Roast me

Roast me
In a bad mood thisl cheer me up

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Gay stoner with no personality

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You’d be quite good looking if you cleaned up the hair and did some cardio. 6/10! could be 7.5/10.

Not a roast but you kinda like a stereotypical reddit/soy boy

Last one

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You seem normal.

shave your hairman youre fuckin balding

I don't think you understand the meaning of "roast me"

You are gay

im 21 tho,

You know those male feminists who end up as rapists look like?

To make fun of, y'alls retarded responses will give me a giggle

if you look this bad at 21, I cannot recommend enough that you neck yourself. it's only going to get worse

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Wtf are these tattoos? Who is going to hire a faggot like you?

a prostitution ring for degenerates?

You know niggers are inferior but wold rather die than have a soul know that you think such a thing.
In fact, you dread your secret getting out so badly that you have completely sacrificed all vestiges of masculinity.
You contemplate suicide weekly.

That tank top, finger tattoos, lip piercing and glasses all scream I'm in my 20's smoke vape penis and plan to vote Bernie.

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hipster, seen 'em. cut your dick off for Cred Forums likes

Lose the lip ring fag, grow out the beard. The lip hair by itself screams “gas station truck stop glory hole blowjobs”

If “I’m a proud male feminist” were an image.

You'll be okay.

i have your red, swingline stapler

You’re not interesting.

Don't tell me what to do, you playful rascal with a kind face.

You look like the reason cuckolding is a thing

Pretty sure you're the one who posted the blacked thread just now

You must really like roads. If only that tattoo would meet some actual pavement and do us all a favor.

do you post on pol also ?

i think youre the usual phenotype who posts blacked threads..

The last thing Craft Beer sees before it dies