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>the doors or the cure?

Poor Miranda

Cure makes Miranda cry

LA Woman obv

Look what Dan does to his girls

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David Dobrick had her on his channel

He is a superfaggot but I watched it because of her

ur right. i just know dan has moved on from them and onto some danger with the game shakers girls.

why not save them op...

"open wider.. heres comes" Dan Schneider

That asshole leaked her nudes. Fuck him

Dan still has office at nickelodeon
Just everything more low key now

All his channel is shit except for the ones with her getting a date

At least he was spared from Dan's sick degeneracy

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Miranda nudes? Sauce pls

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I think one of the miafags has the leaks

Got posted last Miranda thread then thread instantly 404ed

definitely more lowd key... lowkey than this... kek

Someone must have saved it

Were they any good?

>Someone must have saved it

What your mom said looking for the plan B pill she thought she had 9 months before your birth.

Nice link
Dan is still a consultant whatever that is supposed to mean


I survived the abortion anyway


What your mom wished she had opted for 9 months before your birth.

The date vid is on utube

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it means Dan "got a plan to get girls in the van cause hes the man even if hes not the main man" Schneider

how many nudes do u think dan has on everyone?

Hahaha shit you got me

What is your message to all the miafags

do anons still fall for such a shitty ps vid

Until I see a vid of the original of this... It's real

Imagine his vault of degeneracy

Stay in school, and don't get married in your 20's... unless you're fat. Fat people always settle early.

>Imagine his vault of degeneracy

What your mom said about your dad's scrotum 9 months before your birth.

You are talking abot Chadanon. Lucky bastard fucked Mia and Miranda.

Red pill me on Miranda. Is Enty blind true?

Here faggots. This was from last thread
Blame Dobrick and utube

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Words of wisdom

Lucky fucker

it looks fAKE

its a fake

here r words of wisdom

i fucking hate hoarder. dan is a hoarder.. share the fucking wealth dan... share the fcking wealth

But Dan was a fat fuck and got every slut at his network

Moar please

Lips look like her
Dick sucking lips

Holy hell!!!

Poor thing. Dan defiled her beyond repair.

Her poor asshole

Calling all miafags!
Dump everything

How many are there like this
Found the utube vid of her. David Dobrick introduces drake to Miranda Cosgrove . It's real

She's almost 30
At some point there were going to be leaks

Nicalodean had the best cocaine

Know what?

That Dan did something

Real question
Does that make him hero or monster

Don't tell that to the miranda is pure fags

Is there any proof this pic is real?

looks nothing like her

It's her

He got paid 7 million dollars to quietly leave Nickelodeon the same week that another major former Nickelodeon showrunner, John K, was exposed as grooming young girls by Buzzfeed.
Coincidence? Probably. In fact I'm sure they have nothing to do with one another.
>how many nudes do u think dan has on everyone?
not many, he has more feet pics than a podiatry textbook.

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Thousands alone from his" teen foot pagent " auditions
Whatever the hell they are

whats this now?

and u know this how?

He deleted 4200 Twitter posts with the words feet or teen in them. Mathematically that's almost impossible but he had that many. A lot were about amateur teen foot pagents with prizes

If you find old Twitter feed... Post a couple here because they are gold

how do I know this? How does everyone not know this: Remember when he did that twitter hashtag?

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Most of that is public record. Like the
N. D. A.s the girls signed

He is still around nick without being in the public eye

well if anyone wants to chat about that topic
wickr me


A lot of foot worship in Dan threads
He is something of a role model to them

im not that much of an oldfag and i prefer disney to nick.

Holy shit is that the real deal?

Fucking foot fags, worse than pedophiles tbh

footfag and armpits fags and hoarders and the worse of the worse r u... the white knight hero where u come in and save a whore and shell thank u by letting u fuck her... kek

I don't watch either, though I still do like Ren & Stimpy, but the Dan thing outmemes Tarantino
I'm too fucking lazy to find a mirror of it, but there was a twitter thread that got squashed that systematically went through all the allegations against him... that's been squashed

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hey, she wanted to be famous

The Dan thing outmemes a lot

At least she is super rich
Janette is poor

There were tons of ones like this

I have nothing against foot worshipers
I just don't get it

this article kind of covers a lot of what was in the thread.
it's just too funny! He's this obsese powerbroker who is obsessed with young women's feet. It's funnier than any of his shitty tv shows
Like another user said, he deleted thousands of tweets, literally thousands.

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Same here, I think it's got something to do with wanting to be walked all over by someone. The feet is the lowest part of the body, it also is in contact with the ground - with filth. At the risk of going all "yo' mama" Freudian, I'm 90% sure a foot fetish is a desire to be subjugated to women.
Others say it's because the part of the brain that maps to the feet is next to the genitals, which makes no sense at all - firstly because none of the other parts of the body get crosswired, and secondly the part that maps to the breasts is in a different part of the homonculus.
It's a mystery... like who still pays for porn

Insane bank account

Wife ok with him assfucking teen whores /complicit in two of the girls (totally disturbing or completely hot)

15 years in and never so much as one court date

Smart enough to involve the parents and leverage their own greed against them

Army of attorneys to command at will

I could go on but you get the point
This list is why some have Dan in hero category

Add to all this that somehow the more dirty the girls feet the better and I become totally at a loss

His physical appearance is the icing on the fucking cake

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dan gets to fuck nick girls... +
dan is a fucking foot guy... -

is dan worse than epstein... epstein got caught so why havent dan. is it dans too small time.

jgierjgeigejrgerj oh goDDDD. The gallons of cum danny boy must've dumped on their feet. C-C-C-C-COOOOOMING

My favorite is Ariana Grande sucking her toe lol

How did this fat fuck get to get his dick in the ass of every hot teen at nick?

he produces shows for nick abnd makes them a shit ton of money

Dan will always get away with everything

can anyone feel me up on whats going on and if its rumors or confirmed he fucked all the teens on the shows
>extra points if you know if he fucked ariana grande

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God, I wish that were me.

Which girls would you fuck first if you were Dan and in which order?

not true. if true then why did he get fired and we shit talk about him.

i bet there are worse producers out there that we dont evfen know or talk about like Tony Odell

That look on Dan's face is so fucking hilarious

Like 5 groups detailed last thread...

Foot worshipers
Mia fags(welcome )
Miranda is pure fags
Dan is my hero
CSI hollywood addition/ building a case

>CSI hollywood addition/ building a case
white knights are fucking pieces of shit

definetely start with Ariana grande,miranda grosgove,kiara bravo,alexa nikolas,elizabeth gills i think thats it

They want Miranda to be a 26 year old Virgin and cry when Janette fucks niggers and gets aids

Good job to skip Jamie lynn
And Amanda


this order i think ariana grande,elizabeth gills,ciarra bravo,Miranda Cosgrove,victoria justice

i find them not something special tbf

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What show is Ciara on

was on big time rush and no i dont mean when she was a kid i mean after she turned 18

The mans a fucking legend.
>Welcome to Goodburger, home of the Goodburger. Can I take your order?

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Who is Alexa (which show)

Zoey 101.

Did you see her date vid on utube

uh huh... sure /bro were all frens here

ur brave anons to go after dans sloppy 2nds

Not Amanda
Not Janette

Amanda is garbage

Need to see a pic of miranda from the side to compare nose

Jew detective
Sherlock jew on the case