Impeachment coming soon, then jail

Impeachment coming soon, then jail.

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He just got acquitted


stay mad faggot

Fucking dumb nigger doesn't know he was acquitted.

the guy from the apprentice?

Yes. Also the President of the United States and leader of the free world.

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Excellent troll thread fagget.

In all seriousness it's probably not. These liberal fucking crybabies will impeach him again next week because he hurt their feelings for not shaking Pelosi's hand

You can't keep having hissy fits about orange man bad for another 5 years.


Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

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Who is this guy?


>pic related
fixd, yw

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This is clearly a troll post, where trolls are attempting to troll other trolls.

Well done!

So much trolling

LOL someone has been so badly triggered they slipped into their own alternate fantasy timeline where this could still happen

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I love triggered fucktards. Partisan impeachment got a partisan acquittal. Exactly what did anybody really expect?

>Partisan impeachment got a partisan acquittal.

That there would be more than one sane Republican senator.

>Trumpf gets impeached
>Gets removed from office
>Pence goes with him
>Cunt Queen Pelosi becomes President
>CQP chooses Hillary to be VP
>CQP retires and Hillary becomes President
Faggots actually believed this was going to happen.

You’re in for a real shock when he gets reelected

they can't impeach jews you democrat troglodyte

>Faggots actually believed this was going to happen.
Instead they bought themselves another four years of Trump & a mean #Trumpjr2024 ticket to fight

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No. The Republicans proved how dishonest and hypocritical they are by pretending he didn't do what he did.

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The only value republicans have is as organ donors.

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you dumb idiot, seen any news lately?

get over it, he is there to stay.
and he will get re elected!


>and he will get re elected!

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apply 'liberally' to your ass when you get to the can, doni!

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seethe more pedo

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That's not Jared Kushner

eh, the Democrats are falling apart. Trump's approval is currently the highest of his Presidency, Trump's approval for handling of the economy is 12 points higher than Obama's was during this same period of Obama's first term. Republicans are on track to gain enough house seats in November to take control of the House, expand their Senate majority.

The Dems are desperately throwing everything against the wall hoping they can stop what is turning into a likely Republican landslide. Granted November is 9 months away & ALOT of shit can change in that time span. But if things stay on track for the Repubs, this is gonna be a pretty significant election victory for them.

He's a disaster of a person, and only a marginal cult leader.

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Yeah, caught Pelosi's weekly House press conference this morning & she was asked about Trump's handling of the economy approval being over 10 points higher than Obama's during his 1st term - pelosi tried to credit Obama for Trump's record breaking economy. The reporter reminded her Obama's been out of office for 3 years and she quickly changed the topic. Poor gal looked more drunk than usual.