Still impeached

Still impeached

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Still crying..... You little faggots are going to cry another 4 years. KAG

Oh, so you mean someone else than is the President?

Still impeached.

Going to be expunged when the house gets taken back.

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So what?

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Still acquitted.

No point arguing with the libtards. Only positive thing is natural selection will wipe em out

Still impeached.

Loser democrats are going to fade into history as a failed party

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Yep. 50 years from now, Trump will only be remembered as one of the presidents who got impeached, in either history class or a trivia contest.

17:7 For so it was, that the children of Israel had sinned against the LORD their God, which had brought them up out of the land of Egypt, from under the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and had feared other gods,

17:8 And walked in the statutes of the heathen, whom the LORD cast out from before the children of Israel, and of the kings of Israel, which they had made.

17:9 And the children of Israel did secretly those things that were not right against the LORD their God, and they built them high places in all their cities, from the tower of the watchmen to the fenced city..

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Still triggered by post on Cred Forums

Hey, whatever makes you feel better about yourself bud :)

Still 12 more fucking years thanks to that assholes.

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>Still impeached.

Means nothing, since you're going to melt down Nov 3rd. You can't keep having hissy fits about orange man bad for another 5 years.


Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

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So dumb, impeachment literally just means "to question integrity". Everyone saying trump or any president is impeached like it's a bad thing is an idiot. If i accuse you of jacking off to furry porn, congratulations, you've been impeached. Does it matter? Fuck no

>Still impeached
>Still your president
Also correct.


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>”Still impeached”
As if being impeached means anything in 2020 TOP KEK
How about: Still your president

NOT TO MENTION: that when republicans take the House, Donald trump will be re-peached

But did I admit to being a furry on the White House's lawn?

>Donald trump will be re-peached
Will that involve Ivanka?

I'm going to assume you did.

>implying they won't just make him king

What if I did it on camera, then called the footage fake news?

Still acquitted, nigger.

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Still your president asshole

Depends, did you wash your fursuit in a mix of bleach and ammonia?

Idk probably you faggot

he is not impeached because the house never voted to hold an impeachment inquiry

The smell of vodka is strong in this thread. Tracksuits don't know shit about american politics.

I think the cumstain dress should go in the Smithsonian

50 years from now,no one will give shit about you.

Still impeached

Still impeached

Still impeached

Your still a faggot

Still impeached

Still impeached

Still impeached

Now stick your fingers in your ears and hum. Everyone knows if you don't hear the impeachment it didn't happen.

Still impeached

>how a sperg copes about orange man bad

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Acquittal doesnt undo impeachment.

I don't think you understand what the word means, Timmy. Still your president asshole

And still acquitted dumbass

I'm still getting a blowjob tonight so wtf do I care?

Stomp your feet and screech. It does nothing still your president

>republicans claim to support small government
>republicans also support a wanna be dictator
Cognitive dissonance, folks.

Wow this is legit madness, how can you let trump bury so deep inside your head?

Still impeached

>Still impeached
But with a big fucking asterisk next to it that says "Impeached by moronic faggots but acquitted by loyal Americans."

That's like saying that being arrested, indicted, and then found not guilty at trial and released as free as a bird doesn't undo the indictment.

Which is true in some technical sense, but completely, utterly irrelevant.

Still impeached

Thanks for watering down the term. This is like every stupid liberal who claims they were raped because they had unwanted physical contact with the opposite sex.

Still Impeached

Still impeached

Still impeached

Still impeached

Still impeached

>loyal Americans
That's a funny way to spell "Russian assets".

Yeah, acquitted by a jury of people Trump controls .
So long “checks and balances”, so long “rule of law”, .

I heard they’re planning to overhaul the entire criminal court system so as to stop allowing evidence and witnesses be allowed during a trial, as all it does is make people look guilty when they have committed a crime.

Could someone remind me, is Trump still impeached?

He was acquitted

You know when you’re so innocent that you need to block witnesses from giving testimony, because of how innocent they’ll make you look.
THAT innocent

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”

“In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money."

This thread is giving me aids. Is it one guy doing all of these replies or are multiple people this autistic?

The democrats said their case was already complete and ironclad, why would they need to call additional witnesses? The whole thing started as a partisian witch hunt, I'm glad the republican senators finally grew some balls and just ended this charade as fast as possible

Still impeached

>would they need to call additional witnesses?
I mean sure. Provided you ignore the evidence and block the witnesses - he looks completely innocent .
Do you even know how to play sharades?

Republitards are the ones who eschewed the rule of law in favor of partisan interests.
They’re done

Oh yeah, definitely still impeached...

BUT... still running this country like a fucking BOSS!!

Hahahaha 4 more years ya tards!!!

b.b..bbbbbut he was still impeached reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Still impeached

Still impeached

you tell him, now stick your fingers in your ears so you don't hear the word acquittal or tyrone railing your love upstairs in your bed

What was he impeached for?

Still impeached

big mad

thats what i said you nazi

4 More years.

for being impeached asshole

There was no crime being alleged in both articles of impeachment, and there is nothing in the law that says the senate must have witnesses. You can not agree with their decision but how are you coming to the conclusion that they eschewed the rule of law?

yup, and he didn't even have the whitewater scandal or current sexual assault charges.

For being hated by the dems. They care more about hating trump than they care about American or it's own citizens, sad.

what happened after that? oh yeah lol

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Still Impeached

Still Impeached

Still impeached


Still impeached

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Still impeached

Still Impeached

Still impeached

Occam's razor favors the 1 autist hypothesis

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or you.

Turns out o or two words needed to trigger a trumptard.

Still Impeached.

I shall be using this moving forward

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Still impeached

Still Impeached

try to do it with just a picture , its way funnier

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Still impeached

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Still impeached

Still impeached

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With Trump's support of Israel, there is NO CHANCE of getting him out of there.

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So what.
Obama got impeached too and the Dems lied about it

Every president gets impeached now

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I'm looking forward to when he wins reelection and takes back the House. The House can actually expunge impeachment with a simple majority too so libtards can't even cling to this lol

She ripped up a piece of paper.
Get over it faggot.
It’s not like she ripped off a children’s or veterans charity.

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Still impeached

>but we need to get rid of the electoral college even though we've never hated it until now.
God I hate the lefties
trump 2020

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triggered by a picture lol

Still impeached

these are great, continue

triggered by a picture lol

Imagine being so triggered as to have a prepared folder just in case a lib is critical of your Cucklord.

Republitards are the eternal bootlickers...if there’s no ones boots to lick, they’ll FIND some boots to lick

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All Hail Trump

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Says the guy, triggered by a picture

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and Obama was yours

As opposed to replying to every post with still impeached?

>impeach definition
>"charge (the holder of a public office) with misconduct."
Dems are using the word "impeached" like fucking children. It doesn't mean he's fully kicked out of office.

Trump is still your president. He was just charged with bullshit claims.

Still impeached

Hail Lord Trump

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The right can’t meme

you sound a little upset lol

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Still impeached

Still impeached

nah, not impeached

Indeed he was. Thank you for pointing out facts. yay

Still your President

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Still impeached.

I would say the same about you .
Turns out we’re both just bored trolls and neither cares about the the other .

I bet if we were in a bar, we’d be making out right now

They think its funny, everyone knows the left can't meme though, cause anything funny is offensive and we can't offend the tranny's

Still impeached

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Still impeache
Obama I mean

Still impeached

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It is literally this easy to trigger a trumptard

“ Still impeached”


Look at them seething

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triggered by a picture, wow the right can meme lol

obama sucked. before obama there was no BLM bullshit, no men in the women's room.

If we posting these reddit style memes here’s mine.

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Still impeached

He’s hella peached bro

>additional witnesses
There were 0 witnesses called, there is no "additional".

Still impeached

This has to be one guy posting every reply right? I can't actually fathom that multiple people are this delusional

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>triggered by two words
>wow the right can’t meme
Still impeached

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it's amazing how often trumptards try to assert "trump is your president" but loose there minds when you remind them that by the same logic, Obama was their president as well. Some understand that, but most do not.

Still impeached

were you just triggered by a picture? wow, nobody even said anything

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Still impeached

Obama I mean

Or did you libtards forget when Obama got impeached too?

Claims he later admitted were true on the White House front lawn. And then again via Mulvaney.

Still impeached

is it a woman or a man? Bob seger was far ahead of his time...

>Still impeache
not possible, that only works for sitting presidents. It's just normal crime investigations and trials after they leave office.

ITT: Autist trump supporters who seem to think calling everyone with a 5th grade education "liberals" is an argument.

Its not even about basic knowledge, trump supporters are literally just pic related. May as well round them up and gas them.

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If Reply = triggered
Then why did you reply?

he even said the claims were true? how can he keep getting away with this!!!

>Or did you libtards forget when Obama got impeached too?
trying to revise history?

No retard lib faggot
When Obama got impeached .

Or are you so mentally delusional that your faggot brain forgot?

Not sure If i could hold back obvious laughter if that man (don't really care what he identifies as) was talking in front of me

Zeig Hiel Brother

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>bbbbb but Obama didn’t get impeached
Are you faggot libs literally this retarded on purpose or are you just retarded as a species?

Obama didn't get impeached? The fuck are you smoking. The salty republicans were trying to get the house to rally behind the fast and furious incident but they couldn't get bipartisan support so they didn't send it over to the senate. Unlike a certain House led by Nancy Pelosy...


When did Obama get impeached ?

"remember when obama got impeached too!! it really happened!!"

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Still your president.

>May as well round them up and gas them.
I'd like to see you try.

Obama still got impeached tho faggot
Or did you lib faggots forget already ?

Someone on twitter probably said that Obama got impeached, but then every news site in history forgot about it when they have been so clearly pushing that Trump is the third President to get impeached. People don't use logic sometimes

Still your president.

to be labeled as "impeached" you need at least 50% of the house of representatives to vote for that. which never happened. Just the call to impeach doesn't count.

Are you honestly this much a faggot retard.
Obama got impeached and the Dems lies about it...look it up

I know you're playing dumb on purpose, but look at how full of trump cock the mouths of the Senate majority is. All it took was for them to look the other way. As dear leader himself said, he could shoot a man dead on fifth and get away with it. His cult will approve.

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>When Obama got impeached
I remember that, it happened sometime between the time Big Bird shat on Times Square and Bigfoot pissed in your cereal.

Hold of a trump rally , close the doors and turn on the ovens

Still impeached

When being not impeached is also somehow a sign of strength for americans, is classic time for Sun Tzu Nukey to suddenly hit america with your guards down.

Obama was never impeached, you twit. Bill Clinton was.

Still impeached

wabbit season


Libtards are literally this retarded.

Just stick your fingers in your ears and go lalalala and pretend it never happened

>>still impeached
Until Republicans take back house and expunge trumps record.

>being this much of a faggot libtard
Is that what your MSM news told you to believe ?

What a cuck

For an actual crime mind you. I don't agree with the start of the process but Clinton was a dumbass for perjuring himself

no, he wasn't. not enough votes in the house to get that label. does not meat the minimum requirements. Clinton was tho.


>president does criminal shit
lEtS PuT iT uP To A vOTe gUYs
almost 50/50 vote
you muricans actually think you live in a free and democratic country hahahahaha

So I’m the guy replying to everything with “ Still impeached”
I’m sorry I didn’t have time to read any of your replies or look at the pics you posted ... it’s because “ Still impeached”

This ones for (you)

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We don't live in a democracy, we live in a Republic. Go to bed Europoor.

He was, technically. Which will always be a mark on his presidency. Just didn't get to the point of removal from office.

this, a thousand times this. Not only was Obama impeached, he was removed from office in 2016 but no libtard seem to remember that either.

and they just tried to impeach Trump and failed miserably!

at least Clinton got a blowjob.

Still impeached

they just aquitted him you moran, he'd officially unimpeached! SUCK IT!

Yeah but he still has to go home to that ghastly woman

And trump delivered on his promise to “lock him up “
Just another reason to vote for him come November

>grey woman bad
Imagine still being triggered by Shillary in 2020.

are you saying Trump wasn't impeached?

This has been the most cringe worthy undercover libtard bait I've seen in a long time

Dinkin flicka

she was pretty hot back in the day

jidf fuck off

It was more of a stance of empathy that Bill has to go home to that T-Rex, not triggered by her at all lol she gave us a super enjoyable 4 years

trump was impeached.

now hes just truly just like bill clinton.

except not as wealthy.

Unironically so was Nancy Pelosi, just a long, long time ago

Fucking libtard. Just because you honestly don't want to admit Obama was impeached and successfully removed.

Yes she was! A Loli whore that the capitalistic elite bought.

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no, we're talking about Obama. unless that other user is a complete retard.

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Clinton is worth like 3% of what Trump is

still minimized

what? are you delusional?

try to find any source for that ...

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I'm at a loss with you my guy. Are you off your meds? Do you need a friend or something? No one believes you and you are clearly a Trump hater

>Unironically so was Nancy Pelosi
just checked.. damn, you right.. she was a dish.
go away, weirdo.

Still President, bud ;)

not him, but yes I am. What was the question?

under that logic, no president has ever been impeached then. but under the standard usage of the word, Trump was impeached by the House of Reps, and then acquitted by the senate, but is still considered impeached, just like clinton.

Obama was removed from office in 2016, you fucking moran.

fuck off lol.. as if The House of Republicans would ever impeach Trump. You're trying too hard, shitlib.

Yeah, but trump at least understands “the little guy” and isn’t an elitist like Clinton

Still impeached

he was still president until early 2017

Still impeached

christ.. read up a little, will you. He was removed from office late 2016, and it was effectuated early 2017 -shit like that ain't just an overnight overture.

quit moving the goal posts.

correct, Obama is still impeached.

Exactly .
Libtards are too deluded to admit it


we should consider impeaching the libtards

He will always, always be impeached. Doesn't matter what the Repubtards did. And you know it, so shut your fucking hole.

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you have no idea what trump is worth he wont disclose his taxes. because trump in hock up to his toupee to russian gangsters.

>> you fucking moran.
Nice self-own, shit for brains.

house of representatives.
now I know you're just trolling. or a complete retard. or both?

troll harder, you'll be convincing someday.

This is a pretty desperate reimagining of history in order to try and normalise Trumps impeachment .
Republicans needed to close ranks , ignore evidence and prevent witness testimony in order to be able to ‘aquit’ .
This is the opposite of the oath of impartiality they took.

All the acquittal has done, far from exonerate Trump, is to tar the entire party with Trumps corruption thanks to their complicity in it.
Republicans are done now, I can’t see how they can recover from this.

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trump born to rich dad isnt elitest?

clinton born in a trailer like your mom is?

trumpie logik

nice attempt at qouting, shitlib, Obama was impeached and removed, nuffin your libshit ass can do or say about it.

delete your account.

Still your Retard!

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>still impeached
still your president.

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The spindoctoring in this post has reached extreme levels

This kills the republitards, it really kills them because it's a fact and they can't do anything about it but screech!

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The elites hate Trump. Moran

>house of representatives
what are you, some kinda twit? Don't you know about The House Republicans?
fucking get a brain, moran.

So what? That's like a guy starting a fistfight, losing, and then telling the other guy that he'll never be unpunched. He still won the fight, and that's all that matters.

It's like a broken record, why do you want to see his taxes so bad? He has so many assets that you would need to be a CPA and a good one at that to understand anything that is happening. Do you think the IRS doesn't audit and review every billionaires taxes every year to make sure nothing is out of order? Do you think that suddenly something linking him to the mob or another country is suddenly going to come to the lime light if he released his taxes?

seethe more niggerlib

We'll have the senate supreme court and and the house its gonna be great dems dug their own graves

>trump born to rich dad isnt elitest?
of course not, only rich liberals are elite -rich conservatives are our friends, they like us and take care of us.

I know what a moron is. (you) What the fuck is a moran?

I'm pretty sure that only one of them were impeached.

>still your president.
stil impeached

meant to reply to

Still your president, and will be again come his re-election. Go cry some more, it gives me satisfaction

Nixon wasn't impeached, he stepped down before they could run it through the senate.
Clinton and Trump were both impeached.

> lose the game
> “your team got more yellow cards”


idunno bout your yuropoor ass but I speak American

The made carter give up his peanut farm because they were scared of conflict of interests.

Why, given that ever president before trump gave up their tax returns without any issues, is trump so doggedly resistant to releasing them ?
It begs the obvious question, “what has he got to hide?”
The more he refuses to release, the more interested I am in seeing them ...the Streisand effect

Pussy ass faggot.

Still impeached

>He still won the fight, and that's all that matters.
Bill Clinton agrees and approves this message.

>implying our pathetically underfunded IRS can actually litigate billionaires anymore
That's why they go after the little fish. Much easier to real in, the majority won't give much of a fight.

It doesnt matter this fool could get caught fucking a donkey and INBREEDS would still support him , you see guys that's what happends when u support Israel ALL the way ...
I'm thinking about joining that club have my skin cut and MY DICK SUCKED BY A RABBI

*found not guilty by his own party without presenting any witnesses


Again, the IRS goes over everyone's taxes, it's not like by making them public we are going to get new information. Like stated earlier, unless you are a CPA, you are too stupid to understand taxes on the scale of a billionaire.

What do I care about Bill Clinton? The man's been out of office for 19 years.

doesn't matter what you care about, he was still aquitted.

Yes. And?

Ok. And?

The House had 18 witnesses, close to 30,000 pages of documents, and nearly 200 hours of video testimony. They even said they'd proven their case. What more could they have needed in the Senate trial?

But the American public can? Literally no reason to invade a private citizens privacy to start the inevitable witch hunt of everything little thing that could be in his taxes, but is most likely not

Cool story

nobody cares, it's up to Bernie now

>IRS goes over everyone's taxes,
And lots of tax avoidance is entirely legal, but still morally reprehensible or an indication of extreme hypocrisy when at odds with their public statements .
That kind of thing could destroy a persons political career.
Couldn’t it

But let's ignore the fact that

1) Trump promised to release his tax returns and never has

2) He claimed that he couldn't because they were under audit (except an audit doesn't prevent you from releasing the returns AND the IRS itself said he was NOT under an audit at any point)

3) He purposely defunded the IRS so they couldn't look into his taxes even if they wanted to

4) By law, Congress has complete and utter authority to obtain any tax records they want, period, plain as day. And Trump is dragging that case out in court still for the past year and a half.

Do you not see a problem with any of this?

>What more could they have needed in the senate trial?
Impartial jurors.

Libtards have NO idea the meaning of the word "impeached". All it means is that SOME members of Congress "called into question the integrity or validity of President Trumps actions which warranted further investigation." Guess what, it has no criminal meaning you fucktards. The Senate didn't find him guilty of anything. Any president can be impeached. It doesn't mean shit without a conviction. It's like me calling someone a thief or a liar. Without proof, it doesn't mean anything.

How would I know if they were being impartial?

Still impeached

Remind me.
Is trump impeached still?

Well, when the jurors, prior to any decision making , have publicly stated that will work in tandem with the acccused - impartiality is pretty much an impossibility

Your a rapist and a murderer. Now I'm going to try and convict you. Because I said you were.

and h is still impeached.

Normally you wouldn't, except in this case a few of them bragged to news outlets before the trial that they would not be impartial. Hard to play "what if" when they weren't even being secretive.

You are a sexual predator. Because I said you were. Now, ready for your trial? If true, you'll go to jail. If not, you'll be acquitted. But you will always be thought of as a sexual predator because I accused you of it. See where this is going?

lemme just check...


yep, still impeached.

nice, but do you know what Trump is?

*drum roll*

he is still impeached.

There's more than a few people there, so that doesn't exactly show this wasn't on the up-and-up. How could they acquit him that wouldn't make you suspicious of any monkey business?

Still impeached

Guess what else?

*drum roll*

He's still your President.

see.. problem is, you, as a private person, cannot put me on trail. You can accuse me of something, and have me arrested if the police believes you and then a judge may put me on trial if there is substantial evidence and so on and so forth.. so your analogy is pretty stupid, sorry kid.

but here's the thing; Trump is still impeached.

regardless, new witnesses were to give testimonies. And for any trial to be considered fair all testimonies should be heard.

in any case, whether or not he is guilty this 'trial' is irrelevant, it might as well been himself acting as jury

lemme check too...

yep, still your President.

Still your President.

Not an accurate analogy

The analogue would be - “be an actual rapist - get caught - get tried - and then the judge, who is your personal friend who is in your pocket , pardons you.”

Justice is served

And he is still your President too.

Republicans see no problem with any of the above.
1. Trump breaks almost all his promises, his followers for some reason don't care.
2. Feels over reals
3. They approve. It's important to break government agencies to prove government is broken.
4. Republicans believe Congress is to be subservient to the president.
4b. Unless the president is a Democrat

nope, he is not
>w-w-whut are you not amuurkhan?!
>b-b-but then you have to gtfo and stfu reeeee
maybe.. maybe not.. but listen here, nigger:

Trump is still impeached.

also.. he is still impeached.

He’s not you know

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btw he's still impeached lol

I'm not a nigger. I'm a sand nigger. You don't fuck with sand niggers.

There were already witnesses and documents, and they supposedly proved the case. They didn't need any more witnesses, and honestly, I don't get why anybody would expect that when the pro-Trump guys kept getting denied witnesses in the House. They didn't even say what statutes he violated in the impeachment papers.

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asalaamu alaykum, akhi. But he's still impeached. Feel free to allahu akbar and blow up or whatevz.

this is pretty accurate

DUR DUR DUR, He'z still umpeached! DUR DUR DUR.

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The DA is who refers you for prosecution, a judge doesn't just do it. But you are right, private citizens cannot actually levy charges against one another all willy nilly. Also worth mentioning that an impeachment trial and a criminal trial are not quite the same thing though.

Still impeached

In a criminal trial, the accused can’t ask the jury to ignore the evidence and block witnesses from testifying, and have them say “yes sir Mr President”