Not 3D shit edition.

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I don't even know who Jordie is but you can't tell me those 3 or 4 hundred pounds of raw sexual energy aren't based af.

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My bag is full

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other thread was faster

Late and gay

The other thread is fucking shit.

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Speed means nothing if you suck ass

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while sucking ass, passion is more important than speed
while making gay circlejerks on Cred Forums so you can insult fat men using your waifus as a proxy for your raw, sexual doomer energies, speed is most important

Tbh idk who Jordie is either. Just know he's a meme

What's it full of?

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>mocks the entire premise of waifu with fat 'e-celebs'

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Jordie = WingsofRedemption. Give it a look.

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any Discord fam that feels like talking/ranting about anything, hit me up

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Oooooh! I remember now! Thought he looked familiar. Remember a clip of him raging and breaking his controller. Wasn't he frens with FPSKyle and that podcast gang? I also vaguely remember him being in some tournament or something and going against Syndicate

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-headpats- one day i'll get your attention, user-senpai... :x

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I sent you a fren request!

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I hope Supreme-user doesn't hate me

>sono claimed ^^

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uwu give me your attention senpai

I should and shouldn't eat

They probably don't.
Your mashu face is mine

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Dm cancelled D&D tonight

Going to play tarkov instead tonight.
Help I'm addicted to this damn game.

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I dont see what thay has to do with tarkov but yeah. I guess everything I do is faggy by proxy.

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Heyhey fren!

Heyhey Rem fren that refuses to be my rival

Yes it is I, Emilia

Heyhey Seras! From what I've seen, the game has definitely gotten a lot better! My PC is screwed so I can't play it, but it sure is fun to watch at the very least!

(Also literally)

>"I sucked 10 dicks, I sucked my friend off when we were 11"

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Thanks user, I'm gonna make some lunch now byeee

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My image didn't post ;-;

Also has there been any cool developments with your bf!? How was that thing with his parents? Sorri I missed a few days when that happened ;-;

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have a good day Emilia

Oh! Have a good lunch!!

I mean he actively has a bf so...
I mean

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Bye user who loves me for some unknown reason!

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Thanks for telling me, I never would have known if you hadnt pointed it out.

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Good image

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His parent werent around that day, we just did some chores at his folk's place but noone was home.

I met his brother tho.

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Well I got to go

Cu "girls" later

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Double dubs!

Also I c I c! Well I hope he was nice!


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Yeah sucking cock is fun

Cu later user

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Happy now?

You should eat
Mashu is my hero

I don't know how


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>Cu "girls" later
What did he mean by this?

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After exercise maybe
And that's why I take your version of that face, per say

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Pew pew



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he thinks this is for erping as anime girls

please delete any and all pics you have of me...

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Man work is tiring but boring today

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I don't have mash pics dummy
I'm just saying your mash face is cute

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big think..
The depressing part is that depending on who's in the thread at the time he isn't exactly wrong in that case.
Based waifu, based poster

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Just tell your boss that you're the boss now and make them do the work!

Also I agree

Double dubs!

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fucking checked
thats not depressing, you have to look at it the other way around: love can exist even in a place like this

I think there's a big difference between loving someone without knowing their face, which seems to he your point, and erp. Erp is usually for people who use it solely as a pastime whenever they're bored or are trying to get off

its not supposed to be a fag hookup thread either way

I don't think you understand, I'm not referring to erpfags erping. I'm referring to the other thing that happens in these threads sometimes.

Very mood
Hes here and just as bored. We just dont have a lot to do and its a depressing looking day outside.

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Oh, is it super cloudy where you are? I haven't seen the sun directly in 3 days...

Pebbleya spotted!!

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That's nothing.
Turn on some 80s Japanese music and get lit
Yo гoвнo!
What's good?

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Nice dubs. Likewise.
Greetz famsquad

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Omg you actually got dubs!

And you got dubs too!

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It's GETs o clock
What's up?
You know what's better than getting dubs twice in a row? THREE times.

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!? I... someone must have sabotaged you!!!

(Zawa zawa zawa zawa zawa)

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Waifu thread turned get thread
>80's Japanese music
I got a playlist of that somewhere lol
Gets o clock is right. Dubs get.
Messing with patches and drinking orange juice right now. I got a new one!

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Tank Floof inbound. How're you other nerds doing today?

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Of course the musical yuri undertone claimed has immense gets! It makes perfect sense!

Attached: original (1).jpg (372x395, 57K)

O! Tank!! Hail!

Attached: tumblr_inline_pj5ab1DMcW1uteo3r_540.jpg (540x540, 90K)

How goes it, dingus?

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Panzer vor!
What can i say

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Its raining on and off. We need this.
Cannot. Customers will hear.

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Attached: 1567271475360.png (1600x898, 1.34M)

Am good! How about you, dingus?

'You're welcome?"

Ah, I c I c.

Just bully the customers for not being weebs like you. Make them feel bad until they become weebs as well

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Surely this must be the work of an enemy stand!
Nice. OJ is pretty good.
"If the glove don't fit.."
tired as F U C K
>Not shamelessly blasting weeb shit anyways.
I'd have that kitchen so lit the customers would be wandering in to party themselves.
All the food would be burnt, though.

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There's only room for one dingus in town, and it's probably me.
I am also doing good, playing poopy rhythm games and slightly not dying! Yay!

T h a t ' s
N o t
E p i c
You'd better fix that, dood.

Heya, other nerd!

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Attached: [2013]kyou_wp_4_10min.png (1920x1080, 1.95M)

being acknowledged by you has made my day, even if you call me a nerd - i love it

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What's good?
If i supported walt disney
OJ is superior to all other juices.
Also w0t?

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Ooo, what game!?



So charismatic~

Attached: f87a200e489f5a4e094fd2ca18d8e05d.jpg (1061x1500, 324K)

also what rhythm games are you playing? DDR? Beatmania or something more obscure? c:

Attached: LinaInverse6.jpg (400x225, 28K)

i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not user-san - ease my concerns by lying to me if you need to :'c

Attached: LinaInverse8.jpg (466x264, 40K)

double dubs

Nono! I'm not! Am serious!!! Also pls call me literally anything except user... I just don't personally think it fits me^^

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if quints itt I will deliver
ok entitled user

yea I'm oldschool
Been almost ten years of ons and offs but I keep coming back to her

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Beatmania. Well, specifically using Lunatic Rave 2, because emulating with PCSX2 and MAME is bleh.

That makes me happy to hear, I guess! I'm doing pretty okay, just playing vidya. How about you?

I'm doing okay, personally. How about you?

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Getting called "user" on an anonymous image board doesn't fit you?

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Claimimg this qt

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Attached: krc191203501.png (700x600, 324K)

No thanks. Most of them are boomers.
See above.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 27K)


Nono! I'm not like saying I'm better than it or anything. I just don't think I meet the requirements to be an user. I just don't really frequent Cred Forums much outside of these threads is all.

I think it's good to be oldschool! If anything it shows a bit of dedication!

Ooo, nice nice! You any good?



Yikes. Nevermind.

Attached: me89t94hncr21.jpg (736x981, 60K)

What do you mean user?

oh man you need a Japanese PS2 to play the Beatmania IIDX series - hard as fuck to play, but after a fair bit of practice it becomes much more fun! i will check this Lunatic Rave 2 out however, is it compatible with a Beatmania 7-button controller? it's been a while since I used it D: on the other hand, i'm alright; just smoking a large joint before i pass out as it's nearly 1am here :x have you had a nice day also?

Attached: LinaInverse15.jpg (1890x2645, 647K)

user is user, user, feel free, this is the luxury we have over shit like reddit, being user

sorry I spazzed

A bit is... uh..
I wrote a whole book

Attached: IMG-20150120-WA0013.jpg (1836x3264, 683K)

I am also just vidyaing right now. I'm cold, though. I've heard beatmania is DDR but better?

Attached: img_20200101_162433.jpg (689x900, 340K)

This fact makes me sad, but I still have the one USA Beatmania on PS2. Also, Yes, I'm using the PS2 IIDX Controller on it.

Yeah, my day's been good. Slept in then started playing this, because yes. 6:48 PM here btw.

lul, nope. I suck ass, can only play level 5 songs. I'm getting there, though. In 20 years, but I'll get there.

Well, by that point, every rhythm game would be "DDR but better/worse". No, it's 1000% different. Especially the Control Scheme, with it being 5/7 keys layed out like a keyboard, and a turntable. and should you hate yourself, you can double it and make it 10/14 keys and 2 turntables.

Attached: dd542a79ccfb20a359867ef37cf794af.jpg (1000x750, 120K)

>implying we arent a bunch of hairy dudes
Tits or gtfo

Attached: e8bd5065-5900-45e6-98ec-c359dd50327f.png (480x360, 132K)

ngl this is a very powerful post user, all in all

Attached: 6t7qiV8.jpg (459x344, 41K)

Your waifu after I stopped by last night

Attached: DiYCfgYWsAUo9SY.jpg (612x613, 44K)

Book? That's fine! If anything it's respectable!! (Double dubs btw)


I believe in you, dancer!

Also p sure the comment meant like "are you saying we all act like women?" Or smthn not saying we are all actually women lol


Attached: __emilia_and_puck_re_zero_kara_hajimeru_isekai_seikatsu_drawn_by_tamu_tamurarucaffe1226__sample-e2de (850x1154, 196K)

That's hyper cringe retard

Attached: file.png (555x560, 556K)

I see you don't understand the quality that is Daisuke

Attached: 60154dbaf37d4357cb3ce3ab31a15e2a.png (549x768, 393K)

Attached: 1564563259736.jpg (1077x1080, 145K)

oh i'm super jealous right now D:! there used to be 2 DDR machines 30 minutes from my house but now i've not played for like 4 years now D: Rislim is the best IIDX tune ever

Ddr has become a point of reference in many cases lol. That's merely what I've heard(I'm not at all well versed in rhythm games)
Man, how come rhythm games get all the custom control schemes they want but i can't get a decent yoke and throttle quadrant for less than $500 Smh my head
Sugoi desu ne!

Attached: IMG_20191110_133047.jpg (1405x1995, 148K)

we both like the same qt, so what, we should be frens

The closest DDR cabinet (which is in the same arcade as the Beatmania Complete Mix 2 Cabinet) is an hour away, but with the other shit thats there like Jubeat and Radiant Silvergun, shit's worth it. If I had a car, I'd so go there more than I should.

Oh, you play flight sim games? Very nice.
I also second that if you want to be a racing fag. Good setups are around $200 iirc, could have changed from last time I checked.



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Attached: ff272f66a6eb079d9374938e8e116a67.png (580x550, 294K)

more bumps

Ill do it. Ill post my pooper.

Attached: __itami_youji_and_rory_mercury_gate_jieitai_ka_no_chi_nite_kaku_tatakaeri_drawn_by_sao_satoru__4a8e3 (1000x1414, 253K)

We're waiting

>when no one gives you attention for exactly .1 picosecond so you threaten to post your butt for attention

Attached: 1578326503735.jpg (1600x2000, 295K)

wait! I'm eating here
give me 10 minutes


Attached: 1555592838418.jpg (600x750, 45K)


Attached: JPEG_20200118_194840.jpg (1080x1920, 509K)

Oops. I spoiled it.

Attached: .png (798x516, 292K)



See my reply above.

Attached: Konachan.com - 288838 sample.jpg (1453x1200, 649K)

Oh no
Im bored at work
And this is still Cred Forums

Attached: c95dc53f0c85faba562229af885b10c6.gif (540x304, 1.2M)

Yup. Mhm. Sure is.

Attached: C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1435942613025.jpg (591x720, 41K)

Ye, just FSX.i want to upgrade to p3d eventually, though.
Yeah, that's how mafia works i guess. Although AFAIK there are at least an abundance of racing wheels and pedals.
When it comes down to good stuff, though. And then you'd have to get asseto corsa or something...
>Posts pooper
>Gets dubs

Attached: 72531263_p18.png (936x1316, 394K)


Attached: Kao38.jpg (851x1145, 136K)



Attached: re-zero-emilia-rem-ram-piano-violin-flute.jpg (1600x900, 225K)

Hello there

Attached: 1558312275080.png (513x545, 434K)

My b

Are you guys wearing your programming socks?

Attached: 158099795831.jpg (686x943, 95K)

I'm not wearing any socks

my grandma made me these socks I dont have programming socks

Dubs are nothing special here
I dont program

Attached: 6924c8efcdbefb54e94719ee569b2420.png (1000x1342, 907K)

Helo, cute piano

Cute tuba

Socks are uncomfortable unless they're nice socks, and I can't afford nice socks

Attached: Kao11.png (500x758, 369K)

Waifu here

Heya, coot!

Those shit ton of wheels are mainly poopy garbage and not quality at all. A lot of the $200 ones don't even come with a Clutch Pedal or an H-Shifter, which is kinda unepic.

damn right, like a manly man.

i got completely shat on by a song, yay!

Attached: 114b77a3cc1ae9a2759bdd3d6e6b933b.jpg (500x870, 178K)

Not today, and not in this thread
Exactly. This is the way it is with yokes, too, but with less overall options in the first place. Cheap and reliable? Go with a flight stick instead of a yoke. I can only assume it's that way because of fighter jet foamers
It is a tuba'nt

Attached: IMG_20191021_111939.jpg (719x840, 71K)


What is it?

Attached: Kao9.jpg (850x478, 324K)

Wisdom tooth extraction is a doozy

Attached: I arrive.gif (500x273, 1.99M)

Yeah, I got me a poopy little Flight Stick, even though I'm not really a Flight Sim guy. Even if I own FSX, but don't mind that.
I got it with Ace Combat Assault Horizon, which is of course the top Ace Combat game forever, 100%.
But regardless, it's moreso a paperweight unless I decide "wow, I really want to die in a 747 right about now" and do exactly that.

Also can I just point out how fucking gorgeous the 2020 Flight Simulator game looks? Jesus Christ, that game is the best I've seen before.

greet back with extra joke insult
ask how day is

Attached: 76552939_p0.jpg (1240x1240, 134K)

who is your favorite waifu, why

I'd assume it's the one they post

this is invalid, thanks

prove it

Euphonium. There's several differences between a Euphonium and a Tuba but the Euphonium is smaller, mainly
Ace Combat, eh? I've actually never tried it. The closest I've gotten is Falcon 4.0 BMS. Yeah, the 747 is really screwy to land, mainly on account of that big 'ol hump.
I hope i can run FS2020 lol. Looks sorta demanding weh

Attached: IMG_20191017_000331.jpg (792x959, 87K)

Attached: 1519275144401m.jpg (1024x576, 53K)

too much self destruction, try again later
remember, its romantic day soon, be sure to pin your waifu into bed and give her a smooch

The joke is that Assault Horizon sucks fat cock when compared to the other games. The PS2 games are like, the best ones from what I've heard.
I'm gonna act like I knew that beforehand, and say that's exactly why I said that!
It really does, and I hope I can run it too. Even if I am yet again not a plane fag as much as I am a car fag. It looks really amazing, and just for that I want to play it.


Attached: 2c84ddf108db3ad6e5c2d08aa60cdcce2a79989f.jpg (793x606, 70K)

the posters are not the characters they post

m I know but was kind of trying to bait you into saying something retarded sorry in retrospect
sometimes posters post themselves

good answer, amazing job!

Not ever in the history of /waifu/

Attached: __rory_mercury_gate_jieitai_ka_no_chi_nite_kaku_tatakaeri_drawn_by_nick_wong__8bb9ace27003b7295fe98a (1348x1968, 1.13M)


Attached: natsuki-mogi-initial-d-first-stage-27.7.jpg (210x240, 19K)

theres no butt here
you need them
i feel that
there we go!

Attached: Chii (10).jfif.jpg (1200x848, 110K)

How's your day, robot? I hope it's been good.

Attached: Akiyama.Yukari.full.2133178.png (900x1000, 737K)

when I program I forget I have physical belongings, if I wasted brain cpu on having feet or socks while programming I couldn't finish anything even simple

respond not good, subject has not left sleeping furniture all day

oh fun

Attached: Kao4.jpg (850x1381, 183K)


Attached: 290Remalicious.png (540x750, 744K)

Imagine if someone actually took someone's waifu with quints

Attached: 1550167195515.jpg (849x1200, 346K)

Birb, stopping by b4 sleep

Attached: Kotori15.jpg (489x600, 65K)

My main hope is that they make third-party aircraft easy to make. That's what kept FSX alive all these years

Attached: epktobxvuaarwg3.png (1124x1575, 1.89M)

Henlo birb

Attached: __tokisaki_kurumi_date_a_live_drawn_by_keenh__586b6edf51093090bbff88198fe53ec2.jpg (739x970, 199K)

It's been alright.. i've been getting way into image injection again so that's always a good time
well git gud then

Attached: Chii (25).jpg (1200x849, 198K)

henlo cute, checked tha trips

Attached: Kotori13.jpg (428x600, 49K)

Danke, how are you?

Attached: 1543804770626.jpg (1128x1600, 188K)

I dont program to git gut I program to find the shittiest solution to any problem you are obviously far below my elevated level of incompetence, pleb

Sleepy atm, otherwise fairly well. One of my classes doesn't meet tomorrow so I suppose that is good as well. Hbu?

Attached: Kotori9.jpg (423x600, 42K)

respond by saying that it's not good, despite doing the exact same.
Ask what the other person is doing, and say that they're playing a poopy rhythm game.

You're right, but Mogi is cute anyways.

Better design than Takumi in a wig, tbh.

Ah, sorta like Assetto Corsa. Shit's broken and the engine sucks ass, but because it's so easy to mod, people are still playing it. Despite the fact that Assetto Corsa Competizione is already out, it's still preferred.

floof is confuse to what you mean.

Tweet tweet.

Attached: eb44de493c60bf0352836657ee467322.jpg (700x1000, 247K)

That's good, I'm ehh, just got my wisdom tooth pulled

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No one cares about Kaori

I like Mako a little more even though we didn't develop her a lot

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henlo birb

oh. well then that sucks

ah, you can embed code inside of images to make that code run when the image is displayed on a webpage.

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Big oof, I presume they prescribed you some hydros

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Yeah, eating is gonna suck

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Henlo cute :D

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sorry for bumming you out you are the coolest replies I got tonight

you should prolly slepe

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I'm undecided between Mako or Sayuki being best, honestly. Kinda leaning towards Sayuki, but idk.

How goes your day?
Of course, other than the fact you're about to slep.

Wow! That sure sounds like Nerd Crap!

I mean what

couldnt be any more wrong

nah you're not bumming me out user, you're all good

well thats because it is nerd crap

Big oof
mayhaps cute, how are you?
Well the morning started off pretty slow. This afternoon was pretty alright. My school just implemented an eSports club so I went to the gaming room and played for a few hours. Hbu?

New Thread? Anyone?

how about