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Was second in line in a train of 5

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Cum in her?

NGL i'd have that pussy looking like a post-natal cow

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All 5 of us, I chose her pussy. Still fucked her ass though. I think the final count was 3 loads in her pussy and 2 in her ass

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Looking for guys who have a slampig wife or gf to trade. I have a slampiggy of my own (pic related) and lots of pics. Bulls and skinny bitches need not apply. Kik is flyboymike86.

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latina slampigs are the best

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My wife

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Hell yea...let's see some more of those tits

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How was this set up? Your girl or one of the other guys? Or just a random set up?

Damnit, clicked the wrong post. See above

Don't wanna push it, but is there anymore???

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your idea or hers? Also, any more??

The gf

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It was her idea, and a kind of random set up. Me and my other coworker had already been over to her house and played strip poker with her, her friends, and hilariously, her bf. That is the first time I hooked up with her, so she was a fuck buddy. She came to us at work and told us to get a few friends together to come over and have some fun, that she had an idea she wanted to try and needed our help, and left it at that.
And yes there is more, here is one of the cream pie shots I got after we had all had our turn

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I have looked for this one for a long time. Busted many nuts to her. Thank you user.

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Ur welcum

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Got cucked by this girl on purpose, she set it up specifically so i would be get cucked. Did it to mess with me, wound up ruining our relationship after 3 years of it and we split because of it.

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She a piggy?

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Got any nude

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Were you married?

volafile dot org/r/15x861w08

She a piggy??

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Pig here

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God damn, more of this thot.

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She looks like a fucking whore.

Let's see more of her.

Kik @mysluttyfiance

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I need to breed her

Such a plump piggy

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Shameless bump

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id smash

Would this teacher make a good slam pig?

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didnt you just say this shit in a different thread about a different girl

Copy pasta more than likely

wow... I'm pretty sure I made out with her in Thailand

Nice thighs?

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Haha probably. What year? Give her a good fucking?

From strip poker night

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imagine how desperate and pathetic you'd have to be to put your dick inside this disgusting monster

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Fuck off Pedo.

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Nice keep em coming love a fat whore

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don't have nudes wish i did tho

forgot pic

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I love cum sluts


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I want to smell her ass and pussy and taste

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I want to smell between her legs and taste her panties

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Nice dubs, fuck she's amazing, in with ya on that

Take my piggy wife for a ride?

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Join now before it's too late

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Would obliterate

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Deep throating my cock

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Nut busted

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Got a name or sauce for her? Love those tits!

This is her tooAs well as this one with her spreading after we fucked

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Fuck yeah, any up her ass?

Amazing face, what a slut

Unfortunately no, just ones that I had fucked her ass and it looks a little blown out

Nope just seem em around.

Join now before it's too late

this is my gf. what do u think of her

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Aw man what the fuck

Love her, any nudes?

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Would fuck/10

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Love to cum all over those tits

that bitch is ready to be gang fucked

Wanna rape her against that wall.

My slampiggy right here

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braces and udders, nice combo

God damn that's one hell of a backside

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Any more topless with face?

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Nice, moar!

Mmm finally, black is the only way to go, black is the future of man.

Literally has a square ass.

Coke can body with fucking UGLY feet. What the fuck.

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Any with it gaped?

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you know her bra size? udders for sure

not sure exactly the size but they are definitely fun to slap around

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This creampie is the closest, from her reddit

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What's her username?

got a name or something to save her as?

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her name is Emmy :)

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want her ass and throat so fucking bad

thanks user, she's super cute!

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God damn!

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got a gallery link or mega for her?



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just what i've posted here

she loves to gag

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ahh, saw the numerical file names and figured there was a lot more of them

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any nudes? hell of a pig.

So innocent, let me see her clam sandwich

Lmao user. Go look up Emori Pleezer and then come post your findings

>Emori Pleezer
thanks user!

Found another

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slam pig for sure

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I want to smell her panties fresh of her pussy and ass mmmmmmm so good then pump her till I nut inside her.

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I'd fuck her but those piercings on the puss ain't my thing but good bbw cum dump

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More bush. Beautiful

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Join now before it's too late

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It looks like she is enjoying herself

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Fuck yes

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what's the front look like?

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not bad, tits could be bigger but not bad

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more on this one?

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What's the opposite of the genetic lottery?
The genetic cesspool?

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