Why aren't you bisexual, user?

Why aren't you bisexual, user?

>it's 2020

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i like both straight women & lesbians, so i guess i am

Bisexual is bestsexual.

because pussy good

i'm bicurious but i don't like both girls and boys at the same time, either one or the other

and no futa

i'm a guy and i think guys are gross. if i could find a cute trap or tranny, i'd definitely suck benis and let them top me.

I am

bc I'm not a faggot like you OP

and you can still get it if you’re bi, genius

Just not wired that way mate

Most men don't look like sexy link

If you fuck link, aren't you trisexual?
Also vaginas are gross.

If you like Link it still makes you bi, as much as if you liked Ganondorf

I prefer to identify as omnisexual

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Pussy and dick can both be delicious.

I am but a very selective one.
I only like men that don't look masculine.

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Dicks gross me out, I have zero attraction to the male form. That's basically it.

so like... long hair no beard? Or like, trans women?

The worst part about being bi is men
Young little twinks are so cute but they need to shut the fuck up

>trans women
There is no such thing.
There are boys and girls.
And boys who look like girls and the other way.

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I'm attracted to girls, I have a current gf but I have let a guy fuck my ass and I love dick too, I'm not attracted to dudes sexually but i like dick? It sounds strange but I like having similar physical attributes to girls and letting a guy fuck me, only some it twice but I do have six toys that ive used a lot.

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Stop obsessing over trans people, user.


They just don't exist. That's just a misleading label.

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Pussy SO good who want dick?

What I'm trying to say is I'd fuck any cute butthole

If a dude looks like a chick it's not gay to fuck him so it doesn't count

there's like only a handful of guys I'd consider because they're cute
even then I'd only top him and mostly do shit like kiss and give him a reach around
i'm 99% straight so it's just easier to ignore things like that instead of try for a threeway between a cute tomboy girl and a cute trap

because even if a guy looks cute he doesn't SMELL like a girl
I have a sensitive nose and I basically never do anal cause of it

Taking hormones changes their smell ya dingus
All asses smell the same once properly cleaned jeez

I am lmao. Can't tell people though because I've been called a whore for it even tho I lean towards men more

Yeah but what about guys that have girl faces

So u like trannies

This is why we need feminism tbh

>implying I'm not

Closet bi. Ive told a handful of people but not family. My girlfriend is also bisexual so its nice to be able to share that and lookout for potential threesomes and maybe more.

I grew up having sex on a weekly basis with my stepbrother (we shared a room). I'm currently married to a woman and we have kids. I'd say I'm 90/10 attracted to women over men. In fact I can only think of two or three male friends/acquaintances that I've ever been sexually attracted to. They have to be thin like me, like a twink for me to be into them like that. I've only ever fucked around with one other dude when I was in high school.

Does that make me bi, b? I wonder often.

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recently i fapped to this pic


Who said I'm not Faggot

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>not plowing guys as a display of power
real lack of taste here

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Those photo shop lines.... kek


As the Romans demonstrated, only the bottom is gay

I am bisexual

because I fucking hate women obviously


oh shit quads

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Bi here

Anons got shit worked out.

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i'd be happy with a trap gf. tfw no cute booty to spank right now...

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I like trannies so I am bi. I'm also a degenerate that unironically fucks his own cousin though.

As opposed to ironically fucking your cousin

i'd fuck that

This person makes a very strong case for bisexuality.

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