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looks dumb

Stupid as fuck

So we will be living in mud huts eating friend chicken and listening to shitty hip hop music?.

>"it looks stupid!... n-no one would f-fall for this? r-right??"
>watches video
>beats off

You are simply in the stage of denial. Soon comes acceptance.

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Hi, Tenda.

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I just imagine a little white teen getting her hymen snapped by a big black dick and her crying out in pain with each and every deep penetration... each humiliating thrust into her white, milky flesh draining her of her humanity as she gets fucked like a farm animal. Finally she acquiesces to the thought of perpetual child bearing and all she can do is beg for mercy that she is just gonna have one black baby, not twins or worse yet...--triplets. And when he squirts that hot load into her fertile womb, I get weak in the knees knowing she will be enslaved through the chains of single motherhood. This makes me drip from my chastity cage like you wouldn't believe.

Now imagine entire warehouses with hundreds of stalls, with white teens in each, and lines of black masters forming behind them to give them the dicking of their lives, one by one. And of course, us white boys strapped down to chairs and forced to watch it happen while locked in chastity cages. Mmm.

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How fucking retarded can this fetish get

They could selectively breed us through artificial insemination of course, but instead of them breeding us for strength and sheer physical might (like we did them) they choose the most effeminate males to go with the most petite, fragile females, so that after a few generations our daughters are all 4' tall and unable to defend against the wrath of the black alpha males, vulnerable to impregnation everywhere they go. And us males would eventually have tiny little micro-penises... physically impossible to have penetrative sex with even our own girls. I think that is the key to keeping us controlled. We'd be forever doomed to be their little pets... interracial pregnancy would be our only way of life. Amazing.

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That's nice, Tenda. Didn't read but we'll say it's nice to make you feel like a big boy.

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So jealous... jealousy is normal. You will always feel it, but eventually you'll learn to accept and even love that feeling. The extreme sense of jealousy when watching black men impregnate your girls is incredibly humbling.

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Okay, Tenda. Give me your mom's number. I need to call her and inform her of what a bad little boy you'e been on the computer.

Niggers would be shot in the streets if they ever tried dumb shit like this
Whites are the ones with most of the guns and numbers in western countries
You lose cuck boy

New World Chaos you mean

Its only a matter of time until we are totally disarmed and the forces that have been slowly encroaching on our rights will never relent. It only grows stronger each day. A lot of us are ready to give in to it... to just let it happen. White girls in particular are ready. When it happens, the legs of the white race will open wide for them to take what is theirs. I cant wait! :)

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New world order is families? I don't understand.

Mmmm so hot. U have Kik to discuss this more?

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Gonna be great.

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>people keep their guns regardless
>nogs still outnumbered
>nogs still hated by majority of police and military
Yeah; makes total sense

ironically that picture on the right was taking by a white cameraman standing right there, chud.

>Its only a matter of time until we are totally disarmed and the forces that have been slowly encroaching on our rights will never relent
This is one bit of truth here, folks. Liberals especially pay attention. The anti-White System wants to disarm you so it can destroy you. This goes for all Whites, does not matter how liberal or "anti-racist" you are. Stock up, get close to neighbors, and be ready to fight to the death if need be. You have no other option.