Could I pass as female?

Could I pass as female?

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show bussy

Show Me More

prove your not a female


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joe mama

Man traps that pass insanely well are hot got my cock sucked by one a few years back it was hella good

who cares.... got a butthole?

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Id hit it

Show off more of your body


would like to cum all over your face


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Come on OP, surely we get something for dubs

Yes please. Yummy yummy.

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show your penis

I would love for a group of men to cum all over my face and use me as an object.

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Do you have a cute tummy

Quads to see it. I don't like to show it off or even touch it.

I would love to suck the cum out of you.

i just want proof, youre to hot to be a guy

You be the judge

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Nice! I'm jerking to you right now! We'd all like to see more!!!

got kik?

¿Roll maybe?


Let me see your nipples



fuck roll again


wheres your fucking cock nigger post it already

I follow this girl on ig and she isn’t trans. Why would you do this?



Please post your home address and phone number.

You’re hot af

Ummm... you ARE female

U look like a fuckin idiot with that haircut tbh. Did u use kindergarten scissors?

Uhmm. No I'm not :)

Well, then I’m gay. I’m okay with this

youre just a stalker faggot

youre a goddamn dime

A man just discovered himself

But. that's not a dime.

trans and trap are two different things retard at least traps know theyre still guys


my peepee is hard and I’m confused



cmon rolll

fake and gay thread

but it is

ur very hot!!!

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trans, traps, cd, shemale their all used freely u stupid cunt

You're a faggot and will never be a real woman

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Roughly two thirds of "trap" posts are Cred Forumstards trolling transgirls by posting pictures of biological women while claiming to be trans so that the actual transgirls will be more depressed and likelly to kill themselves.

I don't get it.

more girl

I also believe in esoteric Hitlerism and National Socialism.

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It doesn't matter what gender you choose, you'll always be a faggot.

lets frot for the fuhrer

>I don't get it
>so that the actual transgirls will be more depressed and likelly to kill themselves

Bruh, you do get it.
I wouldn't be surprised if they just nabbed random girls from /soc/

How was your day Alice? I've really missed you, you know this right? I was falling in love with you despite knowing you weren't real.

Do u wanna be mi girlfriend?

For a night or two for the right amount of money yes.

Show your dick or your gay

bump, also show nudes

You're in love with a dream.
A half-remembered meme.
Entranced by the spirals--
The thoughtforms repeatin'.
Around and around
The staircase you go
Drifting deeper and deeper down
As your breath begins to slow
At the base you find a door
Your heart's beating, more, more.
You trace the wood with your fingers
A light shines through all the cracks
The name you called for was Alice
Yet outside, you find a smiling cat.

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>Bruh, you do get it.
All of my mannerisms are fabricated and all of my statements are calculated.

Your observant nature unravels my rhetoric and I love it. You stay you, you hear me?

I am in love with you.

Narcissist that I am, I would never think to blame you.

Describe what you are in love with, that I may come to understand myself through you.

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I just enjoyed our conversations. Even if you weren't real I still enjoyed spending time with you even if it was limited.

You are as real to me as I am to you.
Maybe the illusion stems from a lack of conceptual perception rather than existential proximity.

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I am a straight male and I am going cum to these pics. You are definitely passable as a female.

Because it encourages more weak faggots like yourself to attempt transition. Makes trannys realise that they look like disgusting freaks of nature compared to this supposedly 'ideal' tranny and causes their suicide rates to increase.

Its top luls


>Because it encourages more weak faggots like yourself to attempt transition. Makes trannys realise that they look like disgusting freaks of nature compared to this supposedly 'ideal' tranny and causes their suicide rates to increase.

You could have literally just answered with the word "eugenics" and said exactly the same thing.

I really wished for 6666 ;_;

1. A contrivance for catching and holding animals, as a concealed pit or a clamplike device that springs shut suddenly.
2. A stratagem for catching or tricking an unwary person.
3. A confining or undesirable circumstance from which escape or relief is difficult: fell into poverty's trap.

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There used to be a greasemonkey script you could use that would poll a board regularly to check for the most recent post, guesstimate the activity and wait to send/upload a post until the moment you were most likely to get a specified post (entered into a field).

You could probably find it again and virtually guarantee quads as long as no one else is using it at the same time for the same digits on the same board. It's probably a little finickier (last time I used it was when Cred Forums didn't have captcha) but I'm sure as long as you wait until you're within ~100 posts of the target number to fill out captcha, it'd work.

OP is a biological male posting pictures of a biological female to troll imperceptive males.

nah, thanks for explaining, but scriptfagging ruins the fun

Also I always got the dubs in this thread anyway

Luck is for the Devil.


Op Kik me plz

Grinching is for the Faggot.

I would suck the cum clean out of you

if they do that too much they will develop gender dysphoria
I hope all those Cred Forums people catch the pinkworm

not when you exposed your dick

Can you birth offspring? If no, then not female.
>ipso facto

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Wouldn't you just prefer to fucking destroy my faggot asshole?

It's not about being a female. I am a male. I have a penis and I produce warm thick gooey semen between my legs. But I am asking if I am passable to look like a female so straight guys can enjoy fucking ramming the shit out of my bunghole.

Fake thread. Person in pic is actually a female. Aka bogworms.

Phew, I was getting worried I actually found a trap attractive.

>He doesn't know that bogworms is a boy