Chad's of Cred Forums what is the easiest job I can get that pays 30-50 dollars an hour?

Chad's of Cred Forums what is the easiest job I can get that pays 30-50 dollars an hour?

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Depending on where you live, you can make that much dog walking. As long as you can handle a bunch of dogs at once, you can coordinate the pickups, and they don't kill you, you just walk ten+ dogs at a time.

If you're willing to go to school, being a truck driver is the best paying job with a high school diploma.

Fuck truck driving. It is a cursed job.

I work in the industry lol, I know.

It could be better, if everyone was more competent.

Local dedicated runs aren't that bad either.

Rob people.

Sales you idiot

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Being a front or back-end developer.

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How do I get into this and can I work from home. How many years of training and learning does this take?

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I work in sales but topped out at $75k with commission. He could do pharma but I doubt it since he's probably not a 9/10 chick

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Have you considered running for US Congress? Sure as fuck doesn't require work or brains.

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Technical school.
Possibly plumbing.
Pick one, get your license, stick with it.

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Man whore in a 55 or over community. Lots of horny women. Easy 100-200/hour depending on what you do. 2-3 per day. Easy cash. And pussy.

If you have to ask this, it's probably not the right area for you. If you aren't already interested in it and engaged in the technology, you probably need a multiple year program to gain the knowledge. If you aren't the right type of person for it, you still won't succeed after that training.(succeed in this case is getting a well paying job that you can do from home)

Many people have succeeded in this area without any formal training, since it's the technical skills that are most important.

In the time it took to write this post, thousands of asians finished teaching themselves a programming language and developed an app.

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Yeah, you can work from home, but I found that to be shitty in my experience. Your world becomes very small.

There are code camps that take 2-3 months, but will charge you more than they're worth. They usually will help you get a shitty internship.

If you have manly willpower you can teach yourself. There is an abundance of resources on the internet, books at the library, etc.

Python is good to start with. Javascript is ok, but it lets you make a lot of mistakes that other languages will not.

You can also find a lot of college courses/syllabuses that you can work through.

I flipped coke for a little over two years, can confirm anyone who went for over 5 years either got killed or is in prison serving 5+yrs.

Become an electrician. Travel the world making excellent money banging many stacys along the way.

pick a unionized trade

pretty much any of them, and expect 30-50$ an hour after trade school depending on if you work for a shop or buy the tools and vehicle to contract

no union job is paying 50 per hour right out of trade school

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