Is calling a suicide hotline worth it?

Is calling a suicide hotline worth it?

What should I expect if I do call?

Are texting and hotline messaging a viable alternative?

>inb4 just do it already

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I wanna know too. Pls report in what you get

I think its worth giving it a try. why not?

I might I'm just kinda nervous and I'm actually shaking right now so I might in a few minutes.

Calm down bro. where are you from? and why are you thinking about suicide?

I've just been thinking about meaningless my existence is and how i've lost all of my friends. I cant get a job and theres no point in me staying alive.

There is always a point in staying alive.
just give your time to make things happens.

I know but people say that and theres no reason for me being here. I didnt choose to be born and theres nothing but darkness after i die. It doesnt matter what i do ill never have an impact on the world so why not just die

as someone who has thought about it too but just too apathetic to actually go through with anything I want to tell you the best 2 things i was told about this.

1. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

2. No matter how bad it is always give yourself a full 24 hours to think on it, and if you even once in that 24 hours dont think about it, or actually feel happy, accomplished, anything other than bad then the dont.

It's hard user and ive been struggling. If you have the willpower to actually go through with this then you have the will power to get better.

It might be worth it for you but for me they personally don't help. A lot of them aren't trained and can be rude but many do try. Give it a shot, I'm sorry if it doesn't help.

If you're even remotely suicidal. Get the fuck off of Cred Forums and any social media websites. It's all horse-shit.

so you have any experience with texting them? im still really nervous and shaking and dont think ill be able to talk.

There can always be something good that come in the future. I've attempted a few times and I'm glad it didn't work, I'm now doing well in life and have an amazing relationship. Also if you haven't already please try to go to a psychiatrist or therapist, it can take years but they can help if you give them time to figure out what to do.

Ive honestly just got addicted to this site. all the porn helps clear my head and my mind off things but recently even that hasnt been helping

Just rant and say everything that comes to your mind. They're just there to help and they won't judge you, know who you are, or ever see you in real life. Just say everything, its cathartic once you get going

im just thinking about these hotlines because i think a therapist is too expensive and i cant afford it

The help line organizations I know tend to be well trained and do intense screenings of who they select to work the lines. That said, if you are feeling worried that you might act impulsively and do something, I would recommend calling 911 or taking yourself to an ER for evaluation. Best of luck OP. Pulling for you.

Yea its rough. I'm still paying off a few stays in mental hospitals from like 5 years ago and my therapist just dropped my insurance. But I'm alive and it was worth it, at least to me.

i might have to just go to one honestly this has been a recurring problem and i dont think just one call will help with everything

You could also go to a crisis center and get evaluated. You can get set up with a social worker and other people that can help you figure stuff out if money if tight.

>people say that and theres no reason for me being here
That’s very rotten of them to say. Unless your being a piece of shit like hurting ppl /things your fine. Like the other user said things take time. If your having a hard time finding a job look online I’m sure theirs places that would help you with that. If that fails look into to the military(learn something in there) or theirs college and trade schools all witch cost money but some trade school will train and hair you after completing their program.
Good shit user shit user keep it up. Proud of you

Yea, I'd say go to get evaluated. Its scary but its nice to figure out what's wrong and if there's something you can do about it. That was my first step and now I'm not even on meds anymore, just doing therapy.

Thank you, I'm glad at least one person is proud of my effort.

im definitely nervous about it but yea i think ill go and do that. surprisingly Cred Forums wasnt a waste of time thanks guys its nice to know even complete strangers care a little bit

I'm happy I could help, I hope you find peace in the future. Remember, it will be scary, but its really worth it.

They usually don’t

Things will change. It seems bad in this moment but it’s never like that forever.

Potentially great things could end up happening to you in the future that you can’t foresee yet. If you an hero you could be missing out on all sorts of great stuff.

Thank you it means a lot best of luck to you

I heard in some countries they use the hotline to track you and send an ambulance to your house if they feel you are at risk of hurting yourself.


No problem, best of luck to you too

maybe i guess ill hold on a little bit longer

thats one of the things im nervous about but at the same time i still wanna be honest with them if it means they can help me

Like 4-5 years ago my life was so bad. I could never imagine where I am now.

All it took was a half decent job that accommodated some of my mental health problems. With a flexible schedule and stuff. And my life improved 1000%.

Never could have pictured it 4 years ago. Just a small thing can happen in your life and things get way way better. Wait and see user, it takes time.

I've called a couple of times. And was on hold for like 30 minutes. Second time the person didn't even care. Don't do what this user says . Avoid going to the ER or 911. It will make your life a lot worse when they know you're suicidal.

yea ill wait a little bit longer to see if things get better and try to get some help in the meantime

i know it will make things worse besides those are for emergencies and i wouldnt call one guy contemplating suicide an emergency

if everyone that is suicidal left Cred Forums then the site would have 0 traffic.

Just ask them that you want them to listen and all you need is to vent let it out

Why would you even call?
If you want to do it, do it.
If you don't want to then don't.

Nobody gives a fuck, talking to someone isn't going to fix or change your fucked up life.

Either fix it, end it, or just do nothing and live in hell.

But you're a pussy so we all know you'll go with "do nothing".

yea i guess ranting might help me calm down

If they ask for your location you might get visited for forced treatment . If you think you need it go along with it .

Don't kill yourself OP.

There are always things down the road that we can't imagine ever happening. Hang in there and enjoy life. So many people are dying and begging to stay alive.

So true. 4 years ago I was an alcoholic, chain smoked . 350 lbs , seperAted with my wife and ready to die . Now we are still married and happy . I’m 200lbs , play guitar , don’t smoke , and love life . Don’t give up ! Take control

what exactly is entailed by "forced treatment" and they cant force it if i dont give my location

Hope you can find true friends down the road that will help you vent and help you best of luck. Natural trust is the best trust.

that sounds great dude i wish i was where you are at now

yes, you will get your attention there.

Expect them to backtrace you and send a partyv& and be prepared to do a lot of explaining at teh psyche unit.

They will send police and ER to your location to take you to the hospital . If you don’t want that don’t tell them where you live.

I know it’s not the case with everyone because there is the chemical element that i too have to deal with , but it was my own choices that made it so bad I was suicidal things I actually had control over .

yeah im definitely not going to deal with all that

Not cool or true . Don’t try to scare someone out of getting help . You might kill someone idiot . They won’t obtain any info you don’t give them

Hey, I've worked at a suicide hotline/ crisis center for about 4 years now. I'm willing to field any questions

>Is calling a suicide hotline worth it?
Yes, if you are having suicidal thoughts or urges then reaching out is a good idea. You deserve a chance to turn your life around and live your best life. No matter what happens, or what your past is.

What should I expect if I do call?
It's going to be a lot of active listening at first to build rapport. It's really important to build that mutual feeling of trust. They will listen to whatever you have to say, and talk with you as long as you need. They will also make suggestions like actions you can take to better your situation.

>Are texting and hotline messaging a viable alternative?
Oh absolutely! We train everyone the same, regardless of if it's in person, or on the phone, or even the people who handle chat/messaging. You will be treated the same no matter which method you choose.

He's referring to the baker act, it's a 48-72 hour psych eval to ensure you aren't a danger to yourself or others.

yeah theres draw backs to everything but i feel like everything is a negative

>24 hours
I've been seriously thinking about necking myself for over two years. What about that?

You might’ve saved this user life

So do the operators start the conversation or im supposed to just jump in and tell them everything thats going on?

That is actually true, but it's not always the case that they will call someone. If you express that you have an IMMEDIATE plan of suicide like


that gives me means of doing it, and a time. This means that I LEGALLY HAVE TO CALL IT IN. if you off yourself and I knew you were going to do it I'm on the hook for a fucking felony in my state.

If you talk to us and just express that you aren't in a good place, I don't have to call in shit. I don't like having to call you in either, I know what's it's like to be on the other end of that and it's not fun.

they have software like at 911 call centres to find your location. I called the suicide hotline once, and 10 minutes later the police showed up and took me into custody, drove me to the local hospital and I was signed into the hospital against my will on a "Form 1" (canada here) I was transferred to a mental hospital after 2 days. I didn't get out for 2 weeks, when I was able to convince the psychiatrist that I wasn't going to kill myself, and I have a permanent record now for "temporary major depression" forget the exact term, wasnt the word temporary but something to that effect. It was on the discharge papers that were given to me but idk where they are. I was stuck in a hallway with like 2 rooms with 4 beds each, a small room with chairs like at a laundromat and a tv, and a bathroom with a couple toilets and a gross old bathtub in it. (and a nurses station) there were a bunch of legit retards in there who were all bugging out which was pretty annoying and stressful. I had to wear the same clothes for 2 fucking weeks, no deodorant, no toothbrush, and wasnt allowed my shoes. Don't call them, they aren't in the business of helping anyone, they are in the business of getting bodies into beds at the nuthouse. So they can bill the government for "helping" you.

This is going to sound like the dumbest thing, but when you call in you have all the control user. You can start it however you want, and if you leave a gap between the hello I may interject with something like "how are you doing tonight?"

>they are calling into a suicide hotline, of course they aren't doing well.
that really isn't the case, a ton of people that call in are just looking for someone to talk to, and we happily talk with them for as long as they need. We aren't here as a profession police like service only for one specific type of thing. We are volunteers and employees that have been where you are, and understand that it always gets better. We want you to turn your life around for the better user.

I'd be happy to post as much of my own story with my suicide attempt as I can without doxing myself if you'd like user. Plus I do have some less shitty stories from my job if anyone is interested.

this seems really specific to your country. Here it's like I posted

Thank you it means a lot and yeah i would like to hear your stories its nice to know im not alone

Not even that. Not sure where you live but in some places they forcibly take you to the hospital or a psych ward and hold you for about 2-3 days evaluating you. It's a terrible process. You'll also have this on your police record and can affect you down the road.

Depends where you live user. If the authorities deem that you are a danger to yourself or others, they can forcibly take you in.

I was really badly abused by my father growing up. He was severely mentally ill and took it out on my mother and myself. Due to that and a TBI I developed a dissociative condition, and as the symptoms began setting in I got really scared. I was in my late teens when the hallucinations set in. I remember thinking I was dying for a long time because whenever I saw my face in the mirror it was gaunt and almost skeletal. I was afraid to tell my mother, as she was already under enough stress and I didn't want to become a burden, and I didn't tell a therapist for that same reason. So I turned to drugs. My friend sold oxy and xanax, and I got really into pills for a long time. When pills eventually got too expensive to maintain, I started drinking and smoking. This lasted a couple years and I noticed that I had become the burden I was trying to avoid in the first place. So I tried to kill myself by cutting deep into my leg. I failed obviously.

It's been 4 years since that day, and I went through hell to sober up and turn my shit around. I got into uni and am going to graduate with a masters in CS hopefully in a couple semesters.

Can you type? Is English your first language? Apply to Rev to become a transcriber. You just watch/listen to videos and type out the closed captioning. I applied and got a job within 2 weeks.

can I tell you it was the perfect happily ever after story? Fuck no, I relapsed a couple times, and I'm sure as shit not graduating with honors. However, not a day goes by that I'm not thankful I failed, and thankful I chose to sober up after that.

I'm glad you were able to get through all of that its inspiring

ive never actually thought about that but yeah i guess ill look into it

Yes its worth it. Call them

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It's something, and a source of income at the least. But, dude, don't kill yourself whatever you do. There is always options.

thanks anons this was actually helpful i guess you can take credit for saving a life today or something or other

good job my brother or sister. its a really relly ard fight when you're in the middle of it. my life was reallyfuckd up since the beginning, impoverished teen parents who were kicked out of the house for being pregnant, i had to drop out of the start of 2nd grade and never went back or homeschooled. grew up living in cars and hotels. alot o terriible thngs happned in those years. got on oxys and othe painkilers when i was 14,turned into a full blown heroin addict in my twenties. just repeated the cycle of homelessness ove and over. ive had to restart my life so any times now. and eachtime id fuckup up my problems and situation got worse and worse. but, long story short, im 19 months clean from heroin. and i make $10 an hour, but it's full time which feels impossible to find these days, so im slowly chunking away at my ruined credit and messed up irs/taxes stuff, which isnt that much but to someone who usually only has $1 to their name since life began,that feels like a big deal. i see my bank account has $855 dollars and rent isnt due for 3 weeks is amazing. but yeah,getting off of heroin was easily the hardest most mindfucking thing ive ever done, and my life has been HARD. im still not over it and never will b, i still dream about it, i still feel like im one bad day away from going back, but also im proud. i cant beliee ive madeit almos 2 years just fighting the pain and misery. i hope one day that pain and misery i feel most hours of the day subsides and i can just be a normal person with a normal life. i cry everyday, ive lost a lot of jobs just from being depressed and energyless in the mornings, everything feels like it is taking so long, but somehow i keep going and trying my hardest. most people in my life have no clue, and the people who do know havent even said "good job" or "im proud of you", but, im trying to do it for me. this post just sounds like a miserable experience but there is beauiful in having this strength and going forward.