10 years ago Cred Forums was supposedly full of twenty-somethings...

10 years ago Cred Forums was supposedly full of twenty-somethings. So youre all either aging 30 year olds with receding hairlines or you're all zoomers..
So? Which is it?

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Yes let's exclude the fact that there are 20 something year olds currently alive that have the same chance of discovering Cred Forums as the zoomers do. Cred Forums will always have a mixture of oldfags, newfags, and everything in between. The only problem is porn and the stupidest of threads have become the most abundant. No one even tries to make it interesting on this platform then all they do is sit back and complain about the people on it, which unironically is just this faggot OP.


I was 15 when i came here im 26 now ive always come here for the porn

Receding? Nigga I’m bald as fuck

Zoomer obviously.

what the fuck are you talking about? anyone who's 20 years old in 2020 is a fucking zoomer

live in moms basement
not bald
had sex in my life
play games mostly
have a job
been on Cred Forums for more than 10 years

> 30's, sure.. Receding hairline, no.
Actually used to lurk Cred Forums with my gf back in the day.. then Cred Forums got too much public attention before devolving to it's current state.
Now I just lurk out of boredom.

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average age on b has always been like 15

Pushing 40

Y’all missed the pizza days

>The only problem is porn and the stupidest of threads have become the most abundant.

Seriously, why can't Hiro get a few dedicated Jannies to delete most of the shitty porn, copypastas, and California girl threads

good times. now this place is full of normies

> this

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Pretty much this just without the gf part

I browsed for a few years when I was 13-15 (maybe 8 years ago), then left. I come back once every few years to see if it's changed

It was only interesting back then because I didn't know anything better to browse or be interested in

Godspeed you beautiful disaster

Do you guys remember when we made Milhouse a meme?

Idek dude these boomer millenials zoomer age ranges seem like they all fucking cross over into eachother lanes. OP was just making it seem like this place is either 10 year olds or bald guys with no people in their 20s. I thought zoomer was a 12 year old minecraft kid. Or does zoomer cover millennials and the whole age group up to the boomer age group?

Millhouse was never a meme.
And he never will be a meme.

34. def had more hair when i started on Cred Forums.. thats the way she goes

18 here, wish I had the privacy to lurk here when I was 13, It seemed much more interesting back then

54 and counting

Been browsing since I was 15. Now I'm 26.

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That's what Count Dankula would look like if he went to prison when he was 18 and started doing meth once he got out.

15 > 28

I just don't communicate with people from this website, have run into lots of people IRL who know about this shit nest

Sorry, it wouln't be meth, that was a misunderstanding, the drug I was thinking about is Heroin.

Fuck yourself. Show your face, pussy.

Found out about 4ch in 2006. Now I am 35.

That cat is now dead...

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Been here since 2007. Turned thirty last year.
Boomers, zoomers, oldfags, newfags... It doesn't matter. The only cure is OC but phoneposting doesn't quite allow it.

You killed it, didn't you.

10 years ago i was 18 now i'm 27 so you tell me!

Was put down in 2017 die to cancer.

My little gray rat. She was just over a year old in these pics.

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I is 29 nao. Still here bois.

I post exclusively through my phone.
If you've got Android and unlimited data it ain't so bad.. been here since founding.
Migrated from the Stileproject forum.

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I'm 32 years old and what is this?

We are all 500 pound incels wearing fedoras you dumbass

Holy shit. Indiano Bartowitz? I fucking know you dude! You fucking sucked.


Take a shower

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I'm 19. Used to randomly check the site now I come on every day just to look at paranormal shit

Stop acting like Cred Forums is anything but a more shittier reddit for simple fucks like me. I go here for ylyl( although theyre shit) and porn ( although i dont jerk off to any of it) and the occasional rekt( cant stand gore tho ). Btw i browse fa and fit and mu

Sorry about your kitty. She is really pretty :(

I know ur kinda slow but Cred Forums is now filled with 12 year olds

Ehhh go fuck yourself..

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Millennials are people who became adults around the year 2000, so close to 40 yo now. Zoomer are people who were born after the year 2000 so they could be 20 yo.

> Name this faggot
Zoomers ONLY

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I can tell by your tone that you don't even lift. So maybe come back in about 2 years when your strength is half decent.

That shit still shockes me.
The sheer level of degeneracy reached by bronies is a proof that Satan has agency in our world.
Think about it for a second. This guy is so lonely he came into a jar with a doll in it for 3 years. 3 years. Thats his entire jr high life, the time he should have been out learning about the world, relationships, work. Instead he was fapping to cartoon horse porn. And cummin into a jar. On the internet. For the cheers of strangers.

Dystopian af.

Imagine the smell

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You know what's depressing?
He actually achieved more notoriety than most Anons could ever hope for.

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fucking pedo

Weather or not any zoomers know who that is, the point is moot. Y'all, need to lurk moar.

Not everyone likes pizza. I'm happy it is gone.

Would ya?

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32 y/o old fag reporting in
Can confirm receding hairline

op once again shows how inept at simple thought they are

young fag, starting a life of degeneracy

43 here. Still have all my hair.

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yes, i just want it to end