Trap Thread

Trap Thread

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cute lingerie!

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Get it locked in chastity, you degenerate


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Those thighs are bitable. Damn

more feet

based princess

You're damn right they are ^^
My legs get plenty of exercise!

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i dont really take many pictures of my feet.

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Show that ass

You are a dude in lingerie, wanna be a trap? There's a cock cage for that.

Those are some lovely legs, would love to worship them through your nylons.

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How many honeymoons you have per month? I'd play the part and meet you at the hotel lobby as the best man.


post face/ass if possible

>You are a dude in lingerie
duhh..stating the obvious.
>wanna be a trap? There's a cock cage for that.
Does not compute.

Thank you :)

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that's a trap?

As many as i can ;)

I dont post my face online. Want to keep my anonymity.

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you're literally perfect

Very Cute

understandable, hot af

Thanks ^^

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do you have videos?


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Guess I love both thick and skinny girls.

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More of you please

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Can someone post an actual fucking trap in this thread? You can tell the difference by the caged clit

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>caged clit
uh no

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You gotta love both!

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Hi, i'm Ari
Some OC from right now

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i think spider is a cute trap!

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I think I like the spider boy now... he's grown on me, and that cute button face of his is so squishable. I wish he'd curse me v__v

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I think it's a girl

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he's a boy! spider has said it himself.

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I wonder how you look in boymode. You ever flirt or give any clues about this side of yours in public? I wonder if I'm missing some tight booty trap IRL.

Can you stop posting threads with you fucking boring pics please

Serious there are boring af

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Will you lose your virginity before corona virus wipes your country?

ayy, its that JReg guy..

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If I had shoulders that narrow I'd kill myself or transition.

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More please


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No one has any idea in public about this stuff. Never give the indication either. The search for boi pussy is elusive

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What are you doing with all that roadkill on top of you pretty boi?


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I'm not virgin sir, just very very tight

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That's not roadkill, that's the hide of one of my best friends. I lost him when he was only 3 :( his heart failed. We had a bet together, if he died first Id keep his hide, and if I died first he gets to eat me

unfortunately I won the bet, so he keeps me warm on my adventures

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sideways ..
>ywn sleep next to a wood elf boy in his hideaway

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Would you take my virginity?

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Damn, thats hot. I can imagine you dragging me by my foot long dong, taking me there and making a mess together. We can cover your friends eyes so you feel comfortable.

Jesus christ you're cute

shit that's hot

>tfw user belongs to one of the most promiscuous demographics in human history but still manages to be a kissless wizard

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so fucking hot

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You ever hook up with men?

;* thanks hun

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Sure things sir :3 would be nice taking it

Thank you!

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Not him but I can't be bothered to go to anime cons and cringy shit like that. Still crave boypussy

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The way your garterbelt is barely holding is so fucking hot.

thank you for posting

That's a lot of dong... my preferred is like 5" tbh :)
there's no rush! I turn down 99% of people that are interested in me because I'm picky af and also afraid of people (??)

why... thank you! I feel most at home barefoot among the trees

Lol, that's the hunting ground for them, user. it's only cringe if you're immature as a person and can't understand how to have fun

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>Sure things sir :3 would be nice taking it

So, no need for rubber right?

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No but ive thought about it. I imagine itd be a great time
Im a little thicc thats all

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i've always wanted to fuck in the woods, i bet it's so good

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omg yes it would be a great time

Kik: bootypillowo

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Ever been fucked in the woods by an orc?

>Lol, that's the hunting ground for them, user. it's only cringe if you're immature as a person and can't understand how to have fun

I know, sometimes I'm immature and then I take myself too seriously. I just don't know anymore.

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You welcome baby
What would you wanna do with me?

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>What would you wanna do with me?
Take you by force and have unprotected anal sex.

I'm 6 and a little bit! If I ever fucked you would I have to spare you the last inch?

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kiss you all over, suck you all over..


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it is :D
it feels very... right. very perfect, very human. maybe even a little bit non-human

It's okay to let go of others judgement, user. there will always be people who disagree with what you do, so you might as well enjoy what you want to enjoy. I love cosplay and conventions and festivals and stuff. it's so great having all these people come together. I always meet really great folk, and sometimes even life long friends. I see the same people at the same events 10 years later and we always hang out, get wacky together, snuggle, get drunk in onesies, attend hentai game show panels or go dance

Why would you... not enjoy life? There's so much to do, and all that stands in our way is ourself

I have not fucked an orc in the woods, but I almost did! See, I have this.. curse.. gift.. thingy... people tell me this, and then I began to notice it for myself. I have a way with opening people up without really intending to, so instead of sex with this orc (yes he was painted green and wore bone and leather I'm not kidding at all) we got to our underwear and then he started crying about his grandpa and he never had a chance to fully express those emotions and they had been buried for years and I accidently released them so we cried together and I pet his head and we shared whiskey until the early hours :)

it was a very nice moment

yes very likely :( I'm a small person and I can't fit that much in there, and I've tried on most of the strongest aphrodisiacs known to mankind and things just don't really go past 5 without discomfort and pain

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i want you

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here's some screenshots! you can also ask him if you'd like, he's said it a few times on twitter...
join the spider cult!

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Thanks a lot.

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i forgot to post the link, oops! silly me

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Pretty awesome OP! Thanks for sharing!

Came for a fap, got to see some Hitler. Pretty based.

If a trap is under 18 and you have a picture of their tits, is that cp ??

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3 words many wish to hear
I think I already have :) there's so few cute boys who have a "style" outside of "uwu clothes" and omocat shirts (not dissing, I own 3)

I have the whole elf/hippy retard vibe going on, and spiderboy is soooo adorably spooky. I love the thematic nature of his content.. Makes me wanna start creating content seriously again..

But of course user!

this was my cosplay this last year, Cooro from +Anima! My aunt helped me sew it together since she's a wizard

It's ok to live

only if the content is of a sexualized nature. There's photos of nude children on Google but it's in the context of humans simply existing naked, not of a sexual nature (even though most Western folk think nudity = sex...)

So, if they're swimming or just casually shirtless it's legal. if theyre posing/dressed up its illegal.

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Hey gorgeous, how you feeling today?

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I'll be the judge of how tight you are

Attached: 578B6B18-DF3C-46FB-B7C6-79453C48A03D.jpg (1024x684, 84K)

Trap that's been sucking me off recently

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Danke for another amazing thread, fruits. I'll be seeing you around.

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Hello :3

Good, you?

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i want to see this as you sit in my lap


Show ass

>preaching semantics to perverts

Okay :3

Sitting on a lap sounds nice :)

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Lemme see that naked butt

i'd hold you so close all night

hey :P

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hey there. show butte

kik or snap?

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hows the view? x

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thread seems pretty dead?

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No problemo amigo

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idk about you but I think it would be epic of someone posted a vid of them spanking their ass and moaning?????

Please post a pic of you spreading your bussy

I wants

where u from? and u have snapchat or kik?

>Tfw no cute cd/trap to frot with.

Fuck, that's my secret kink

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i just wanna bury my face in there

so girly.

oooof skinny pale tum. just wanna kiss it

Oh damn didn't noticce I was replied to. Playing WoW.

I don't have any like that actually but here's one that's a bit closer up from the same day.

Attached: IMG_0625.jpg (4032x3024, 1.86M)

Next step beyond is to find a cd/trap to share a fleshlight and cum together. Still have to find one though. There seems to only be prostitutes in vegas though. They all want a donation. Can't find one for fun.

>share a fleshlight and cum together

Feels good oc

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Oh damn all that cake

But he has a bulgey wulgey, uwu.

This might go well with cake...

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Beautiful legs

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