Why Are Whites Racist? (Black American)

Why Are Whites Racist? (Black American)

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racism (and race in general) exists to solidify and reinforce power structures and norms

Race exists because of evolution, retard. Take your social justice cult back to r*ddit. You're worse than the now dead religious right ever was.

races are historically, and not biologically defined

Why are the majority of black people dumb hood niggers?

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Bad bait is bad

Why are the only racists I know black?

Same reason why blacks are racist.

just like how the continents are historically, and not geologically defined

Racism isn't just a white problem. People fucking hate each other. Some people murder family members, neighbours, former friends, lovers, etc.

Gangs can't make peace with other gangs the road over.

Tribes can't stop killing other tribes.

It's fucking naïve to think that people as a whole can ever get along with every other group of people.

We should still try to be good people, though.

Anyone who disagrees with this is a biggot

White people make progress happen. Niggers shit things up.

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if all thats true, then why should we still try to be good people? it would be completely futile

Because you people ate dumb hood niggers whose culture is limited to rap,broken english and streetwear, and before that it was tribal cannibalism,so to falsely claim youre superior you negros say that the Egyptians were black,therefore stealing their culture and further proving the stereotype of you people being thieves

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Biggot spotted

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Maybe it's reality that's racist?

I love watching niggers chimp out. It's like watching monkeys at the zoo react to phones.

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yeah so, fuck niggers

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one more, just to nail home the point

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You got the one where mother nig is standing on a baby that pukes/spills something?

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I african, my opinion is... The americans are gay, simply.

love him or hate him he speaking straight facts

Racists only get pussy from land whales and cousins

I'll take for given that you're juste naive
--> Cred Forums (or Cred Forums), among other things is a place for racists. People are not normal here, but they sound like they are because its an echo room where incels/racists/homophobics and any other kind of people who like to hate a certain group come to enrage themselves.

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>When you don't have an original thought so you copy text from a meme

Now overlay this graph with Asians and Jews so we can justify the genocide of whites.

I've never ate a black person before how do they taste?

i dont know. why are niggers dumb?

This webm pisses me off

White guy probably called him a nigger

Remember that white cheerleader who killed her baby and buried it in her backyard?

Black niggers and hispanic wet backs, fence jumping beaners are the most racist people in the world. Actually shitskin punjabs are not far off behind.

I think it's funny that you burn that flag. I served with a black guy who became one of my best friends in life. He was from Boaz Alabama. He was one of the biggest Red Neck Rebel Flag waiving You can have my Gun when you take it from my Cold Dead Fingers guy I ever met in my entire life. We would get drunk and he would actually start fight by yelling The South shall Rise Again. He died 8 years ago. Cancer. I still miss him. We bled together. He was my brother.

and remember how niggers commit 50% of violent crime despite being 13% of the population?

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white guy probably didn't, just nigs noging

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but yet conveniently ignores:

no i dont :/

>black american

there's no such thing,you are either black or your american

I have no obligation to answer your question the way you want.

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baiting fag, we could literally post anything and you'll say "not an answer" fuck off nigger

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Not only whites are.

Also there's a good perspective:

why do you keep posting this thread? whites are not racist. it's well known that everyone, even niggers, hates nigger.

Not any more or less racist than any other race. Whites are only "racist" to other races because the other races know they are completely and absolutely inferior to whites.

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>also black American
Just being real.

ahh this is the question

You should really fact-check those claims. Especially the one's taken from 'The Origins of Race'

go ahead

My point is that what some people consider racist isn't considered racist by everyone. My friend, a black man, wore the rebel flag as a badge of honor. Yet it's considered an offensive and racist flag. I'm a brown person. Should I be offended that the 5th of May is celebrated by ignorant people of every color? It's nothing to celebrate. You want to celebrate, celebrate the 16th of September. Maybe It's just a fact of life that every race has inherent bias. Asians don't like black people either, never hear them being called racist. It's a known fact that in Mexico the darker your skin, the worse you are treated. I myself in college asked a beautiful black woman to be my wife. When we went to meet her family her father slammed the door in my face and told her she would never be allowed to marry a Wetback. Only a person with no inherent bias can claim that some other race is "racist". Anyone who says different is either a race baiter or doesn't have the knowledge it takes to know better.

Because someone with an agenda and a lot of money has paid the media to reinforce the idea that the actions of white people are driven solely by hatred of minorities.

They've researched and tested it, they know that people are stupid and impressionable enough to believe it. They're called liberals.

Why is the answer always...

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>Should I be offended
Yes. Always, at all times, in every possible way.
Your ignorance of this offends me.

america was founded by whites and is a white country and its whites that made it the economic powerhouse it is today, along with cheap labor. most blacks are africans, not african americans.

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your question is a massive generalization, not a real question but a baseless accusation that doesn't warrant an answer.

in fact, your question is inherently racist

it was founded by whites who imported blacks and later chinks
plus whites hated other whites all the fucking time, no negros allowed was predated by no irish allowed

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neither is yours, idiot

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You got a full house, but you're both idiots.

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Because sometimes going against our natural tendencies, even when difficult, is what makes us human. We force ourselves to shower, wear clothes, trim and shave hair, talk to people in a way wider society than any animal ever could.

The assertion is incorrect that "whites" (implying all white people) are racist.
They do, however, benefit from a system that discriminates and facilitates abuse against racial minorities, and it's fair to call that system racist.

That should have been patently obvious. But since you clearly had to struggle to work that out, good for you.
>pats head, ushers to the short bus

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echo echo

Based historical materialist/deconstructionist


fpwp, ancestral dna proves otherwise

Hmmm so you're telling me the bourgeois whites get their labor exploited less? Whodve fucking thunk it

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Hmmm could it be that shitty material conditions and disenfranchisement starting with slavery through jim crow and extending into modern penal servitude and de facto segregation have something to do with this?

Nah it's black people's fault

Many non-blacks in America are raised in environments where ignorance is not only prominent but celebrated. Racism exists from ignorance, and many people that haven't experienced an urban lifestyle refuse to find truth.

Evidence suggests exactly the opposite. People who do not come in contact and therefore are largely ignorant of each other are the least racist to each other, while those who regularly come into contact and thus know each other are the most racist.

Speaking for myself (White American) my own racism comes from exposure to black people. If they weren't so violent and criminal I wouldn't be a racist.

Fuck are you talking about

Of course, and genotype determines phenotype, but do you realize that there are African haplogroups more genetically distinct from each other than they are from eurasians yet both of these haplogroups are considered black under the social construct of race? No because you're fucking stupid

Google the desertification of the Sahara ya dingus

Hmmmm I wonder if anti-intellectualism perpetuating itself in black communities has anything to do with the smart slaves being sent to slave breakers or outright executed

Nah its black people's fault

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This is a smooth brain take

You realize your attitude perpetuates the conditions which lead to high crime rates right? You're contributing to the problem dum dum

Cite your evidence jackass

lol you're a fucking tool.

Nice own dumbass

I wonder why all the whites in places like South Africa hate niggers. I mean they have so much exposure, they should all love them!

You are so monumentally stupid. Stop trying to make excuses and just accept reality that on average niggers be violent and dumb and there is no reason to suffer their presence.

Of course I know that. It's only your deeply embedded racism that makes you assume otherwise, because that's the one outlier in an otherwise very conclusive set of evidence.

When people are asked to identify people belonging to different races, those map to specific branches of the human family tree as our species migrated out of Africa, with remarkable accuracy.

In fact, it's bizarrely accurate, because while the various asian groups share a common ancestor, and so do the white groups, the groups are so vast and diversified that there are often more genetic similarities between say someone who is Han Chinese and someone who is English, than between two Han Chinese, or two Englishfolk. When we compare the whole genetic code, we can't group people into races by similarity.

Which suggests something very interesting. Our skill to identify people by races, and the relatively few superficial genes that determine the physical features that we unconscious associate with the different races, must be products of natural selection. There was evolutionary pressure to maintain racial characteristics and the ability to identify racial characteristics, among these huge and otherwise quite heterodox racial groups.

Africa, as you correctly identified, does not follow this pattern. They're not a distinct family group, except in the sense that includes all humans. There is more genetic diversity within and between African groups than between all of the groups that left Africa, put together. Far more.

And none of this has anything to do with the phase transition that switch the Sahara from wet to dry about 5ka.

I know that quite well. There is more genetic diversity in Africa than in the entire rest of the human species, this was an indisputable result of those ancestral dna studies.

Ignore the last paragraph, it's an editing remnant.

There's a reason every white country is thriving, and every mudskin country is a shithole of misery and despair. We don't want them polluting our thriving societies.

Probably because they're colonialists who had to spread anti-black rhetoric to justify exterminating an unindustrialized society from its ancestral land, taking its resources, and subjugating its people? Do you know what imperialism is, cupcake?

For the same reason that blacks are racist. The one thing we can all agree on is that we hate niggers.

You ask this as though you believe only whites are racist. Every race has racists. Racism comes about when people have no real identity of their own and decide that their race is their identity and their personality and that other races are encroaching on that identity.

Says the Anti-white bigot.

He should have crossed the street

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Because they don’t like chicken.

Nope upper middle class black commit violent crimes at higher rates than poor whites

>whites go to other lands in search of a better life
>equals "exterminating" the natives and taking their resources
>nonwhites go to other lands in search of a better life
>equals enriching the native people and strengthening their societies
you "cupcakes" completely lack logic, don't you?

The 5th of may was when a small Mexican force defeated a larger better equipped French force and now it's a day for drinking

There's a bit more to it of course what with tribal shit, but my keyboard's playing up and some of the keys aren't working right and it would be too much of a pain in the ass to type it all out. (Keys I have to push like 8 times to work: T,U,P,5,3)

nice b8 m8

not a answer

That desertification helped drive genetic diversity by forcing migration

So you just agreed that race doesn't apply to Africans

Obviously race applies to people who share similar phenotypes, but are you implying that this somehow validates race as a non-social construct?

These phenotypes are selected for both sexually and otherwise due to their fitness in the particular environments in which haplogroups live.

And you agree that race works better when applied to populations with lower genetic diversity. Which means it's a social construct which works better the lower the genetic diversity is, which supports the idea that it's a construct mapped on to phenotypes which are viewed as similar by outsiders.

Nice strawman dumbfuck

Last paragraph is unduly redundant, hope you get my point though

I have to disagree with that. The system cannot be racist. There is no such thing as institutional racism. To make my point. The public school system. It's always been accused of being racist. Even more so lately. Yet one of the very top public schools is in one of the poorest areas of the nation. Pharr SanJuan Alamo Independent School District. South Texas right on the border with Mexico. White people only make up at most 10% of the student body. The rest are Hispanic and other minorities. The graduate over 94% of the students. 73% go on to get a degree. No white only schools have those numbers. So where is the inherent racism in this institution?

You just argued against inherent racism in one school, not in public education overall

Great argument there. I can see why Trump won.

That's not an argument, it's an invalidation of an argument

I didn't say whatever dumb shit that reply says I did, so I dont have to say shit about it

The desertification happened about 7K years ago. Many of the African groups diverged about 700K years ago, and most of the racial groups seem fully established by 20-50K years ago. So the timing is wrong. The desert had no effect.

Race does apply to Africans, it's just they're not a natural (monophylic) group. Further research is probably needed to determine if there was selection for that within the different African lineages, or if the other races just learned to identify the other racial groups, and then had a big category for "other", or if it was something else entirely.

This isn't about phenotypes, this about the specific set of characteristics that people have to learned to associate with different races. It's closer in concept to types of display characteristics used in different animals to identify members of the same species.

Drop the social construct concept, it's distracting and wrong. There are social implications certainly, but not what that implies.

And no, I made no such claim about populations with lower genetic diversity. It's not about diversity, in fact I explicitly pointed out that genetic traits in general can't be used to identify the various races. Races are not a collection of features, you need to break away from the Victorian idea of species and races. They're family groups. If you know any cladistics, the races are monophylic clades (with the exception of blacks/Africans).

Because retarded people changed the definition to requiring systematic power, so in the USA, it can only be white people.

If we're not using the shit tier exclusionary definition, where it's just believing your race is superior, or another race is inferior, then everyone is racist. Primarily poor and uneducated people who haven't and don't travel.

Unfortunately, since a majority of African Americans are poor and uneducated due to the circumstances arranged over decades. So, their behavior becomes reminiscent of the accusations by default because it's basically a setup.

I'm not racist, but I can't stand poor and uneducated people. Ghetto people, white trash, whatever group your broke tier retards are called; you're all the same kind of fuckwit. You're also the primary groups who maintain hate between each other.

That fact is why I'm for forcibly buying them out of the condition. If you subsidize the poor, they get the fuck out of my work place, which creates more jobs. You get more parenting, more time for school, and essentially start deleting the scum at the bottom. This should also create better bottom lines for businesses, because Jamal, Jose, and Duane aren't there to fuck it up.

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they didn't change the definition
you're retarded
anyone can be racist according to the dictionary definition

That's my point. One school full of a mixing bowl of races, sexual orientations and economic backgrounds. It's not just an example that institutional racism isn't real, but the perfect example it isn't real. Your excuse of it's just one school doesn't hold water. If institutional racism was real it would effect ALL educational institutions. Especially those with higher numbers of minorities. Yet this school outscores other schools of the same size and diversity. Why? The teachers come to teach, not to regurgitate the drivel that most schools do. You cannot continue to use the words institution and people interchangeably.