom.
Don't buy into (((their))) propaganda.

>an obese American atheist


Someone triggered by said person


I can only offer you the explanation I offered myself under similar circumstances. Living in SoCal I first ruled out bangs caused by cold temperatures. I wasn't tired or falling asleep so I ruled out exploding head syndrome. That left a change of air pressure slamming a door, the furnace or water heater turning on, and expanding metal in the frame of the house due to hot weather.

Of all my poltergeist experiences this was probably the easiest to explain. The most difficult to explain would be the coffee mugs that went flying of a rack with secure hooks as I entered the room. My friends say it was the time my closet door started shaking violently but inside it was empty - they stopped spending the night after that.

I just assume people of any age are heartless idiots, it seems far more accurate.

>The most difficult to explain would be the coffee mugs that went flying of a rack with secure hooks as I entered the room. My friends say it was the time my closet door started shaking violently but inside it was empty
Yeah, there is no explaining that other than a spirit.

So you're saying a 2014 study was debunked in 2010? Interasting, you must be so smert.

>Rape victims should make the best of a bad situation
So you want to make it worse for rape victims?

Yeah, turns out not all studies are well researched - like that one. And the summary didn't even address the sample size anything along those lines, all around useless.


It's ironic when you woosh someone because they said something that went over your head. Is that what you were going for, irony?

>The entire Earth works too perfectly for it all to be an accident.
Ebola, corona, sars, Black Death, Spanish flu, childhood cancer, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, extinction-level comet strikes, tornadoes and skid marks in your undies. Shall I go on?

And, as always, which god?

> woosh

Please, you're turning me on.

fucking jews

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Yet the sun still rises each morning and Earth does not lose its orbit and end up drifting away into the galaxy offing all life on it.

that explains so much

I know right, people like who use woosh ironically on Cred Forums make me want to gag.

So a lot of things do happen, and other things don't happen, and somehow the stuff that doesn't happen is proof a magical sky fairy exists?


>There has to be God to make it so
>I've seen and heard too many unexplainable things in my life
Caveman sees lighting. God did it! Bzzzt.
Caveman catches flu. God did it! Bzzzt.
Caveman see eclipse. God did it! Bzzzt.
Etc etc etc
2020. Amerifat sees complex universe. God did it! Bzzzt.

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Back to plebbit with you

>i'm still a redditor
yes you are

Quality rejoinder, godboy. Really made me think.

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> woosh

silly face funny.

Godtards: we often hear from you that your favourite god is eternal, but also that he made the universe at a certain time in the past. This means of course that he was sitting around for centillions of millennia before he waved his magic wand. What the fuck was he doing all that time? Fapping to traps?

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Any liberal....

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trying to confuse people by adopting my wooshes


Godtards: take a look at the correlation in pic related between nignogs, sand-niggers and theism. This should trouble you.

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Eternal doesn't mean god existed for all time, it means that he will continue to exist as long as time. This means of course that there's no reason to assume there was any waiting, but moreover you should reconsider using verbs and adjectives to describe God that are usually used with people, like "sitting" - made in his image or not, we don't know if God has an ass. We are told only that God cannot be comprehended and exists beyond this universe and the bounds of time all together. As such, I'm not even sure if God has ever waited or would have a reason to.

Got any more? why are they crosses?

Same things, I guess.

>my wooshes
I'm a typical 4channer then, adopting a redditors memes. At least I don't fiend for karma or upvotes or whatever crack you kids click for.

and you're pretending to not be the redditor, too
how cute

Nah. Coz christian godtard.

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Do you really think I'm cute?


(Scrolls down to see how many people beat me to it.)

Imagine being beaten to a punchline by a godtard. For shame.

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>God did it!
>God did it!
>God did it!
>God did it!
>Etc etc etc

You were so close and yet so far.

Also if the sign in your pic wasn't written by a fag it could've simply said "oral sex".