New rekt thread

new rekt thread

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what made her want to have a train run on her.


Life I guess

Why do you care. She was a woman in China it seems. So really no worth there.

really hope she got pinched in a way that makes her stay alive and feel shit for a bit for cucking all those people commute. Fucking selfish bitch.

Or some asian country.

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These faggots and their insertions...

The just cant get enough of the pole.

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So she could say she survived

This #metoo movement is getting out of control

Coronavirus mutated into a train.


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Doesn't anybody have a longer clip of this thing? It's not rekt if you can't see what happens to her.

more thots being killed/maimed please

any other country boys here?
pbr tour has the best rekts

I've never found one. And they don't really know if it was a car or a post that got her. But she did get destroyed.

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Dont have to many

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Damn, legs like that and she couldn't find a man to support her shopping habit?

Ikr, love the legs.

vibe check of dubs

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little treat

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Trains too heavy, she didint. Prolly instant :)

You could call the teacher one if you choose

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the chinese retirement system

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Most likely Japan. They do have a high suicide rate. There's an entire forest dedicated to it.

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I didnt have that one. I do now

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Damn didnt notice

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He supposedly died at the hospital. Imagine living long enough with that post up your ass.

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I thought of that after I posted. But China has been in the news so much so. That's where my mind went first.

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thx user, i always wondered how shitting with prolapsed anus looks like

>Filming video that involves multiple dudes cuming on or in one girl
>One dude with a condom on.
I bet he's either got AIDS or HIV.

Yeah nope. That had to be some pain.

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Real, she started yelling loud enough her parents came and they managed to get her down before she died.

Why'd she hang herself if she didn't wanna do it


Who knows why women do anything.

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At first I thought the scooter (I have that model,old Honda 250)was going to get fucked.I was relieved when it wasn't.

You'd just have to hope they would just kill you. Honestly they all knew he was ded, why let him suffer?

Yeah. After having your insides discombobulated by that post I would prefer they put me out of my misery rather than keep me alive long enough to get me to the hospital.

She is a faker, her parents come in and have this look like
"God, our daughter is begging for attention AGAIN.....this is the 3rd time thisnweek!"

I've seen this before, why do people's assholes do that? Bizarre

Just shut up if you dont know the answer. She got clocked by a sign post, was taken to hospital, and died.

This is why.

lol wish i was there and her parents weren't, i'd cut her down and rape her lifeless body

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Yes but what's the REASON behind it? Why does your asshole do that?

guy was so lucky, i'd love that

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Yeah I totally agree but...
>dat hippopotamus oath
>trying to save a doomed person is good practice

Fuck I hate Dunny brush dogs. Thanks for posting.

I mean they allow youth in asia so I don't think hypocrites oath applies so much.

did they rape her or just beat the shit out of her?

Both. Forced her to drink for days straight and be totally out of it and raped her. I can't post the rest otherwise I'd probably get banned.

Shut the fuck up. You don't have it you retard.

Everyone has access to it. It's on Liveleak and Bestgore.

Your pants are on fire, be careful.

not him but whats her name or a hint

I wanna cum in that HOLE

You are a faggot

This is part of "Bakky series", extreme japanese pornographicvideos

These women consent to get abused, they get fucked by a bunch of gay, punched, abused, drowned, etc.

This happens in one day, the drinking stuff is not that coomon, only happens in a couple of videos and it's at the very end

this particular video is one of my favorites, you can find it by the code (BKSD-015)

Watch the video here

The part shown in the .webm starts about 1:49

>dat hippopotamus oath
>youth in asia
Youse guys is historical. lmao

fucking finally these bastards get gonked