Okay /b, how do I get a more prominent jaw?

Okay /b, how do I get a more prominent jaw?

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Kill yourself and hope it works out in the next life

Stop being a fatty.... We can't even see your Adam apple, are you a women?

Start breathing through your nose. Lift weights.

Don't be a filthy mutt kike

What the fuck kind of serious answer do you expect from this website? Do you think working out or anything will all of a sudden GROW you a fucking chin? You look like that. Forever. live with it and lose weight.

just keep lurking and forget about your jaw, shit's hopeless

Grow a beard and groom it properly.

I swear I read jaw as "jew"

have a friend try something similar to this.

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Get a head harness for neck workouts, attach a 30lb weight to it do neck workouts (look them up fag). Eventually move up to 50lb weight. I recommend using kettlebells. Easier to attach a ballance.

Grow a beard to hide your horrible defect

Plastic surgery. Seriously how dumb are you?

There is no hope for you.


I had an underbite as a kid. Between braces and a bulky mouth appliance I wore at night and as much as possible during the day my jawline moved forward. Today I have a respectable chin.

dammit, I meant overbite. I need to get more sleep.

what time is it for you user?

It's a little after 6:30, but I have chronic insomnia so it really doesn't matter what time it is, I'm always tired.

press your tongue against the roof of your mouth with your mouth closed and apply pressure as long as you can regularly. push forward and up.

insert two quarter inch wide copper pipes under your skin artard

Look up mewwing and fix ur posture

You need to work out your jaw muscles. Best way is to suck cock.

Good luck.

Fuck, you won't be rolling towels anytime soon

literally reduce bodyfat, mew, chew mastic, lift weights

these will all work


this isn't politics OP.

_FUCK_ off to /soc/

Or hgh. Confused those two. Look into it but do your own research I never tried that Shit