NAME RISK GAME III. Post a girl and off anons guess the whores name you MUST post nudes...

NAME RISK GAME III. Post a girl and off anons guess the whores name you MUST post nudes. BONUS: if they get the sluts first and last you have to post social media. Starting with an easy one.

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fuck it

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Guess and see some big Russian tits

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Just a bit of help starts with H

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nope starts with a d

nope sry

Both of my bitches names start with C

starts with an m

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This milf

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Hint: she's from Chicago suburbs

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Gimme you're best guess. You'll probably be wrong

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im from chicago post them titties

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Good luck

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Last name I’ll include a bj vid

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from ohio



You got it. Want moar?

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Got kik?


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Marisa k? Or allie g?


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Not close but good try

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Well she's exposed on Ohio threads, maybe you shouldn't lie to us user ;)


Last initial is k you got that right


How much she make a year? My sources say she's loaded

Why did you say that?

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Prove it. I know for a fact she's not from Ohio. She lives with me xD

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Gothmog from LotR: RotK ?

guess my wife

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lets see the front?

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Read it and weep. Few nudes of here in here. Could probably find more if I tried, few xham albums too

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That's odd, remove the q on the last part

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Ima be honest I was taking guesses of the 2 girls I crushed on back in villa park

See you space cowboy... You're gonna carry that weight

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There's a Chicago milf in this thread

Lol guess user was right since OP mysteriously vanished

Don't lie to me. You exposed her in Cali threads, multiple ones


Not even close, sry

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Lol her name isnt Cali

Nah that was just some reposts I have more recent stuff. Hate fakefags

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Convenient Roflcopter

Dumbass she lives in Cali

Also those posts didn't have any info or anything. I would've at least said it is my gf

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Also not true

Do I need to post the thread with her nudes and info?

Go ahead.
I got nothing to hide but she lives in oregon


Good thing for her you called my bluff because I won't post her phone number, but a simple reverse image search will tell all the other anons everything they need.



Nothing to hide, you don't mind if I give her a call? Thinkin about it

Hm... i wonder if her cuck lied to me or if he changed his story after i started spreading her

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Literally go ahead

Next time a cuck asks me to expose their slut, I'm just gonna locate the cucks info and expose him instead

Post her number so we can all ask her user

Why did you start spreading her? Cuck consent or no?

I might check with her family instead

Dont cuck me tho

nope, da is right though

I dont have it but i agree

No consent
Again, literally go ahead

Lol she said u got a small dick

Shes not even my girl lol

Hahaha you give it all away. You don't know her, so don't go saying she lives somewhere or doesn't. Dumbass anons are good at dumbassery

Her cuck told me she lives in oregon

Her cuck lied and you were dumb enough to believe it lol

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Typical of a "bull"

Think they're hot shit, but in reality about as smart and last as long as a real bull (spoiler alert, neither are good things)

Bro isn't this super risky? I like showing my gf but fuuuck

Dudes get horny enough theyll give/tell you just about anything

They'll often times have posted the truth somewhere out of desperation but will often lie thinking it'll save them when they get caught

I'd recommend you examine why you like to, and if you can't figure it out yourself, see a shrink. Or for every nude u post of your girl, post one of you too to be fair

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Oh I've been there, I think. But having it posted? No way

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See a psychiatrist unless your girl wants to be a webslut for reals.

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should be easy

full name should be interesting. really hoping someone knows her too. would love to see what she thinks

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Anna G, Missouri

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And since she's ok with it let us talk to her then

What now..?

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Nude posting time for you..

How does this work? What now?


Its in the first post idiot post her nudes that you love posting so much

I dont like it...

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And yet you do it all the time

Hint: starts with an L

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I get to stop now. No more!


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That's Bridget Wallace and she's a dumb slut who doesn't even watch Cowboy Bebop.
I don't have any nudes, I just watched her slut her way around a couple of my dumb friends and get a bunch of free drugs and shit from them

Youll never stop cuck you love sharing your whore

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This isn't how the game works

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Wrong my dude. Name starts with C. You got the personality right though


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Not Laura

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From Houston Tx, Hint: starts with an L

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Nah, that's her. I've seen her dumbshit makeup too many times.
Nice try trying to cover for your whore, though

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Anna G?

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Guess her name

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Defo Anna


Starts with an L and ends with an H

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Not Leah


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Jane Johnson

Not Lilith

Keep trying. Starts with an L and ends with an H

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Name starts with a G


Lizbeth it is

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Caitlyn Carroll

Amanda. D

I want it

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You sir, made me a happy man.
You smash?


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Caitlyn Carroll

Where you at user? I need the deets