I have been told by many people that i have a very feminine body, wide hips not broad shoulders etc...

i have been told by many people that i have a very feminine body, wide hips not broad shoulders etc. also my face is very girly and i have somewhat long hair. i am 5"10 though. is it possible for me to be a trap or am i too tall? i have autogynephilia btw.

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wanna be a fag is the real question

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Wanna be a faggot, wanna be a faggot?

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im bisexual. im ashamed of being a faggot but i dont let it bother me. it isnt my fault.

well it kinda iss

really? i never wanted to have autogynephilia nor be attracted to men. and ive only gotten with girls in the past.

are you going to tell me if i should try it or not?

Post schlong

im sorry i don't want to put a photo of that since it isnt shaven recently. do you have any answers to my main question?

You could be a trap or a femboy.
We need more pictures to be certain.

Looks good from what I see. My GF is 5"10 too, as am I, so you could just be a tall bitch y'know

my body is like the pic related in the original one. what do you think about my height then? is it possible to be a 5"10 trap or does it not work? im already a femboi btw.

that isnt me sorry to mislead you. i guess i could be a taller girl.

There are tall traps in trap threads. This bitch is 6'

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I thought Jes was a smol boi

Well, she said she was that tall, haven't measure her myself.

thats reassuring. ill probably buy some girl clothes and see how i look. what type of belly button looks better on traps btw? im sorry if i sound weird but i have a sort of inbetweenie belly button and i was wondering if people still find that attractive as i know people dont like outies.


post a pic of it all smooth. stomachs are the hottest thing

im sorry i don't feel comfortable doing that right now. but i do agree though that tummies are CUTE. ive always wanted someone to lick and kiss my tummy.

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if its feminine and smooth, i'd fucking love to. i wanna make out with a tummy so bad

>a trap is taller than me

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post face with and without makeup
and figure standing up
preffered in high heels

go go go

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what type of bellies do you prefer? do you like them thinner or not?

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thin is the best. nice and tight

there will be no way that im posting my face to Cred Forums in a thread about how i want to be a trap. sorry user.

so ur just full of shit nad gay

go fuck yourself

ive got a skinny belly. im sure youd like it user.

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What's your workout routine?

not really. do you want to post your face? and where i come from they people do not like faggots.

show me baby

i did

and nobody likes faggots

i like to go on a run everyday. that's about it. i have a large ass naturally but i don't know how to make my thighs more feminine.

I'm a 6'5 tall, skinny twink with a big dick, and if you look similar to the OP pic then I'd gladly lick and kiss any part of you that you'd want.
Also disregard faggots with height insecurities, if they can't handle their girl/trap being tall then that's on them.

you can't, because hormones and the way males grow

you can get fatter though

im sorry but i dont want to do it. i can send you more boy tummies if you want though. have you boy tummy photos user?

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id if like it if you could kiss my belly button. im actually quite short where im from almost all of the men whom i work with are taller than me. i look most like that but a different belly button and a bit taller.

what do you write?

i suppose but i dont really want to put on more weight and i dont think i can anyway. my ass is large naturally though so i think im fine.

An interesting read

If thats you OP in the picture your hands kind of give it away that your a dude

Have you checked the dongs some of them have?

it isn't. but i probably have hands like that though. is there any good things you can do hide it?

whys that user?

Show ass bby like right now

that part of my body isnt shaven recently sorry user.


heres a cute belly i saw earlier today. you can look at that. im sorry user but i cant be taking photos now.

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How cooimmmeeeeeee???

Would you be down for a pic in some tight jeans?

more belly sluts

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i cant im sorry. enjoy pic related.

of you, or someone else? send it.

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so girly. send more.

But why though? Work?

no im just dont want to show my body right now. and i dont have a good camera.

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Well I really enjoyed your bod pics, got me extremely hard and throbbing
I hope you post more soon :3

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You could be a trap. The real question is: Would you be willing to fuck shorter guys that are masculine? Because the average height of American males is 5'7".

it isnt me.

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god damn I would rail you til one of us broke

send more.

>the average height of American males is 5'7".
really? im not american btw most men i know are taller than me. i wouldn't really be bothered as long as they are into me anyway.

Lol i was asking to see your butt in tight jeans, my butt aint special

okay but it isn't me?

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i never wear jeans lol. most of my clothes are very loose.

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How about laying down in your loose clothes like that one?

have you any of her tummy?

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id like to show you my body honestly but im too nervous right now and only my tummy and armpits are shaven this week. i shall soon bye some girl clothes i think and show myself in trap threads.

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send more.

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send more.

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Youre so adorable :3 the insecutiry and timidness really geys my dick hard

i do, OC btw

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thanks i guess. you dont actually think these are all me do you?

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send more of your belly.

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can you send more with clothes on but showing your belly?

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Im kinda just imaging your personality from readimg your posys, superimposed onto a generic trap body

send more of just your belly.

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what do you mean?

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Oh shit it's me, didn't expect to pop up here

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Nothing really just jerking off thonking you a cutie

send more of your bellies.

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send more of just your bellies.

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is it true that youre just a crossdresser?

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send more.

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No hips :(

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Trap here

send more.

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What do I got to do to see them lips around my cock

do you think would you enjoy it if someone licked your belly?

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Promise me nice things?

Honestly I'll take licks anywhere

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>nice things
Fuck that sounds easy, we'll get chicken tenders every day

would you let someone rub your belly and lick your belly button? do you ever think about your belly button? how would you react if someone just started licking it? and would you ever lick anyone elses belly button?

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Vegan tenders?
I've never had it done to myself but have done it to a few girls. It's very sensual while you're doing it your hands can roam freely. Getting hot and bothered just thinking about it ;)

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As long as they're tendies we good

no Lexi pics

say more about it. how did it feel for you? how did you ask to girls to do it? were you crossdressing whilst it happened? did they like it? what type of belly buttons did they have? would you do it again? would you do it to a trap?

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would procreate with

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a little oc, as a treat

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Most female models are tall. I’m also 5’10” & trap. It’s honestly almost an ideal height in terms of things fitting & looking nice, and very easy to date taller guys.

Some over the counter supplements. Saw Palmetto, Red Clover and Peppermint Tea.


Plus...legs for days.

>and very easy to date taller guys.

So you're basically as picky as a woman.

I found the manlette.

Good legs. Got more to show off?

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Big thanks for sharing, user

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Anyone got the pictures from that trap that was posting earlier? i have one but i want the others

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Weak and girly. Nice.


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Is that a dress?

are you actually determining your decision based on Cred Forums's advice?

the answer is no, dont do it. live in reality. have some self respect. stick to girls and work out more, and never take life advice from braindead coomers

Was she posting earlyier?
Or was it someone who found a plug of her? I swear shes the cutest trap but refuses to give any info on where to find more.

neigh, is a skirt

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How do you look all dolled up?

kinda like that

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Holy damn you look like you'd make a nice girlfriend

thank you!

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so tell us the sluttiest youve ever gotten

That face looking up at me is getting me excited as hell. Got a name sweetheart? Location?

hot outfit

Ready for a load, I'd only cum inside of you though.

Fuck j want that asss

I haven't really, unless being really high and sucking dick is slutty
You can call me alice, i'm chillin in the uk
i'm ready to sleep so just blow it homie

here's a similar one but with this dope choker I got

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I know a dude who owns that Outfit aswell. It looks nice

do tell your stories

Show me how you look in a dress before you go sweetheart. The thought of you on your knees, high and putting the choker to use will do it for me. ;)

There's really nothing to tell, it's exactly what it sounds like; I was high, he was high, I sucked him off a few times, we grinded, that's about it

I don't really wear any, this is the closest i've got really

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the only thing that matters is how good your butthole is. Everything else can be attained through effort

Please post more of those soles.

last trap thread i was on thay gave epic stories

I have this one

I haven’t got any crazy stories sorry user

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I love feeeet

Join now before it's too late

No more feet, and I have to sleep
So here’s a little treat so you can beat ~

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Fuck, you have nice feet user. Got a Kik or anything? Would love to see more of them

It's perfect for tummyfags

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Not anymore, I have a leg pic tho

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I mean yea. Tummies are great.
Tho i'd be lying if i said i wasnt tiny bit hoping you were him since i know him irl. But sadly not. rip.

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Whoops wrong one

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Shove those in my mouth

Show that pretty hole

God damn. Killing me user. Your legs and feet are gorgeous

Before you get your hopes up, here’s how bad I look when I’ve just woken up after sleep for 18 hours

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she was doing an AMA with rewards for dubs, trips, etc

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no troll when I say this but literally just become a trap and sell pictures online if you look good enough. since you made this post you are already thinking about it....

No, get off the internet, start working out and eating more. Your tranny faggot tendencies will go away and you will look like the male you are. Also your hands are a give away if you ever turn full tranny.

And? I see nothing wrong here

But I look so bad! What about this one, it’s the worst I have sorry

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Pic related, you have kik or discord? It got posted to Cred Forums for bants, but my inner coomer's coming out with you

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Ikr, I said it was bad

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very nice

Why sleep for so long? I'd still cuddle with you sweetie

I wonder how much of the 41% is coming from how god damn vain LGBT+ are.
Uggo's cant stand not being the prettiest and fall into depression, and even the pretty ones will fall prey to age.

Thanks borat
Idk, and neither does my doctor, I just do for some unknown reason

I need sleep, adios amigo’s


am i too late 4 tummy thread

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