Yo, guys, just took this quiz and wtf? It says I'm 89% gay? I am not gay, dude. What the HELL? Can you other dudes take it too to see if it is just some kind of sham or a sick troll? someone's idea of a sick joke?

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We should make a "Am I a Jew or Goy"?

I guess most dudes are at least 10 percent gay. Has to be all the s o y in the food

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That would be a stupendously epic side project

Here's the simplest gay test in the world. Do you have one or more empty Gatorade bottles lying around? If so, you are not gay. Picked this one up from a faggot who was disappointed to see my Gatorade bottles.

lmao faggot

Holy crap that is the highest gay percent I ahve seen yet. *salute*

Reading Buzzfeed is what makes you gay. The real test is if you checked the link

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here's my version for you

1. Are you OP?

A: Yes.
B: No

Mostly A = you are a fucking faggot
Mostly B = probably a faggot

Maybe I am gay enough to be president?

Empty Gatorade bottles can still be gay. It's only not gay if they've been refilled with piss

Thank you for the simplified quiz

It called me gay, but Since U Been Gone is a good song

Explain how having Gatorade isn't gay

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Never mind I was wrong and it does not work that way. 91% is actually a low gay number. YOu will never be president :(

Gays can drink Gatorade too. They just don't hang on to the bottles.

Truth. It’s all those Monster Energy drinking guys that are fags.

Gatorade bottles filled with piss= Chad
Gatorade bottles filled with cum = gay
Gatorade bottles filled with J-Lube = super-gay

It's a psy-op to make people think they're faggots.


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fuck you nigga



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This quiz is like it was made by someone who has never seen a male human in their entire life. I did one test where I checked no boxes and it said 100% gay, then all the boxes and it said 100% straight. Therefore any checked boxes mean that your straight. However what fucking straight man has a favorite britney spears song?

Imagine giving buzzfeed ad revenue for garbage clickbait quizzes

>0 out of 61
>You're definitely gay

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Imagine not having adblock in the year of our lord 2020

I'm not hanging onto the bottles I just don't give much of a fuck. I'll get to it later.

You're understanding it backwards, read again

forgot the pic
also I did a test and if you press all of them it says you're straight
I think it's a troll to mess with people.

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Not quite as gay as you thought?

I drink Gallons of Milk my Dude. IT is essential for all-natty (STRAIGHT) BEASTS like myself

>You are all buttfuckers

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No. Fuck off.


I use ublock origin. But I also know that most people are too retarded to use ad blockers, especially the sorts of simps who would be interested in a retarded quiz from buzzfeed.

So which Britney Spears song is your favorite?

dude alpha... so BASED

Is this a troll?
The more you check off, the less gay you are?
>Is it a sin to drink iced coffee in the winter?
Checking yes to this means you're straight? This doesn't even make sense. As a man, you'd reason first of all ice coffee is for fags, but how is it a "sin" for one to enjoy something cold when the weather is cold? Wouldn't that just mean you don't give a fuck about temperature, you're more durable to the cold?

laughing at all you faggots right now, i knew /fit/ was filled with queers

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The sole purpose of this quiz is to make you go to buzzfeed, click on their website, see their adds and click on other links. Fucking morons.

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You need to block dom storage, cookies and all images too. Ad blocking isn't enough to stop tracking.

I'm gay and leave empty Gatorade bottles and water bottles etc around tho

>High percentage 89%
>"definitely gay"

>Low percentage 2%
>"definitely gay"

It just says your gay no matter what you "score", don't give them the clickes

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That's why I also use the privacy badger and disconnect extensions and have third party cookies disabled. Anything more and you're just breaking 80% of websites.

>Absolutely memeriffic my ebin pals!

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Privacy badger does nothing. You need the ghacks user.js customised for your use plus these extensions:

>Your "straight number" is high. Sorry about that.
>Sorry about that.

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>Privacy badger does nothing.
That's not true. It literally tells you what it's blocking and why.

Yes I meant to say does nothing alone. You need a hardened user.js as well.


I tried it and I didn't know what 80% of the questions were even asking about cause I'm not a onions sucking faggot.

More propaganda, just look at this trash website articles

"You might be gay if..."
"Trans rights..."

This test is junk

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Then one she gargled when choking on my dick

no shit
Who cares?

>Reading Buzzfeed is what makes you gay. The real test is if you checked the link
>I tried it

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I just finished fucking my wife btw.

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Almost all of these are pop culture questions that I have no idea what they are talking about

Half of these are just "do you do normie thing x" or "do you do normie thing y" I can't see the correlation between this quiz and actual gayness

What does taking a picture of yourself with a fish have to do with anything?

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Good candidate for conversion therapy


Why move this to b??? It has nothing to do with porn or celebs. Move it to lgbt!!!

gadzooks! a most steampunk idea!!!!!

Does doing this make you gay?

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Someone needs to put me down.

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Buzzfeed, where being straight is considered a bad thing because equality.

You gay niggers

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