Pick one/ WWYD thread

Pick one/ WWYD thread.

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I want to fuck 1 and play with her tits

2 looks like she has huge meat flaps

Definitely would take 2, drug her till she's barely conscious and then fuck her while slowly driving a knife into her stomach.
Wwyd to my friend?

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Tell her that her friend is posting pics of her on 4chins

7 all the way. got any more?

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nice choice

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not sure why but i find that kinda hot

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Looks like a great ride, thanks.

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What a pack of mediocrity! Rollin' for 8, I guess...

I can imagine her head thrown back like that with her mouth open as she has a screaming orgasm

Ok, sure.

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I've heard rumours shes a screamer

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I’d make her scream one way or another

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#1 fuck her throat until she spills enough drool to titfuck until shes wet enough to fuck that pussy until shes excited enough for anal

perfect, both hot in their own ways

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Fuck yeah, where do I pick up my prize?

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make a sandwich between 7 and 2
cover our bodies in baby oil and slippy slide til i squirt

pick one and wwyd?

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Great outfit. Needs the kind of fucking that makes her tits bounce around

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I'd swipe right 2 and 5.


One on the far right. I’d ruin her

fuck yea! i love nurses.
kill 2, marry 3, fuck 5

Now thats a hell of a party

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lol, not with your baby dick you wouldnt

im sure someone did that night

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The kind of fucking that makes her makeup run and her voice hoarse from begging for mercy I hope

She's perfect (for me)

10 and just talk about trump the whole time

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stack up a pussy pile
use all six holes for fun

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how else would you fuck a girl like her

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>Jerk off behind a towel because I'm not good enough.

more of 2 and 3? rawdog threesome all night long!


mmm look at that gaggle of sluts

>just watch them make out and finger each other
jerk off

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Gonna need a selection of toys and tools to really make it work for me

fuck 3s ass while she eats 2s pussy and 1 licks my balls

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what a pretty face

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triple blowjob
3 strokes my fat cock
>cum on 1s tits

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perfect toes
>would suck

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1 - ton of titty fucking

breed middle

anal 3

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Can send pics of 7 please?

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Impressed how flexible she is. Let’s see how she moves when the whip starts cracking

#1 face down ass up, my dick in her ass
#2 hold her hand, encouraging her "you can do this girl"
#3 fingering herself and talking dirty for us

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dont have much of her

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Good call

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they all sit just like that and watch me jack off

more of #1

mom and daughter. wwyd?

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how about these sisters?

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bet shed love it

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want all four of them to make out with eacj other while i eat out all their assholes

wanna sniff all their armpits assholes and feet right now

I will fuck this mom in her mouth while her daughter licks her pussy

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3 hole the mom while the daughter watches and learns

Torture the daughter to make mom cooperative

Would plant my face between those legs and eat her out till she’s moaning uncontrollably, legs spread, quivering for all the tourists to see.

Wwyd to her on her vacation?

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white shirt is blowing me while her friemds support and encourage her

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which and wwyd?

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pick your favorites

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tear anal last beauty

the tallest in black would fuck with someone in two holes

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3 or 4

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deep throat fuck with first

1 and 4

1. Have her sit on my face all day.


6. Eat her pussy while she's on her back.

3 and 4 take turns sitting on my face.

Slut in green suck my dick

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do you wanna fuck first girl with me ?


All six need their pussies ate.

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I like 3's hair.

second fuck in pussy and mouth

I would take 8 into a white padded room, there are 4 well hung black men in there who will absolutely demolish her as I force her to be raped for 9 hours.

1. Worship her pussy all day and night. Absolute goddess.

good choice

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would impregnate 4

want a gangbang with this tall tower

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all of them, everything

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pretty whore

pick a sister

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HOLY SHIT NO 4!!! more. I would eat her out with those long legs wrapped around me. please let there be more

fourth want in pose 69


1 has the best legs
5 has the best face
7 is going to age the best

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would cum on her face and chest

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Number one.
I'd eat her out until she was begging for cock, then I'd fuck her, then I'd eat the cum out of her pussy, and repeat until I'm spent.
I want to make her cum as much as possible and feel like a goddess without having to do anything at all.

I can't place why but the middle one looks like she's loud and most fun.

juicy bitch

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wow, perfect 10

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I choose red from this one, rough breeding.

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rape the bitch by the crowd

need much more of left

wipe that smirk off her face by going into her asshole with "not enough" lube

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3 is making me twitch

The one in the light blue hat in the back. She looks hot.

Alright boys, let's hear it.....

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wanna fuck middle with dp

is #2 their mom? bitch ugly af

2, 4, 5, 6
the child support would ruin my life

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3 and 4
rest can fuck off

wanna fuck middle with dp

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Which one? Wwyd?

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>child support

Rollin' for 3

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2 is the only viable choice

Would love more 1 or 6, so fuckable

please continue, anything else leggy?

which one? Wwyd?

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Aww, they're all so happy, they don't need me shitting up their day.

Except 10, she needs me to misgender her at the store so she has something to talk about.

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I'd sneakily corn flour and hose their boots and bump them into the Mississippi to see how they fare.

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Tidy bowl cut so she becomes a nun

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1. Lick, finger, and fuck for several hours, with me not being allowed to cum.

7. Same.

Oh the choices and possibilities...

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Air drop honey like a water bomber and see how she deals with the second load of ants.

2 trumpets, 2 inches from head full blast constantly for 24 hours then I'd fake sign language to manipulate her into agreeing to paintball against the deaf equivalent to seal team 6.

Would team up to weather the apocalypse with.

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how ugly is bottom middle?

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fucking hell, can't get enough of her

holy gets batman!

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love that dress! look at her tight little body!

Would airdrop gelatin into the pond she takes refuge from the bushfires in.

11/10 amazon

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destroy #1's asshole while #4 watches

i'll take the grenade boys
gimme 10

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any more in dresses, this is the amount of woman I crave

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her friends look pathetic compared to her, love her in slutwear

Line them up individually to cagefight muay thai champions for their respective weight classes.
In Thailand, not watered down Western rules.

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fuck, any more in that?

sorry, only one ive got. i wish there was more

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friends look better there, they can watch, but we all know who gets the load

Handcuff and chain her to the central city tram during peak hour.

oh wait, i found one more. was hard to tell from the thumbnail

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any chance of a vola dump, I'm furiously saving here

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bless you user

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ideal style of image for me, can't get over how tall and shapely she is

>can't get over how tall and shapely she is
she knows it, too

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fuc-king hell, built for sex

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11, 12 & 13. The way their legs are all entertwined, you know they'd be down for a foursome with yours truly

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I would take that every which way

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2,7 maybe 3. Let's see what I get.

Pen them into the business end of a Japanese driving range and charge triple.
I'd clean up.
2 weeks postered advertising at the surrounding train stations.
Whoever renders one unconscious gets 5 mins no holes barred then they're set back on the field.


fuuuuuuuck, that much woman drives me wild

Who is it gonna be?

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2,7 and 3 are all good options... hard to say which one would get my seed and which ones I'd sell into prostitution

Televised coronavirus island challenge.
All equipment available to hunt/fish and build but no access to fruits or passive food stuffs.
1 liter fresh water per person per day

still about? I can't get enough

Full body shave and placed naked into Fallujah.

Handcuffed behind her back and caribeaners through her upper and lower jaw attached to a waterski line behind a speed boat circling the ferry.

shes a fucking amazon
shes like a foot taller than the others
wtf are the 2 chads doing in the back?

Encased in concrete foundation to her knees in central Africa. Don't care which country or wildlife as long as it's above water.

The dyke 10 make her grow out her hair.

Dropped "as is" onto an ice drift with 3 starving polar bears within a 2 mile radius and a stadium style screen raised infront of them so they see what's coming.
With replays.

Death by bees

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Electrified skinny dip pool till they become soup with bones and hair.

What about these?

Wood chipper challenge feet first.
Phone poll to judge winner

8, all holes

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Aluminium bat honked to back of skull and all foot traffic ignores her for 72 hours.

what the fuck is that fucking line.
this this is fucking with my mind.
if she's taking a pic in a mirror, why the fuck are her feet below the mirror.

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Placed infront of industrial fan spraying an array of every imaginable animals faeces and she has to rate them before being hosed down each time.
Her extended familyand complete social media address book are forced to watch for 8 hours before a catered event at completion.

Gimme 7 and 8, take the rest


Carefully placed in the slums of Maharashtra, India

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hectare thunderdome with 12 mating age gorillas

I'd buy tickets to that

Raped to drowning by a pod of 40 dolphins

Shackled by limbs and slowly winched apart

Thanks, user

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Pick the one you would face fuck!

Be brutal? They deserve it

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Sold to Arabs

1, 3, and 4. Record the best M/F/F/F video in the history of porn!


Abandoned at Parisian train station at midnight

Pick one wwyd

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8 for sure


1 BJ

Alcohol poisoning and released onto streets of Addis Abba at 10pm

Sepsis from various implant surgeries

Trampled at a barn dance

Dehydration in locked sauna

Force-fed human hair to death

Communally ignored until suicide.
Probably take a week.

NZ volcanic eruption

Crushed by Drunk driver through fence

Chechnyn terrorist with flamethrower

#4 for sure (tall blonde - she looks like a 3 holer, would use her for hours, leave her tied up to the bed).

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Sold into slavery by mother with slot machine gambling habit the week hubby left her because of it

Scavenged and infected with rabies by rabid raccoons.

All, double Decker bus decapitation in greater London

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Would travel back to 96 with left

wow fleshlights these days are so realistic

Would feed undercooked bear meat infecting them with trichinocis

Force feed chalk till dehydration

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why do all of u fags come up with these crazy ideas? what about a good&classic fart sucking and holding it like its ur last cig before jail

she deaD?

2 and 8 would look fucking awesome locked up in a cage in my basement