Serious question. Not a Trump supporter...

Serious question. Not a Trump supporter, but I'm curious as to whether any of you who do support him can actually stand his constant whiney listing of grievances against those who he feels have wronged him, or do you just avoid listening?
Doesn't he annoy you when he's going on and on? Forget about the content, we're never going to agree about any of that, and just for a moment put aside the "As long as it makes you cry, leftie!" sort of comments.
What I'm asking is if you had a relative, say, your dad or an old uncle, who every time you saw him went on and on and on about everyone who's done him wrong, doing him wrong, or will do him wrong, wouldn't you pretty soon just want him to shut the fuck up?
I can't understand how there's a whole half of a country that don't find this mind-numbingly tedious. I tried to watch his victory lap ramblings this morning, but that sing-song voice he uses, the repetitious cadence and the fucking infinite list of these, to him, people that he wants everyone to believe are just the worst people in the world because they don't lick his boots like the lackeys in the audience do was just so repulsive and annoying, to me.
I wonder if anyone who supports him can rise above their usual knee-jerk "lefties bad" rejoinders and answer the question? If your answer is "I like how he sounds, I can listen to him for hours and hours," would you say the same thing would apply to everyone else that goes on like that, or is Trump special to you?

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I talked to my boss about this today and we came the the same conclusion. We dont care who the president is as long as there's money going into my bank account and since trump got elected we've both gotten more raises than under Bush or Obama. We work at a metal fabrication plant and the only thing that kinda hurt us was when he put tariffs on steel and aluminum. But other than that we've gotten more contracts in the last 4 years than we have in the last 40.

If you look at the core of his base, they've been doing the same thing their entire lives - ceaselessly whining about the people they perceive to have "wronged" them and how they'd be millionaires if it wasn't [insert group] keeping them down.

Trump whines about some of the same people, (the overlap is mostly people with college degrees), so they love him even though he's screwing them even harder than pretty much everybody other than immigrants.

I largely agree with your criticisms of Trump. I voted for him once and I'll happily vote for him again. Why? The alternative is a Democrat. They've chosen ideology over reality. They're fuckin' nuts.

>They've chosen ideology over reality. They're fuckin' nuts.
And yet they crucified Romney. So try again.

I'm not a fan of it but it's a minimum layer of strategy he must employ. His poor character wouldn't truck with most Americans if it werent for democrats completely rabid partisanship and abject incompetence. Basically people would prefer competent and rude to incompetent and crazy so he's forced to continue reminding people of democrats failures as statesmen. Like i said, unpleasant but necessary for him.

In what fuckin way does that refute anons point? Romney doesn't subscribe to their ideology so what exactly would prompt them to protect him?

I think it's more that he's expressing exactly the kind of anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-education views that they hold.

Like, the Democrats suck, but they've sucked for a long time and Trump is the first person to really enjoy the cultish-support that he does.

Tr*mp fans are just retarded. Same as the morons who voted W twice. It's that simple

>If you look at the core of his base, they've been doing the same thing their entire lives - ceaselessly whining about the people they perceive to have "wronged" them and how they'd be millionaires if it wasn't [insert group] keeping them down.
didn't realise trump supporters were all niggers

He's there to pacify normies, that outnumber us by a huge margin.
You don't need to support any president that gets elected in the near future. They are all scum no matter the party they hail from.

He claims that the GOP doesn't follow their ideology. That's a retarded claim and Romney disproves that claim.

I think he was saying that the Democrats have chosen ideology over reality and are fuckin' nuts.

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What ideology? Republicans are fucking nuts too with their latest antics and their kissing the orange ass.

Trump is just a myth at this point. He means something different to just about every one of his followers.
Proof: Ask anyone one of them "When was America greatest" you will never get the same answer.

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I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. He’s tapped into the disgruntled mindset of a large enough portion of the population to secure him his base. You recall a lot of people saying they supported him in 2016 because “he talked like one of us”. We could argue all day whether that’s good or bad for the country, but that doesn’t do us any good.

I personally think he’s taken the whole rage/whiney thing too far. Yes, it’ll probably get him re-elected, but at what cost to our nation as a whole?

I always thought the last election was a joke and felt that Trump would win and he did. He basically represents what half of the American public really is. Poop heads just like him. Plain and simple, because he is the true American form. Like it or not that is why he won. And he’s a man. Which, also, like it or not, gets you elected. It’s not as hard as people make it out to be.

Trump derangement syndrome.

Politics are for fags so i avoid, literally all politicians are garbage. But it is a blatant fact he is at least 5000x better than any current Democratic candidate, it's not he's good it's Democrats are much worse.

Didn't evenvote but these are facts, everyone that criticizes him is literally gay as shit and should prob not be in this country, in a mental hospital, or needs hormone therapy to transition to trans.

Comparing getting soldiers killed at an embassy outpost like a political game to grammar mistakes on Twitter is some of the most ignorantly funny shit ive seen in my life.

Pretty much. Trump isn't such a scary guy, but what worries me is that so many people find him relatable and identify strongly with him and his world view. There are millions of this guy.

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The base doesn't care, as long as he's "owning the libs." Which shows how fucking stupid they are, because their lot in life isn't going to be any better (and will probably keep getting worse) during Trump's second term.

It's like how the Confederates got poor whites to fight to keep slavery going. As long as somebody else has it worse, it doesn't matter how bad they have it.

Ask him, I wasn't agreeing with his assertion, just noting that the people who replied got his point backwards.

BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI oh wow there are still some of you out there.

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Yeah, anybody who's spent any time in a red county knows TONS of people who are exactly like that. His greatest success was not giving a shit about being overtly racist, anti-gay, and embracing latent anti-semitism while still supporting Israel; the anti-semites are generally OK with that because they hate the Arabs more.

Democrats are the ones that enforced slavery, Republicans died freeing them.

Also there is absolutely no moral obligation at all whatsoever to aid other countries, that shit is retarded as fuck for lazy cunts.

Well he said he would vote for Trump again because the alternative is a Democrat for aforementioned reason. That's pretty fucking hypocritical and shows his partisan blindness.

Yeah, 150 years ago. They switched roles in the '60s. "Hurr durr party of Lincoln" is the saddest trope people can trot out.

>Thinking the Democratic and Republican parties in the past are the same as today.

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Now go cry to your mommy "at this point what difference does it make!" While people that have achieved more in life you could dream of are eating dirt nigger,

That's just 1 example also, she sold uranium to Russia, emails, biden corruption, list goes on faggot

I never know if they're being deliberately obtuse or if they're just straight-up fucking stupid.

Lol being this retarded. Yeah 1800 Republicans were the ones that enforced slavery and then the ideologies switch, that's who I was referring to you unintelligent nigger.

Are you confused?

I was assuming you fags would know that North were the Republicans that enforced slavery but switched to Democrats, guess I have to spell it out and assume you guys are preschoolers or something, my bad lol

If I went to a rally, which I would I'd outclass you in every important demographic you pathetic whiny little internet faggot cock sucker.

Since you're going to melt down Nov 3rd. You can't keep having hissy fits about orange man bad for another 5 years.


Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

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they are not better now

You do know the southern democrates aka dixiecrats became republicans after LBJ give blacks civil right, right? Do do also know the republican party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and even Reagan don't exist in the GOP anymore. They are all independents and moderate leaving the party. The Real RINO's are trump and the tea party retards who became trumpists.

When Strom Thurmond switches parties, you can be pretty sure that the one he switched to is super racist.

>I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races … I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race

- Honest Abe

I can't shit on Lincoln too much for that. It was the prevailing opinion at the time, even among abolitionists.

The key thing is that he acknowledged that they were human and not chattel.

as long as ((( joos ))) remove kebab, its all good, right?

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I havent seen any of those "anti" points you've pointed out. In what way does curbing illegal immigration have to do with being anti immigrant? Gunna need an example of his anti gayness and minorities are thriving under his policies...and as far as basing public education off of who is president then I would have to say they all suck because public education in the united states is a joke. Gunna need some references

Pretty sure this doesn't mean what you think it does.

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Yep. They consider Arabs/Muslims a more immediate threat than Jews, so getting rid of them first is more important. If Israel succeeds, they can move onto getting rid of the Jews next.

you have 4 more years of butt hurt ahead.. strap in Princess

Literally how fucking desperately wrong are you to turn a discussion about trump into a history lesson about slavery in the 1800s

Only a fucking retarded ignorant liberal would change discussion to try and flex some brainwashed knowledged they learned in a communist school. Fucking hilarious.

Conservatives: Lol liberals are such fragile snowflakes!

Also conservatives: *get incredibly butthurt over everything Nancy Pelosi does*

The South cared for slaves much more, you can read any real accounts of it. North treated them like trash.

You must be a big Shelby Foote fan.

Go learn how to wear a dress, that's all you're good for.

Jesus H. Christ. Are you a cum gargling retard? I was not the one who started it.


We live in a world where asking people to qualify their arguments with credible sources and information is 'trolling'. Big yikes.

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Yeah, you're "just asking questions." Got it.

>screencap of a facebook status

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I think all you liberals should stop attacking trump and conservatives because it's clear you all lost, stop crying, get over it, and get better candidates than what you got now cause it's fucking disgusting. Beat him in the actual playing field and stop acting like communist misgendered trash.

Who is that guy?

It's from a tweet, retard.

p sure that's Alex Jones?

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Americans are the whitest people on the planet. He is just acting like they wish they could.