What do you think about Trump’s exoneration and acquittal?

What do you think about Trump’s exoneration and acquittal?

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short version : it sets a precedent. The US president can now pressure any foreign country into helping him getting reelected with no consequence whatsoever.
It also means the impeachment mechanic is broken, since you can apparently refuse witnesses and testimonies who don't agree with you.

On a broader scale, it proves the US political system is not a democracy but an oligarchy.

He did nothing wrong, only haters sees him at fault.

see, that's an issue in itself. Not the thing you are saying, but what it implies.
You have to be either 100% with him, or you are against him.
You have to admit he is perfect, or you are a hater.

He is not perfect by any scale, he is incompetent and has proven himself to lie about facts.
The only good thing I can say about him is that : he is a good demagogue.

It shows that impea means nothing since a straight majority in the house can do it, basically just for being sire about losing an election fair and square. Nobody other than the commie left assigns it any significance.

>> He did nothing wrong, only haters sees him at fault.
Hey, whatever lets you sleep at night. That and your loli pillow.

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Political theater. Nothing more.

and a straight majority in the other house can deny factual treatment of the situation.
Forget about wether Trump should be impeached or not, that's not the issue here. This case proves that impeachment no longer works, republicans will support any and all moves by a republican president, literally regardless of any suspicion of foul play.
That means murica's political system is broken beyond repair.

Hes a giant douche. But only the visible head of the cyst known as the GOP. They do not have the US interests at heart. Burn them all.

Ha - what politician HASN’T done something wrong?!?! They’re all scum & he’s no different.

Isn't that the guy from the Apprentice show?


Fucking idiot/troll.

Exoneration and acquittal are two completely different things. Specifically, he has never been legally exonerated of anything he has done as president. Exonerated is not the same as not guilty.

3rd world country

He is though. He's not the "I evaded taxes that one time", he's the "I actually went against the constitution, lied to the people again and again, made more tax evasion for myself and my rich friends, and my party keeps following me anyways" kind of politician.
Kind of a dozen level up (or down, depending on how you scale)

The system is rigged! Drain the swamp! Purge them all & start anew.

I think it was set up by his own party to validate him and give him an apperence of legitimacy in order to improve public opinion. He basically had a mock trial aquit him before an impartial one could. Its devious and scary and sets up an awful precedent.

Innocent man who was wrongfully accused and has finally been proven innocent. God bless America

Just a show for the goyims

Exonerated? Almost as bad as the people saying vindicated.

Can’t argue against those facts. The guy’s a total abomination. They’re all scum, it’s just that he & the turtle are thr worst of the lot.

I see you jump straight to mockery, like a child would.

Same way I'd feel if Democrats in a majority Democrat senate "acquitted" another Democrat. It's not the Trump tard way to think critically. They're the easiest to please because all the fake news has to say is "your team won" and you sleep like lambs. But nobody wins. You'll find that out when roles are reversed. Every excuse used during this trial will go in to eventually protect a Democrat that skirted the rules.

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Aquitted . Maybe, Exonerated, absolutely not. Everyone, including the GOP knows he broke the law and desecrated the constitution. It's just in the GOP's personal interest to keep him on office. Either that or he spent the last 20 years digging up dirt on each and everyone of them and has essentially threatened to expose them all if they go against him

>head on a pike
is how it was phrased

Way off. The precedent you should be worried about is the house using impeachment as a political tool.

Every political system in every country is an oligarchy. That's like baby's first revelation when it comes to politics

>has finally been proven innocent

Another fucking idiot. Being acquitted and being proven innocent are two completely different things. He is guilty, there just weren't enough senators with spines to do the right thing. Except Romney, of course.

Even if it was 100% political. Why not keep a torch under the ass of the person running our country? They'll most assuredly be less inclined to pull shit. Eric Holder was never pu ished for Fast and Furious. Aren't you mad about injustices that aren't even investigated?

Your tears sustain me. MMOAR

That was also a precedent set by Republicans. Did you think the impeachment of Bill Clinton was anything more than a political move? They found no crimes for whitewater, none for the travel agents, none for the FBI files. They decided to go for him over a blowjob because they needed something, anything, to smear him with.

Republicans are traitors

>means you can now pressure any foreign country
No it doesn't you fucking mong.

>you can apparently refuse witnesses and testimonies
Like the democrats did in the lower house, right..? RIGHT?! They CHOSE not to have any more witnesses in congress that the republicans wanted, yet cry murder when they dont get it in the senate, where they are not in control? Get bent.

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>murica's political system is broken beyond repair
No it did it's job. Impeachment was always supposed to be done with
1: bipartisan consensus
2: an actual crime committed
Neither of which happened and the articles should never have been voted on.

Trump is a nigger and anyone who supports him is a dumb nigger.

you couldn't even if you tried, pussy.

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You are correct sir, to be legally exonerated of a crime you need to be accused of a crime and then go to trial to determine guilt. There was no accusation of anything illegal in the Trump impeachment, which is actually a first ever in an impeachment trial. But hey, the more you know.

Both articles of impeachment were not about breaking the law, but about bad character. Where do you get your news? Twitter?

Under British and by extension US common law, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so if he is acquitted it literally proves him innocent. Because he was never proven guilty, and you are innocent until proven guilty.

You can't keep having hissy fits about orange man bad for another 5 years.


Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

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who the fuck cares, this hollywood reject is too fucking loud

that he wasn't exonerated. Lev has a lot more to say. I wouldn't rule out another impeachment.

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