Fb ig vsco snap v2

fb ig vsco snap v2

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Good teacher slut?

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THICC slut for those who loves real curves

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who wants to stroke it for Katy?

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keep going


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See or save her before? She used to be a total slut

who wants to cum for this cutie?

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keep going

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Why is that chink trying to look like a fat assed nigger? Is she trying to be a chunk?
This thread is bullshit/

who wants more of her?

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I hope those are fake tats, any white girl that would do real ones is a pathetic sack of shit that fucks niggers and should left to her own bullshit.


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Is she trying to imitate Sam Kineson?

Fuck yes

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left or right?

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keep going

AussieThread incoming

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Will fap to right

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she is sexy as hell

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Dick out

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Did you prep your shimps and vegetables for the barbie you savage fuck!?

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fuck yeah

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Want left in a bikini? Teacher slut

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mm let's see that body

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How about I prep that stuff and get you beers while you post more of your beautiful lady?

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Hell yeah

More of lefts tits

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you like her?

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mm pump it

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midgets can have fun too, we spin them around in the USA if you know what I mean!?

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They look like fish food

Oh I am

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Nice tits

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decent pic, it would be nice to see the real one instead of the cgi one of it.

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Her name?

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New Thread
New Thread

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Moar fish food, don't you aussies have enough fish food?


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mm hot

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Oh yeah, I bet she'd be a rollerball queen in NY if she wanted to. No joke, those chicks can be harsh when they want to be.

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mm yes

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how do you know her?



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what's your disc?

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Cute nips and she knows it!

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we are just acquaintances

Any way to text her? Kik snap?

Chinks are basically niggers dipshit.


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They look like they could use some tequilas

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she used to have a kik but she deleted it. Why?

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Yeah looks tough, I wouldn't want to mess around with her in a dark alley except maybe to take her home.

Missed messaging the slut

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She's a total hottie but why is her left eye closed, did one of those crazy Aussie spiders jump in there?
I got a can of bug spray for those things.


she was so fucking good.. like, a major slut.

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Kek, she'd probably do that.

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She was great loved sharing herself

keep posting

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If they flutter their arms more they might become like a helecopter then avoid the marurading masses trying to grab their boobs and asses! Pip Pip!

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Pretty cool!

Who would face fuck Shams

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I bet she'd look great in a tight skirt.


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she was eager to. loved giving her orders.

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She does

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Hopefully she makes another account soon

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keep going

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body pic?


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Which one of these sluts would you fuck her brain out? And why?

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I hope so. she cant go too long without making guys jerk for her.

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Those two are better on my side than against me, that's for sure. We can destroy enemies than have a nice steak dinner afterwards.

total babe

Like it?

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more blonde


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oh yeah

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She's probably finally doing more irl

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Cute and all but these two chicks would be a lot cooler, likely a lot cooler to talk to and chill out with. Trust me, been there done that, the big chicks are pretty cool. That they'll judge me for being stupid, I like it that way.

less clothes

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Jesus I hope so. taking her friends out in the woods to blow or eat them. You have a favorite picture she sent you?

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I'd have to try them all but always keeping a sixgun by my side. That's the USA part of me.


Who will fuck this face?

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anyone trading on disc?

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Fuking shoot that indian whoar, she looks like a bitch from NYC that was a whining friend. Don't trust that thing.


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Too right

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I bet those two could grind me out of some spermies faster than I could say wing diggity dang!

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oh my lord

more of this slut

That they would


Damn, that's the same chick as in the other pictures? hahah maybe she dolled up?

perfect tits

yes,it is

damn! and damn again this thread maxed out. That was too fast.

New Thread Here::

I'll stroke it to Katy