Do most Mexican-American girls under 30 act black?

Do most Mexican-American girls under 30 act black?

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basically yes

Question since when is acting like an ignorant nig cool?

Depends on where they live. Acting "black" is more of a cultural thing than an actual skin color. Mexicans in the hood are allowed to say nigga no problem, I know some white people who have no problem either because they're actually from the hood but if you're not like myself they will know that you're not and acting like them wont be acceptable. But if you go to a nice little suburb the Mexican girls are gonna act like the nice little suburban bitches but wrapped in a tortilla

Mexicans say nigga even in Utah and Wyoming
It's not like they only act black if they live around black people

It's not, but since 2010 or so, a large chunk of Hispanics in the US adopted that culture

Of course it's a cultural thing, that's what I was referring to.
Like those Mexican girls who spend all their money on Jordans and say shit like "ion"


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what do you mean

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1 white girl pretending to pretend to be black, versus the majority of Hispanic girls pretending to be black
Hispanics in Utah and California say nigga and y'all as if they were black Southerners

do shitskins act like shitskins?

Literally this

Lol you're completely missing the point
Back in the 90s, not even the gang member Hispanics acted black. They spoke pretty normal.

Most white girls act black in california

1 lol

Bullshit. The ones I've met have all acted as white as it gets
Granted, the two Mexican girls I've met from California acted white (as in, not ghetto), but that's a confirmation bias since ratchet Latinas don't travel

You don't see tons of white chicks on social media using ebonics like you do mexican chicks



There is a lot of whites in California that act black i don't know where the hell you've gone to. And not just in California. A lot of ratchet white hoes everywhere they do travel

I do tons on instagram

>nice little suburban bitches but wrapped in a tortilla

Fucking hilarious and true too. I like em like that tbh

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Yeah they're cozy
It's a pretty low percentage