Nachdem die AFD in Thüringen den FDP Mann Kemmerich mit zum Ministerpräsidenten wählte und damit Ramelow verhindert...

Nachdem die AFD in Thüringen den FDP Mann Kemmerich mit zum Ministerpräsidenten wählte und damit Ramelow verhindert hat, rufen die Linken, die SPD und die Grünen nach Rücktritt und Neuwahlen, denn kein Ministerpräsident dürfe mit Stimmen der AFD gewählt werden.

Mal angenommen, die AFD hätte geschlossen für Ramelow gestimmt, würden sie das gleiche fordern?

Über 23% der Wähler unter dem Deckmantel des Demokratieschutzes mundtot zu machen ist ja alles andere als demokratisch.

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i cant read hitler


Ja dann Wählen wir halt so lange bis das Ergebnis der Mutti in Berlin passt. Das kann auch nach hinten losgehen.

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Bruh my german is shit, speak english

Right wingers help getting center prime minister elected, blocking leftist favorite.
Leftists call for new election, saying no prime minister can be in office with support of the right wing.

Question is if they would demand the same if their favorite would have been elected with right wing support.

who cares?
AfD is controlled opposition anyway.

I mean finally something happening at least. If anything this will help the people see the hypocrisy in this. Also im a eu foreigner and a afd fan

...treten dann in zukunft alle spd und cdu kandidaten auch zurück wenn sie stimmen von der afd bekommen?

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Yes but closest thing we got. I would prefer a revolution. Other then that we can wait until we are a minority and then people will wake up. But do you really wanna wait that late?

>until we are a minority
that is gonna happen anyway (look up the statistics). doesnt matter who you vote for.

Surely they cant overturn the decision? Has it been overturned? Confused desu

Boogaloo is still an option

So geht Rücktritt
>Kemmerichs Familie benötigt Schutz vom LKA
Die Familie von Thomas Kemmerich muss von der Polizei geschützt werden. Nach RTL/ntv-Informationen erarbeitet das LKA derzeit ein Sicherheitskonzept für die Familie. Kemmerichs Kinder sollen teilweise unter Begleitschutz in der Schule gewesen sein.
Das neue Demokratieverständnis. Finis Germania.

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am Ende bleibt nur noch die AfD übrig

>an option
inevitable by now

democracy has given in to terrorism.

not really, (((they))) would subvert that movement and place their own guy at the top.
then the same game continues.
if only you knew how bad things really are...

The governor caved to Berlin and announced he'll dissolve the local parliament to force a new election

The CDU can force a new election by withdrawing their support for the current FDP guy

>its only democracy when we win
yeah i've seen that one before

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Oh i see, so what happens now?

Magic Mike is actually still holding out against party pressure and has stated they want to avoid a new election, unlike the FDP. They know they'll get shredded by the AFD

You're just blackpilled. It doesn't help the movement

The leftist kikes were seeeeething:

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New elections, probably more votes to AFD and Die Linke, with FDP or CDU supporting the Die Linke candidate. But the damage is done, now the AFD will be seen as kingmakers more and more and the other parties will be seen for having few differences since theyll join together to stop the AFD

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Seems like its a bit of a watershed moment if im understanding it correctly.

Wie fühlt es sich an Weissbube???

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of course it is. salvini also. all of them

>cant read Hitler


of course it is. salvini also. all of them.

all of them for the last 200+ years or so.

>It's Cred Forums faggots coming to Cred Forums because of happening but are so used to their little safe spaces that they ignore the rules of the board
Speak English you cunt, besides germans other people are also interested in German politics.

Tja, so ist das wenn man ein nazi ist. Man ist verdammt dazu auf der Verlierer Seite zu sein. Deutschland oder sagen wir lieber multikultiland, denn in 2020 noch Deutschland zu benutzen ist abgrenzend gegenüber den ausländischen Bürgerinnen und Bürger, wird ein Land von Toleranz und Freiheit sein und ihr nazis könnt nur noch zusehen.


Giving some faggot the power to speak in your name, makes you a KEKED FAGGOT.
If you don't want to be a cucked faggot, DON'T FUCKING VOTE, fucking faggots.

The moment participation in this political system is lower than 50% is the moment we can start change shit. If you don't vote, you automatically vote for yourself. If you don't vote for yourself you are a fucking ETERNAL FAGGOT and you should kys as fast as possible.

how the fuck do we get over it? how? it does not mean im giving up, even if im the last one

it is, since it was a democratic process untill now. Now it is pure might is right, that forced the FPD dude to step down by his own party heads the raging (((media))) and the Antifa-Fags giving him and his family death threads.

He couldn't stand the heat for even one day. Fucking FDP cock.

FDP is neoliberal
i highly doubt any "progressive" votes for them
death to the capital and all that

I think so, and i think thats why all the news outlets are fucking seething regardless of the fact the chancellor is demanding a revote on a vote that didnt give her the preferred outcome

Last results were:
31,0% Linke
23,4% AfD
21,7% CDU
8,2% SPD
5,2% Grüne
5,0% FDP
5,5% Sonst.

FDP would get kicked out, probably Greens too if voters move to Linke. SPD is dissolving anyway and will fail the 5%

So it will be Linke, AFD and CDU.

CDU and Linke have said many times they will never cooperate
AFD and Linke, the same.
AFD and CDU would like to, but they can't

The vast majority of progressives are neo-libs though. Die Grüne is also a neo-lib party at heart

I never said they did

just wait for arabs to live in ns-thuringia, millions would gangbang kemmerich's children

I like your attitude user but i hope you are not an monarchy fag.

it does not matter pirate shill its all controled oposition we get it

>Leaving out extreme leftist party in faggot list

I imagine rigging the vote is way harder in thuringen then in the west so it will be intressting.

dont know bro
it seems impossible because how deep they are entrenched everywhere.

>every political movement is owned and run by them
>every government agency is run by them
>they control the media in every country
>they control science and research in every country
>they control every currency, even crypto currencies and rig all markets
>they already own everything
>they also control every intelligence agency

what can one person realistically even do?
I thought maybe nature could sort it out, an asteroid or a volcano or something but they also own secret bunkers all over the world so they would still survive that reset.
shit is absolutely fucked.

>"Alternative für Deutschland"
>We would like to cooperate with the status quo.
>New Name: "Für Deutschland"

>Mal angenommen, die AFD hätte geschlossen für Ramelow gestimmt, würden sie das gleiche fordern?
Nein, sie könnten ja dann einfach sagen, dass die AfD für die Wahl nicht benötigt wurde und die ganze Sache damit unterm Strich keinen Unterschied gemacht hätte

>extreme leftist party
I seriously hope you're not refering to Die Linke here. They're just another bunch of idpol turbofags

im hoping this corona shit might give us something to work on it. i dont think they did consider it and the mega crisis than might result from it

Sorry I don't have them all every second in my brain. Most of the time I try to forget about the political situation in this fucked up shithole. But yeah you are absolutely right:
Die Linke are SCUMTARD FAGGOTS and maybe be biggest isreali shills in the whole of the german parlament.

anyways, if you retard would have some reading comprehension I said DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE. This ofc includes Die Linke like every small shitty party, which could ever pop up. because on their way to the sun they will get fucking BURNED BY DESIGN. You can't have a real opposition with political power playing by the rules of the system because said rules forbid a real opposition to said system BY FUCKING DESIGN.

So what's your solution then? The only thing that can be done is waiting and preparing for the collapse and then violently take over the government with the help of the Bundeswehr and Polizei (the part that wasn't negrofied by then). That's the only option I see

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nope. fuck kings. kill them all.

if anything they are champagne socialists ala Chebli and Cortez

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great things might come come from even a single person. dont underestimate the white power. they are afraid, dont forget, it wouldnt make sense for them to shill so hard this place


>i cant read hitler

epic fail

on the other hand it's quite useful for them if we think they are afraid.
it's a winning move. first let your enemy assume he already won. if he believes it, he will act that way and if he acts that way you can give him a super effective final blow. he will not even know what happend since he felt he already stood on the winning side of the battle, never ever having a real change to begin with.


Not anymore

noo it's not nice. I tell you there is a real possibility we are being baited into our own final blow... and the worst thing about this is, they do this shit ALL the fucking time.

its a good ideea but i dont think we stand on the winning side of the battle. its not over yet

Asozialer Kanacke

As long as democracy is intact in the slightest, the AfD will only profit. Once the leftist army of baindeads turns even more totalitarian, every citizen has the right to resist.

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baited? baited with what? for now i dont think we have any chance, really, too many npcs

go fuck a goat, mohammed.

Imagine bowing down to some incestoid retard in a pyjama. Monarchycucks are beyond pathetic.

Fuck does it say ? I don't read turkish.

Come on Kameraden, get in a revolution mood. Bierputsch when?

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I will tell you if you promise to send some more sexy prostitutes over here.

y sry bro, don't know why, just got the vibes you could think we are super ahead because "muh semitism rising" or some other shit.
it's important at least some of us stay realistic, understand that we are losing and are doing their research in the why and how we can change that... it's our only hope :/

fist bump

I wouldn't do that if I were you, cheese-user, corona would become your last biological worry, at the degenerate atheistic rate around 'ere.

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Afd Alternative für Deutschland = Another "right wing" party for Israhell

if you only knew how Jewish things really are

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I want to shake your hand good user.

I do Not Understand...YOU want the RED ARMY back in BERLIN raping your women??

Gtfo of my country, turkroach

I can easily see the CDU cooperating with the rebranded SED at this point.

> Hurr durr, we know they are funding AntiFa and shit but the alternative was to cooperate with the dreaded hardcore-extremist-super-rightwing-Nazis-who-built-Dachau-and-murdered-6million-Jews-10million-of-then-children so have to do this for democracy.

Sawsan Chebli sounds like the name of a Levantine dish including pita bread and meatballs made from minced lamb.

alles was noch fehlt zum Glück im Leben ist Freiheit

she is filing reports daily because she gets destroyed on twitter

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Das Gespenst der Freiheit.

you have to go back, nafri.

wtf happened? didn't pay attention

why move it to Cred Forums and not Cred Forums

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Why the fuck was this moved to Cred Forums ? It's politics.

fuck you jannies

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Non-Burger politics = Cred Forums?
Fuck this shit