Celery on bread: tickle your bones edition

celery on bread: tickle your bones edition

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Eat some butter

i can't take it anymore :( i need to COOM

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Lemme probe Anya's mouth with my instrument

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I like me alien goddess editions

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Aim well!

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Is god a celeb?

Brie & Kate nudes

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ok coomer

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I think he's the celeb of the celebs

i like youu

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i'll try!

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You're a sloot

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Hope you don't mind me returning the favour.

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In the best way

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Reminds me of HAHA NOPE

not at all user, go ahead

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We‘re snuggle burrito bros now.
Coziest weekends.
Anya way so cute in glass

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god yes

hehe goog
still snuggling?

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I didn't come for snuggling

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yesss we snuggles
warm and cozy

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“I need samples to take back to the mother ship.”

Oh, I think I will. Again and again.

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Photoshop them wider

We can wrap all four in my yak blanket.

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god, anya

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who is this semen demon?

"At least he doesn't know I'm in love with Ariana Grande"

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:O how cozy and qt!
they would feel very safe and enjoy the snuggles!
(and mebbe lil gropes, but only if they do it first)

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The genetics are strong in this one.

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Hello :3

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Fox news: we don't believe in your shit

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She is a fucking beauty ....


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Comfy cuteness overload!

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yes they are

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Ofc we‘re good bois, we only spoon and be cute. But if they push their butts in our crotches and wiggle it could be hard to resist a tiny grope.

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What do you like so much about Dua , user ?

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lurk moar maybe?

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bestest bois
:o how qt of them to do that
I think anya would do that to you first!

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The mother was already an early crush, but she tops it.

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she's amazing

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I like everything about her, she has an ideal appearance in my opinion, and besides, it seems to me that she is a good and kind person

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Huh, I wonder...

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Make them wider


Alien lizard tongue.

anya disrobing! :o

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Alien mother commands lewd boys

Perfection to come home to.

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You think so O.O
What if I tense up and she notices it?
JJ is very playfull, she is moving around a lot and her big butt won‘t stop moving.

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Getting ready to cuddle.

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Did you just read my mind. I was thinking about the same if you asked me what I liked about Laura.

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yess! I think Anya would be frisky and start the commotion under the blankets, she'd wiggle into you! If you tense up she'd only wiggle harder!
ooh JJ the lil minx, i noticed her big butt moving the blanket around a lot, maybe i should move closer to her

this is cute

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I hope in the next life your girlfriend will be Laura:3

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She demands cum extraction.

This bitch is not humanly possible, right?


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17:7 For so it was, that the children of Israel had sinned against the LORD their God, which had brought them up out of the land of Egypt, from under the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and had feared other gods,

17:8 And walked in the statutes of the heathen, whom the LORD cast out from before the children of Israel, and of the kings of Israel, which they had made.

17:9 And the children of Israel did secretly those things that were not right against the LORD their God, and they built them high places in all their cities, from the tower of the watchmen to the fenced city.

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Dat eye distance... She's literally a horse

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And I hope your gf will be Dua in your next life.

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>not human


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The history is written by the winners.
It has been rewritten many times.
Let me tell you what is real: here and now.
Be here and now.

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a witch and a goddess

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>calling our alienquuen a horse

user... worship or you will be probed, and you will not enJOY it

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when is she going to let them out?

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bounce walk webm

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Uhuh, I def can‘t hide it when she is wiggling even more, maybe I can watch over her shoulder and see how her big soft boobies wiggle to the rhythm of her butt.
JJ tends to have a cold butt, she likes it best when you go as close as possible? real snug to warm it up. Maybe a few rubs to get her warm quickly.

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I'd make her bounce fo real

Oh please!
I know you're monitoring me and know who I am. I am a nobody!
Hated and despised for who I am
Don't hold back!

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her upcoming movie she is supposedly topless! can't wait

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We can even walk in pairs, I with Lipa and you with Laura, we organize a small group of friends

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you would put your dick in crazy ?

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yess, anya would ensure you are safe and secure, if you didnt do it, she'd grab your cold hands and place them over her shoulder free to wander as she wiggles.
JJ is energetic, maybe id have to grab her soft waist and pull myself right up to her, she does feel cold! a few rubs? like with my hand or? :o

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Is there any hope for her at all? Or is she just stuck on the yacht?

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I'd go balls deep in crazy

You guys suck!

That sounds like a plan. We could go to Dua's concert as VIP.

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She's stuck in my mind

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Yes, in the next life we will have a lot of fun moments with our girls: 3 And who would you like to be in the next life?

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I would love to be a director / actor who has mediocre fame. You ?

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That's hot af

My God...

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Oh my, the pure thought of exploring her perfect body with my hands is amazing.
She‘d want you grab her waist tight and to pull her as close as you can.
But then you wouldn’t have a hand free to rub...
Well ofc you can rub your body against hers, getting some friction going.
Look at her cute pj she‘s wearing rn.

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just so long as you know the consequences not a single decent sandwich EVER

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Exactly where do you think you're going after your death?
Shut the fuck up Lucy

“Living in my head is my favorite place to be.”

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Mma fighter like McGregor :D

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there is forgiveness and there is fame

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Well answer me this. Will she throat my dick like a pornstar?

Shit eater!

Oh , that is a good choice. Dua and Laura front row cheering you on

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I live for her

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heh Anya would make sure you'd explore every inch! afterall, we cant have either of you getting too cold!!! I think she'd take control of the situation!

:o JJ knows what she wants! id have no choice but to snuggle closely into those cute pjs, my hand on her waist, her hand holding it there as she wiggles into my body...my heart would be pounding!

(doth you have discord fren?)

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And then we all four would go with you to your films: 3

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god yes

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>stuck on the yacht
>whole trip comped & a photoshoot for a magazine
>thinks vicky needs a yachtguy to pay for shit
but nvm, lets see how her new music in 2020

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yes. I don't like that they felt the need to have it censored on tv though

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I'm gunna fuck her face so hard

Huge assuming cuckold spergs

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Starring my girl Laura.
I would also try to get you and Dua some minor roles in my movies if you wanted.

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legs for days

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We should live together for her

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It’s enough for me that I’m a world famous MMA fighter, but I would love to go see your films)

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I like to lose a little control over such a situation tbh, I‘d be shy and she‘d notice and be super cute and teasing until I can‘t hold back anymore.
It would be pounding out your chest, feeling jjs tight little body, as she giggles and playfully starts to run her butt up and down your crotch.
Post yours O.O

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this close ?

Attached: wordsfuckingfailme .gif (250x193, 476K)

Please stop.

Attached: 4-1.webm (640x360, 1.6M)

Can she take it?

Attached: bielfhmshoot03.jpg (2250x1687, 580K)

gotta love that

Attached: 1578508265216.jpg (864x1080, 64K)

That could be interesting

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Dick sucking ass burgers

i'm heading out user, thanks for the pics

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"at least" STOP

Attached: 1576185343379.jpg (2400x3600, 885K)

Dua can still perform in my movie if she wants

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be good

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Got discord?

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wont be a problem

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Attached: 93079_2007_Stella_McCartney_F-W_07-08_Fashion_Show_Jessica_Biel_0115_122_457lo.jpg (2336x3504, 977K)


Can I finish all over her face?


now that is a GREAT webm

look at those knee bruises and wonder no more

She gon get covered in jizz