So why do black people always make fun of white people for eating mayonaise...

so why do black people always make fun of white people for eating mayonaise.yet black people buy so many popeyes chicken sandwhichs that are covered in mayonaise that they end up sold out?

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Imagine having to censor white.

It's not plain white mayo, its seasoned mayo.
Additionally, the traditional criticism about whites originally pertained to Miracle Whip, not mayo.

i didnt make this to race bait,i was actually being serious

it's literally just fucking chicken with bread

Haha I know right its almost as if they were on average less inteligent thant other races haha can you imagine haha

I gave you a serious, well thought out response with a historical reference

>black people

I thought the original criticism was that we only use salt and pepper?

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I dont know anyone who likes miracle whip.

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When I say SLAVERY you say SORRY.


maybe trying mayo for the first time made them realize its the shit?

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No. The chicken is a specific cut, the mayo is seasoned, the bread is perfect and the pickles compliment the other 3 elements perfectly

They do?

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>its perfect dont tell me it's not I dont have a bias.


white people do

That may have been one of the original criticisms before Miracle Whip was invented.

covered in mayonaise and ruined with pickles

but even though black people make jokes about white people and how disgusting mayonaise is,they'll buy so many chicken sandwhiches covered in it that they end up sold out

i guess i figured maybe i was missing something like you could substitute the mayo for another sauce.but its pointless now because all of the replys on here are from redneck white people making jokes about blacks

Miraclw Whip was originally designed to be a salad dressing. Later on whites started using it in egg salad and with Deviled ham instead of mayo.

couple reasons:
Mayonaise is a funny-sounding word
Mayonaise is the direct opposite of hot sauce
Mayonaise is white

Take your comments and shove them up your ass. You are ignorant, stubborn, and intentionally misinformed

how am i ignorant? all i wanted was to know why black people are buying a chicken sandwhich thats covered in mayonaise when they always makes jokes about how nasty it is

i should of known you red hat trump supporting hillbillys would find some way of ruining this because you dont like black people

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op here,not seething.i was just curious because maybe there was something i didnt know about like if you could get different sauces.i should of known you redneck morons would of ruined this with racism

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>thinking any non-asian race to be a monolith

Mayonaise is white like the hated "white man". This is the extent of the negro's thought process.

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They have small containers of different sauces, so you could order your sandwich without sauce and add one of those

White people can't eat spicy food. It must burn you up inside.