It's been a long time, gentlemen. Let's have ourselves a fingerbox thread. Starting with a classic

It's been a long time, gentlemen. Let's have ourselves a fingerbox thread. Starting with a classic.

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awww man... always wanted one, shame they got banned where I live.

Is that an original AS-127??? So jealous... #want

Hurr hurrr duhh wast a fingur box??

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They were banned here in VA for a short while because those fucking gook manufacturers didn't tighten the fucking flywheels on a batch of kid friendly boxes. Soulless bastards.


I love that model but they are incredibly hard to get parts for

ITT one-month newfags clown on one-week newfags. Don't ask,'s cancer.


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Built these bad boys in my garage last week. That is pure plastilene by the way... lasts a lot longer than wood or stone

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I received one from my grandfather when I was like five. I broke the damned thing with a rock. I could fucking put a gun to my own head and kill my kid self if it meant I could get that box back. Would have been worth $$$$$$$ by now

>oh look its the "meme expert" who arrived here in 2017

your post surprised nobody

look at the shit kids are using these days, this is a fucking piece of garbage right here, fuck you zoomer assholes and your plastic piece of shit fingerboxes, you fuck up the entire field for the rest of us serious collectors

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I had a vintage mahogany A-TOP box when I was a kid. I assume it'd be worth something now but, honestly I don't know the market.

When you're all done being retarded, check out this box. McConnell Gentleman's Collection J9.

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They're doing "art installations" now for people who can't experience the real thing. #sad

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fuck you, you don't own that one. try reverse image search you lying bitch, no one owns a McConnell

>am retard
sick box Cred Forumsro


timestamp or you dont own it

Reminds me of fingerboxing with my dad when times were easier. Thanks for the nostalgia man and nice fingerboxes.

>Still using a fingerbox when toeboxes are a thing
God, how sad. Catch up with the times already,

This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

Don't engage...not a thing. Fake oldfags need to die in a fire.

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That one makes me wanna cry and I am a grown heterosexual man.

np Cred Forumsro, be well and keep on boxing

at least three lies in that sentence

Toeboxes are for hippy burnouts, you fucking weirdo

Only box I'm looking to finger is yo mamas

More like faggotbox thread, amirite?