Benito Mussolini Appreciation Thread

Benito Mussolini Appreciation Thread

Share Pics and Stories of Italy's Illustrious Il Duce.

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Absolutely based. It really is a shame that historians make him out to be a lawless thug, he was an incredibly bright man and a gifted writer.

He was a classic fascist...nothing 'based' about that.

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Who is the dame?

his mistress who accompanied him during his attempted escape of Italy

I'd smash

yeah, her fucking head in.

Seems like some old guy. I dunno whatever.

Good thread. He wasn't my absolute favorite fascist, but I have a great respect for him. Top five for sure.

It's kind of funny how he was portrayed contemporarily. When he was a socialist, he was treated as the bright mind that he was- in the 20s you didn't become the editor of a socialist journal by being a brainlet. When he split from the socialists he was suddenly a brainlet and a thug, the portrayal having turned on a dime. Kind of like Mosley in that respect.

Can you define Fascist, snowflake? Perhaps it's a term you hear frequently, and just parrot it like your little circle of gender-fluid friends.

another jackass who got his rocks off throwing his weight around and being an abusive faggot
people regularly spit on his grave
fuck mussolini

He was based, indeed. So based, that Hitler admired him, and borrowed heavily from Uncle Benito.

I know you think you're an intellectual, but you're a dumb faggot arguing semantics.

Oh God, somebody let a brainwashed child in the room.

So absolutely based he would have probably had you executed
What is it with retards idolizing abusive master types?

Please reread what you just wrote. I don't think you understand what semantics means.

>You're brainwashed
>you just can't understand the finer aspects of forcing your will on other people

kill yourself but unironically

Mussolini was a self identified facsist

Think before posting, child.

Absolutely correct. You obviously don't understand what Fascism is. Please read a fucking book.

I don't think you know what it means
you should stop posting you are embarrassing yourself
then again idolizing monsters it is likely you have no shame anyway

It wasn't too bad, until he wanted to join the war and people started to dislike him more than ever before.

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I'm pretty sure we all know what Fascism is,
are you really going to play the poor misunderstood victim card when the entire ideology is about making other people do what you want by force if necessary?

Kill yourself.

Man I'll bet they had some sick parties.

I'll bet they sucked each other off pretty regularly
Hitler's mouth was full of Mussolini's cock on the regular

No, Negro, I know what fascism is. Nationalism, authoritarianism, suppression of opposition, I could keep going.

You're not going to win. The only answer to fascism is fascism.
Carry a weapon and the moment they try to start their little faggot uprising put them down like the dogs they are.

Unfortunately about Mussolini, only the mistakes and his alliance with Hitler are remembered. As a young man Mussolini was a school teacher and was a socialist. But in Italy, where even today everything is forgotten in a week, very few have been able to do what the Duce has done. They built entire cities, reclaimed marshes, built schools and colonies for children, and free health care and pensions were established. Today retirement and healthcare are taking them away. Find out about the Fornero Elsa law that makes people work up to 70 and that creates unemployment and precariousness of young people who cannot find work because there is no generational change. Other than Mussolini!

Man look at you really sucking Mussolini's cock
I bet you wish you could
I bet you really get off on being told what to do

You're a dickhead who has never studied and about Mussolini knows nothing.

You're a retarded faggot who wishes he could force people to do what he wants who idolizes other faggots who succeeded in forcing people to do their bidding

you should kill yourself

>Mussolini appreciation thread
>nobody is Italian
>I am Italian
>mfw people outside Italy is stupid enough to appreciate him


what language did they speak together?

Did Mussolini speak german, or did Hitler speak Italian?

they spoke the language of homo love as benito penetrated Hitler's tight Jewish-German asshole

They spoke english so that American audiences could understand easier.

Mussolini couldn't even force his will on his relatives...
The situation in Italy wasn't great, it was handled with a lot of difficulties. Even thinking about war was idiocy.

keep telling yourself that

This is what you appreciate by the way

it speaks volumes of your character
I'm not being ironic and I fully accept the consequences if you follow through: kill yourself
the world is better off without your kind. follow hitler's example and swallow some cyanide.

Your insults fall on deaf ears because you are a poor idiot who speaks without knowing what he says and not to discuss something However if there is a cocksucker it is you sucking it on your bastard father.

>blah blah blah i am a butthurt faggot: the post

nobody cares fascist

Ah another garbage thread successfully derailed in less than fifty posts.

u mad?

Sei solo uno psicopatico schizofrenico succhia cazzi e sei tu che faresti un favore al mondo togliendoti dal cazzo. Pezzo di merda bastardo.

lmao holy shit this is some next level irony
what's the matter fascist faggot you can't handle your own shit thrown back at you?
I really can't stand hypocrites such as yourself. You want to force others to do as you wish but can't handle the thought of being told what to do yourself.
You're such an insufferably butthurt faggot about it that you actually typed all of that out in Italian as if this isn't the year 2020 and Google doesn't have a translation feature that's seconds away.

Stay raging mad faggot laff @ u




Sei l'unico che dice qualche cosa di sensato,
in questa discussione. DUCE! A NOI!

Dont cut yourself on that edge faggot

I bet you get off thinking you have any actual control over what your government does lmao

I think those war crimes prove what I was saying...

I think Mussolini made an appearance in the Hitler movie Downfall.

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I use it as a Google translator before you. It was for Italy that puts it in your ass and annoys you. You only have to learn from us, shitty jerk. And I'm not alone. Quite the contrary.

>being this mad
>sucking this much dick

u mad fag? ya u mad

ITT: Retards who 'know' so much about why fascism sucks, that their only argument against it is "haha look at these dumbos they're so stupid!!1! I'm so smart I dont even need to tell them why!"

Whatever you say nigger

Yes, I'm mad that Italy's effort in war was pathetic and it would have been better to avoid it.

The only argument I or anybody else needs is that fascism is literally you forcing your will on me/us

that is the ONLY thing we need to know to promptly tell you to go fuck yourself with a garden hoe you absolutely insufferable wastrel faggot and if you try to point a gun at me as you fucks are wont to do, you will find one pointed back at you but I will not hesitate to pull the trigger while you will; you will expect fear but you will find death.

I LEARN from history faggot. Do you?

You're gonna wanna head back to r/iamverybadass, I think you'll find you fit in much better over there

ironic coming from a fucking dipshit who supports an ideology literally based around "do what i say or i kill you"

neck yourself you insufferably ignorant faggot

>"I learn from history, retard!!1!"
>"Fascism is do what I say or I kill you, retard!!1!"

Burger education really has gone down the shitter lmao

literally retarded
i wish you possessed a shred of self-awareness
if you did you wouldn't be a fascist

Benito Mussolini knew at least the Italian, German, and French languages. Hitler was probably only fluent in German, while he could have had some minor awareness of Italian, French, and possibly a little less English. Mussolini supposedly spoke German with Hitler, although at times, they may have used interpreters to translate words.

Imagine having such a fragile worldview that when someone asks you to rationalize your position and have a logical conversation your response is "DONT NEED TO RETARD I KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW AND ILL KILL YOU!!!!"

The first I'd say

The ideology is based on that, but on other things, too. Not to elegy fascism, but over-simplifying can result in making big evaluation mistakes.

I meant "praise", not elegy.

I've heard that Hitler had a decent base in English, obviously not great but basic conversation at least.

nobody did that though you're making shit up
literally D E L U S I O N A L
or maybe just banking on nobody following the trail of (You)s, champ
Either way I have explained endlessly the only reason any of us needs is
you try to force people to do what you want at gunpoint a lot of them are going to have guns and they're not trying to enslave you at gun point, they're defending themselves and shooting to kill

Why are fascists so fucking retarded?

Him and Salazar were definitely the most intellectual of the fascists. Def more brainpower than someone like Hitler, shame about the country he was stuck with (in terms of industrial power etc, I think Italy is swell actually).

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Was Adolf Hitler ever on record as talking with Oswald Mosley during any point of their lives?

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>intellectual fascist
if he was so smart why did he get his ass beat? seems like he was pretty dumb

Yeah it's a shame Italy was so far behind, but I agree it's a beautiful country. I was in Rome for a few days on a high school trip, I cant wait until I get to go back and spend more time there!

Alright well since your most insightful talking point thusfar has been "HURR FASCISM IS VIOLENCE" and you've had no substantive points other than "I know history, idiot" What's your ideal political system? You struck me as a libertarian but maybe I'm wrong

that's because fascists are fucking retarded
you notice it's always these idiots idolizing fascist dipshits who LOST L O S T as these great men of their day and shit, great commanders, great leaders, etc L O L O L O L
Idiots worship idiots

also intellectual fascist sounds like an oxymoron to me

that is literally what it is, you're actually arguing semantics you pedantic faggot
wolf in sheep's clothing
>i'm not saying i want to eat you
>i just want to put you in my mouth
>chew a few times
>and then swallow


Because he joined a war effort 'so as to not be left behind'. Of course he miscalculated. Having more brainpower than Hitler doesn't mean he didn't make tons of mistakes.

Still, Italy was just not ready for war of that industrial scale, Mussolini kind of knew about that, but got taken in with Hitler sadly. His attempts to create a pan-European security arrangement in the early 30s show him as a person very much aware of all this. No Hitler - probably a Mussolini who would stay on like Franco for ages.

But in intellectual terms, Mussolini was definitely far ahead.

It had its industrial heartland in the north, good navy and air force, but it just wasn't ready for modern mechanized war. Which would have been fine if he did his colonialism, rather than take up with Hitler after 1935/6.

I too like posts that normalize fascism.

Fascism is cool.

This is normal, this is hypernormalisation. Everything was forever, until it was no more.

So once again, I've invited you to make an intelligent comment or rationalize your own political worldview, and all you can do is smash your face against your keyboard and say "look at this idiot!" Well done lad, you've shown us how smart you are!

I would rather be a fascist than a commie.
I would rather live under fascism than under communism.
I would rather live under fascism than this Jewish-led bullshit we've been in since 1965.

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Are you retarded? Your ideology is
"you do what grug say or grug kill you! GRUG GRUG!" The only response to that is to blow your brains out.
Cope however you see fit that people don't want to have an open discussion about you being their unequivocal leader that they must obey at all times or go to camp or face the squad


Fascism and communism are pretty much the same thing you absolute faggot
"do as i say or i will kill you!"

Fucking neck yourself you reactionary literal retard holy fuck
two sides of the same shit-covered coin but you're gonna pick one side of it anyway because it's the color of shit you prefer

The reactions in this thread are interesting. When Abu Bakr al-Baghdadinwas killed he was said to have been an "austere religious scholar." Qassem Soleimani was portrayed as a revered war hero. Both were murderers, committed war crimes, and lost. Why can leftists be sympathetic to them but not see any redeeming value in anything Mussolini did?

Dude you’re getting pissed over this. Obviously he’s challenging your worldview. Let me guess, you’re either a Redditor or a newfag. Either way chill out and stop equating an entire political system to “hur durr do what I say or I kill you”. For one that’s complete straw man and you know it, you’re just mad because you’ve been told for your whole life that fascism is evil and now someone is challenging you on it. You go straight to brute force to try and make your point, making you seem like a dunce with no actual knowledge past the end of your (((nose))).

so mussolini was a weak cuck who got bullied by hitler. seems like he was a weak dumbass

>two sides of the same shit-covered coin
explain then why fasism is illegal and communism isn't

i'd like to hear your intellectual argument for fascism tbh

I'm not sympathetic to those faggots either

nice red herring and what aboutism though dumbfuck
ps extreme leftism and extreme rightism are the same fucking thing covered in different colors of shit

think you are confusing economic systems with authoritarianism

I love having discussions on Cred Forums. A simple statement about the fact that Mussolini was a lot more intellectual than the other fascists has become 'cuck haha'. One doesn't preclude the other.

Red herring
communism IS illegal in some places, fascism is NOT illegal in some places
so not only is it a red herring but it's predicated upon false information


I'm not confusing anything, you are trying to distract with "oh that wasn't US that was THOSE guys, we're a totally cool form of what those guys did."

Disingenuity at its finest.


>"do as i say or i will kill you!"

>Implying you're free now.

You have no sense of self. You literally wished for my death because I have a different opinion than you.

And the difference between fascism versus communism is that at least the former is more benevolent toward their people than the latter. Again, everyone is ruled...yes, even under our so-called "free country".

I feel sorry for you.

pic unrelated

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This. Some people just are scared that they were lied to and refuse to do any actual research. I would suggest anyone who wants to learn about fascism to research Oswald Mosley. He makes it easy to understand and was a fantastic orator. Dig deeper than the Mainstream google search results. Obviously that has been cultivated to be anti-fascism since it’s inception

name only 1 fasist goverment

what do you think the discernible difference between fascism and communism is?

>not an argument: the post

cool story bro

the difference is a thinly veneered layer of differently colored shit
that is the only difference
it all boils down to
"do what i say or death!"
i say i'm just going to shoot you in the face and I get called the edgy one
it's pottery

>let's lick BOOTS
Fascism is stupid and so are you.

I suggest anybody who wants to look into Fascism look into the atrocities that were committed under Fascism and look into why Fascism is itself economically unsustainable

there aren't any because fasism doesn't exist you dumb faggot

use a fucking spell check

haha and i didn't even notice the
use a fucking spell checker you ignorant twat

the layer of different colored shit they use to differentiate themselves

>I suggest anybody who wants to look into Communism look into the atrocities that were committed under Communism and look into why Communism is itself economically unsustainable

atrocities under Communism >>> atrocities under Fascism
I won.

pic unrelated

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oh yeah Dachau, Auschwitz, Buchenwald.
so "benevolent"

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I know, I know, Cred Forums was never good, but there WAS a time when things were a little bit better than this kind of 'argument'.

There are plenty of differences, for different reasons. God, there are even differences within each ideology - otherwise Jews would not have fled to fascist Portugal from Nazi Germany; or living in communist Yugoslavia was vastly different to just next door in communist Albania.

'Do what I tell you or die!' is however the extent of today's intellectual capabilities here.

Nothing. They both get the bullet

actually you committed a logical fallacy
if both committed atrocities but one committed far more, that doesn't make the one who committed less better or even preferable, it means they are both garbage

are you done throwing logical fallacies around you dumb fascist faggot?

>why are fascists always so fucking retarded?

>Fascism is itself economically unsustainable
>hitler litreally fought hole world for six years
try again

so no arguments huh typical

There is nothing to argue about. If you come near me or anybody I know with a gun telling them to do something I am going to shoot you in your stupid fucking face.

It's not hard to grasp. There is no argument. Fascism is trash and the people who proselytize it are equally garbage.


i seriously now doubt that either of you know

Look out guys, he's the toughest guy on the Internet. He'll kill you.

I am not a fascist, my friend. It is just your 'arguments' are dumb. No one was arguing about 'whether I come with a gun to you' or whatever your little world you are building for yourself. People were arguing about the differences between fascism and communism.

how are you going to ask for an argument when you aren't even providing one dipshit?
>Articulate a logical argument against my retarded opinion!

It's sad that you are actually this fucking stupid.

LOL... always bringing it back the muh holocaust(TM) like a good little goyim

Again, check: and come back to me after you counted the >200 million dead under Communism.

No, see: I would rather be under fascist than under communism. So, if given the choice, I would chose the (much) lesser of two evils.

pic unrelated

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I'm not tough, the bullet penetrating your skull for thinking YOUR gun made you tough enough to go order people around under threat of being shot with that gun is tough

You got it all fucked up because you're a retard. I pity you.

I'm not here to argue about your hearts of iron 4 discord talking points. I dropped in to call you a faggot retard
This whole thread smells like a pile of crusty jerk off socks

not a communist, not the user you were talking to frogposter

haha no, sorry
they're both trash
they have both had their chance to shine and they shone with the intensity of a candle burning out under the sun light. Nobody was impressed, nobody is going for it again

Get over it

les try again then, you said both communim and fasism is same I ask if they are same then why fasism is forbiden and illegal but communism isn't.

He’s probably a bro vet or libertarian who hasn’t actually read any political theory, and instead gets his information off of “pro liberty” Facebook pages. He isn’t even arguing, he’s just saying “kysf” meaning he has no argument. Just leave him be, neither of you are gaining anything.

Also to anyone saying “uhh nahtzee bad because they killed people!!1!” The USFG is estimated to have killed 10 million Native Americans. We also force marched them do their deaths and recently put japanese people in internment camps.. soo don’t act like any nation is perfect. The ideology is separate from the nation that enacts it. There is NO perfect system, there are only those that come close. Fascism is one of the best systems of government for small principalities and nation states, not great for large scale nations like the US. However everyone saying “fascism bad because it killed people” are not even worth responding to.

>Get over it

Well, I am over it. Again, I said that given the choice, I would rather live under F than C. Do you not understand that?

Let's try again after you spellcheck your posts
>trying to logically defend "do what i say or i will kill you"
>calling someone edgy when they told you their response to your edgy bullshit about forcing them at gunpoint into servitude is to just shoot you

Why are fascists always so fucking retarded?

Yeah, you are probably right. Ah well.

You should desire neither one because they are complete trash
Also I think you're just making shit up because you forgot what you were even arguing about
I think you were arguing in favor of bootlicking bullshit and then realized how absolutely retarded you sounded and tried to backpedal a bit to where your argument suddenly became

which wasn't the original premise of your argument

Promptly GTFO and do not return retard

neither one of them are illegal dumbass

usfg and nazis are bad you small brained egg.
Perhaps fascism might be bad because it is inherently genocidal towards arbitrary groups and increases economic inequality while reducing rights.

>original premise of your argument

This is my first post ITT: So yes, it clearly indicates a choice.

There is no argument you stupid fuck
>do what i say or i will kill you
isn't an argument
there is no logic to it and the only logical response is to KILL YOU instead
the logical flow is thus
>you have a gun you're using to hopefully intimidate into getting your way
>totally not edgy by the way
>you don't want to kill them yet you want to make them work for you so they by default have an upper hand should they choose to draw and fire
>you will be a dead fascist retard
>he will go back to milking his cow
>haha what an edgy fucking response to somebody forcing you at gun point to do their bidding

Are you faggots even in this reality?

so your argument on why fasism and communism are same is????

google antifa you will find them all over media, while I don't know single neo nazi/fasist group being talk in media other than calling trump fasist for no paticular reson.

by the way this is why fascist and communist governments the world over are hamfisted about disarming their populations
Can't force the peasants to do your bidding when they're all packing a Colt

Fascism is not inherently race based, you’re thinking of National Socialism you bafoon. Fascism also increased quality of life of all those living under it before the war started. Spain, Italy, Germany, etc. All of these places were brought out of depression and rose to great heights. Germany’s National Socialism is what brought race and the joo hatred into the mix. Germany just wanted to be run by Germans and for Germans. Why is that such a crazy thing to imagine?

because they utilize the same tactics for more or less the exact same result
>consolidation of power
shit under a different name is still shit you absolute faggot, no matter how many technical definitions you personally set to differentiate your brand of trashy shit from every other brand of trashy shit

you can list all the reasons in the world why it's "TECNICALLY" ACKSHUALLY not the same but nobody gives a fuck because we all know it's the same smelly turd painted a different color

Even though civilian gun ownership increased under Hitler?

>I'm hoping that fascism won't oppress me because I'm white

>white gun ownership

>muh cherry picked example of one fascist government maybe sorta increasing gun ownership means all the rest increased too

fucking pottery

can you see how your logic is flawed?

Hitler kept the commie gun laws until everyone he viewed as a threat had already been eliminated.

fascism has always chosen arbitrary minority groups to blame for society's problems. Always. Fascism increased standard of living because many began war economies that they fed with more conquest but fell apart when they couldn't exploit natural resources of more countries.

>run by germans for germans
yes by attacking minority groups. as fascism always does

I want whatever system prevents Whites from becoming a minority in almost all White countries and it clearly seems that Fascism in the form of glorious and holy National Socialism is the only way to make it happen.

pic very fucking related


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You do us an injustice thinking white people are really going to just lay over and die lol
All of this is our "We're sorry" moment in history, white people are still xenophobic as fuck
Muslims will be apologizing in a hundred years, get over it

Fucking this. People who reject fascism also reject the main political problem that we have in America. I’m not for political necrophilia and reviving a Nazi germany. But we need to use what has been done in the past to fix our problems today, make our own version

I don’t. What’s fascism?

California was cofounded by the Polish?

Attached: 1522141821712.jpg (610x556, 31K)

can you define white for me please and what a white country is

Where did I claim that applied to all fascist nations and governments? Just stated the fact that Hitler increased civilian gun ownership.

Not true actually, there are a number of examples of groups of kikes holing up in ghettos with firearms and fighting back against the Nazis.
>implying disarming Jews is a bad thing

Nobody's problem you're playing ignorant faggot
This isn't even a "do your own research" cop out or anything, this is literally me laughing at you. Did you drop out in like 9th grade?

so your argument basicly boil down to "all politicans are same just with diffrent colors" which is false considering left and right politics.

Can you define Jewish for me please and what a Jewish county is?

Can you define black for me please and what a black county is?

Can you define muslim for me please and what a muslim county is?

Can you define chinese for me please and what a chinese county is?

Fuck you and your fucking cheap dime-store rhetorical tricks. We all know damn well what White means.

>i didn't directly say it hurrrr
disingenuity at its finest, it's always the same
You can't defend your bullshit with a straight face and without lying about it and you definitely can't go saying this shit in public
You can come up with whatever cope bullshit you want about how we "just don't understand the glories of living under a fascist regime controlling every moment of our lives and potentially killing us as an enemy because we sent relatives in another country money that should have gone to GLORIOUS MOTHER COUNTRY or what the fuck ever, we're done with your shit
again cope however you see fit but if you faggots try your fascist uprising shit you're going to get put down, your shit is still fresh in the mind of history and it will be for a very very long time
communism had the brilliancy to tone it down ever so slightly to preserve itself, fascism can literally only exist through war.

Both parties want bigger government, both parties want increased immigration, it just so happens that one of them is better at hiding it lol. Its unbelievable how many burgers actually think they have a real choice in politics

Your opinion that it's false
reality says it is 100% true
you think repubs and dems don't laugh at you together behind closed doors you're even dumber than I thought
the media circus is just that, a circus. it's all an act to distract you from the real problems.

Nice, what movie is that?

if you are so intent as to move to fascism to get a white country for white people i think you should at least be able to define the terms. What does white mean and what is a white country?

it's called world war ii you fucking dunce
nice deflection though
couldn't come up with a logical counter point? no shocker there since fascists are fucking retarded

So once again, you cop out of actually addressing my point, and go back to your whole "fascism sux and I'm gonna shoot you!!1!" routine. Fuck it's actually hilarious at this point. You're probably some mutt who takes his AR out to the range once a month and thinks he's a special forces tier operator.

And I said for you to define a black country, you hack.

I'm sure you will kick ass in Hollywood.

Attached: PlainSheetOfPaper.png (1600x2262, 136K)

>still no argument
been fun champ, good luck at the klan rally

I think you got the wrong person sir. I’m just lurking. I was just curious since it means something different where applied.

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so you don't know? Well would you look at that, a non-intellectual fascist. who knew.

i too am stupid.

Attached: MeltingPot.jpg (1359x1600, 420K)

Same guy

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So you are saying soviet union was just ethnostate for Russians and gulags where death camps where jews where killed?

Yeah I hate both libtards and cuckservantives. Thats why Iam fasist and somewhat sympatical towards communism.

Nope, sure didn't. You not liking the answer I provided =/= cop out of "Addressing your point"
your point that you're misdirecting away from the history of abuse of every fascist government ever conceived that did not immediately tone down after the transfer of power was complete.

You're misdirecting from the fact that you see yourself as one of the ones in power so of course you would espouse this nonsense.

You're just misdirecting endlessly, throwing out logical fallacy and deflecting decrying yourself some kind of victim when you would GLADLY victimize others with impunity given the opportunity.

You are a hypocritical faggot and it has been an absolute pleasure poking it out of you for all to see. Embarrassing retards who espouse dumb political ideologies is something of a hobby of mine.

Don't forget to cope and seethe and dream of your white fascist utopia nigger

Indo-European or Western-Hunter-Gatherer decent. If you want to get more specific we can. You know damn well what “White” means. It means someone not fucking Mongoloid or Negroid or Native American decent.


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

Attached: 1490522429471.jpg (1409x960, 274K)

Fake and gay. All of those people should be the same shade of brown at the bottom row.

>Thats why Iam fasist and somewhat sympatical towards communism.

that is some fucking fantastic bait. game recognise game.

Holy shit you're a walking mass of retardation and complexes

I bet you're a very conflicted person

i sense jealousy and envy from mussolini towards hitler, he was like the child who once rescued, felt humiliated and a servant. thanks to his help the allies had easy entry into southern europe. he's a sore loser!

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Shouldn't you be doing presidential things instead of shitposting on Cred Forums Mr President?

Attached: JEWishnathyp.png (1252x560, 154K)

>indo european
what does that even mean? are you including iranians?

you're just choosing words you think are synonymous with white

Just define the word: WHITE

Look at those dick sucking lips
I bet he gave mad head

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

Attached: They Will Not Replace Us.jpg (1784x755, 428K)

It's just not true that
>controlling every moment of our lives and potentially killing us as an enemy because we sent relatives in another country money that should have gone to GLORIOUS MOTHER COUNTRY
happen. At least not where I live, under Mussolini. They controlled the government, so people didn't get to choose what was next.
What was more problematic, was the presence of local squads that, because of Fascist Party, were above the law and used that position to do a bit too much of what they pleased. Mussolini was informed of this but never acted with determination to quit it, maybe because he did not want to undermine his own party. With the start of the war, the situation became more complicated: nobody liked Germans.

Oh i get it now! This is one of those threads where some 18 year old "enlightened" internet reactionary argues with himself to make his retarded ideas of fascism seem cool and stable and intelligent.

Attached: nice.jpg (688x460, 319K)

so we are back again to square 1, no arguments typical.

Explain I don't get it why being a fasist is bad and being a communist is good if they are same as you claimed.

The last true Roman.

Attached: 1539972102423.jpg (1024x768, 134K)

>Just define the word: WHITE

Just define the word: JEW

Attached: about the jews from a jew.png (1684x1215, 1.77M)

>coping this hard
Okay mutt

haha holy shit cherry picking much? Do I really really need to drudge up the countless examples of fascist crimes against humanity? Really?

Apparently he ate like 10 cloves of garlic a day. What I wouldn't do to be trapped in an air tight box with a tube hooked up to his asshole and brapp into the box until I've had my fill. Thank you duce

Presumably, “Indo-European” would include Iranians considering they speak an Indo-European language and are largely fair-skinned

Attached: Chadssolini.jpg (634x506, 86K)

>undermine his own party
Nor the image of the "fascist man", which ideally would never act as an ape. Guess what? Dumb people act as apes, whichever their political color.

I think you might be projecting a bit there champ
judging by your short bitter response

Oh i get it now! This is one of those threads where some 18 year old "enlightened" internet reactionary argues with himself to make his retarded ideas of communism seem cool and stable and intelligent.

Attached: ZOG comments.png (880x741, 93K)

Attached: tumblr_o2xu3cIyM61sgi8f5o1_1280.jpg (870x696, 129K)

Attached: IL DVCE.png (615x470, 458K)

Attached: tumblr_nxhqe5aqOZ1urcpnao1_1280.jpg (719x533, 286K)

fascism and communism may as well be the same thing
same smelly turd with a different color

i mean there are charts for the different kinds of literal shit but at the end of the day it's still shit right?

How to convert moderates to fascism:

>1. Let the commies talk

Attached: 87E5EC31-9F89-4099-BE8F-C7429A1C6BA6.jpg (467x314, 26K)

Do you mean Fascist Italy's crimes? Nothing to be proud of, in fact many problems were handled with carelessness. I blame it on the incompetence of the leaders.

Nothing beats directing the zeitgeist.

Attached: mussolini pilot.jpg (236x338, 18K)

Nahh, it's just become very clear to me that if you push back against a white ethnostate this hard, you're clearly a mutt lmao

Whether you believe or like it or not, this world is controlled by men with eschatological ideologies and have power (of influence) far greater than you.

Yes, the world believes in God and the JEWS want their messiah (our anti-Christ) to come to this Earth.

Alternatively, even from the perspective of atheists or anti-theists, the JEWS as an ethnicity still control media, finance, US politics, etc. and want THEIR agenda--not YOURS to win.

So, which side are you going to defend? The side of the JEWS and their ancestors...or YOURS???

Attached: Watson-NobelPrizeWinner.jpg (575x387, 108K)

kek, you can't do it. imagine calling to kill people who aren't white ut then you don't even know what white is. you are ludicrously stupid

iranian. is he including armenians aswell now?

Attached: D V X.png (802x626, 585K)

whoever makes or posts these must have no life, and that's coming from me! olol

I think you might actually be retarded. Google “Indoeuropean people” or “western hunter gatherer peoples”. They are genetic groups of humans that lived thousands of years ago.
Yes old Persians and Indians were “white” however they have been bred out with mongoloid, semitic, and negroid invaders from the past. Leaving the last bastion of “whites” to be Europe and other occidental nations that were founded by Europeans. White means someone who a vast majority of their ancestors come from the western hunger gatherers or Indo Europeans

left ideology want immigration
right ideology want restircted immigration

how is fasism and communism same again??

You have to go back, pajeet

the means with which they utilize to achieve their ends reek of death and destruction

they are both trash get over it
if you have to spread your ideology through force there is something inherently flawed about your ideology
Good ideas are rarely met with stiff resistance
Get over it

It never gets old.

Attached: 1570740928344.jpg (274x237, 24K)

>kek, you can't do it. imagine calling to kill people who aren't white ut then you don't even know what white is. you are ludicrously stupid

Utter delusion and utterly brainwashed... you're living in the past, dude, and you have nightmares of evil Nazi ghosts. Yes, not wanting almost all White countries to undergo massive demographic replacement means you want to kill everyone else. Again, I feel sorry for you, I truly do.

Attached: 1517427220127.jpg (1200x938, 314K)

>no argument
>coping this hard

Attached: seething.jpg (601x508, 31K)

God damn that is the dumbest shit I have read.

A lot of you seem to confuse authoritarianism with fascism. The best definition i ever heard of fascism is that the government thinks the people are stupid and need to have decisions made for them.

Even more reason to tell fascist faggots to choke on a log of andy sixx's creamy shit

I would think so? Unless he excludes the groups that were invaded, dominated, and raped by foreign peoples, such as the Turks and Arabs, which would only leave Europeans, who by and large, were only dominated by each other throughout history.

>western hunter gatherers
so someone from denmark or sweden is not white as they are scandanavian hunter gatherers? You are just making yourself look more stupid.

Even more reason to tell fascist faggots to choke on a log of andy sixx's creamy shit

also: so it's communism under a different label

differently colored shit is still shit

first of all define white. second of all tell me exactly what you would do with minorities in these countries

>if you have to spread your ideology through force there is something inherently flawed about your ideology
so you mean like USA spreading democracy into iraq,afganistan,libya and nazi germany??

care to fucking debunk it then tard.

>red herring

Read books by Oswald Mosley, Benito Mussolini, Gentile

Attached: What is fascism.png (886x1322, 125K)

rain size:
Asians: 1,364cc
Whites: 1,347cc
Blacks: 1,267cc
Rushton, J. P. (2000). Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective, 3rd ed. Port Huron, MI: Charles Darwin Research Institute.

Asians: 105
Whites: 99
Blacks: 67
Lynn, R., & Vanhanen, T. (2012). Intellience: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences. London: Ulster University for Social Science Research.

Murder rate per million
Asians: 16
Whites: 23
Blacks: 100

Attached: Stats_for_Whites.png (627x766, 413K)

That’s authoritarianism too. Fascism isn’t inherently authoritarian. It just ends up authoritarian since it’s nigh impossible to do it any other way, save for mob ruled democracy. Fascism is more akin to a cultic revery of an identity and governing people in relation to that.

>first of all define white.
first of all define Jewish.
first of all define black.

>what you would do with minorities in these countries

Attached: 1563496388232.png (1000x500, 158K)

>Under Fascism, the government will not approve of any business activity unless that business has a positive impact on the nation as a whole
Read closer:
>Unless that business fills the pockets of the bureaucrats approving the business activity

also communism

>look my piece of shit I shaded a different color totally isn't the same piece of shit as that other piece of shit over there that's a different color! LOOK AT THE COLORS!

third time btw

Western hunter gatherers are the people who existed in Europe before the Indoeuropean invasion. Most indoeuropeans actually went to Scandinavia, which explains their fair hair and blue eyes, which is a trait of indo Europeans. But no anyone who existed before the I-E invasion is white. You’re grasping at straws trying to play “gotcha” on me and it ain’t gonna work buddy.

I don't have to argue with a logical fallacy
brush up on debate protocol

so scandanavians aren't white? you do realise how ridiculous you look

lol you can't define it.

and if they don't want to go?

>provides an example contrary to your claim
"Red herring!!!"

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. I just said they are. Anyone who was in Europe 5000 years ago are white. Original Indoeuropeans are white as were the native Europeans. What are you going on about?

ok I will try one more time before I quit
>Explain I don't get it why being a fasist is bad and being a communist is good if they are same as you claimed.

no it is actually a red herring
the US isn't forcing a political ideology, it's moving in for oil, extracting it and then moving on without caring what happens after and using democracy as the pretext
also you're conveniently ignoring the part where a lot of these people were happy about American intervention since they were living under gasp gasp authoritarian/fascist governments that had essentially turned their countries into the very definition of a shithole. Many of them will OPENLY admit even now that life under the Americans is in many ways better with the only lamentation being that an unfortunate consequence of westernization is a loss of cultural identity which is sad. I'm proud of being a white person and I think everybody should be entitled to being proud about their identity, but truly I digress here.

You thought you had a point, but you don't.

>lol you can't define it.
lol you can't define Jewish nor black

>and if they don't want to go?
Deportation. It's happened many many times throughout history and we will not be held hostage and turned into hated minorities in our own countries because faggots like you are going to cry over the feelings of deported people. Besides, we're so damned rich that we will pay them handsomely for their travels and not be dicks about it.

Attached: [ShitholeIntensifies].jpg (619x450, 126K)

read this user's post, he sums up my thoughts pretty well:
also read here:
while an all white ethnostate sounds amazing to me as a white person, the sheer amount of bullshit and bloodshed that would have to come with it makes me nope the fuck out, but then again I don't wish ill on people of other races, I just want to be left the fuck alone and freed from other people's expectations to live my own fucking life, something Fascism absolutely DOES take from you because the NATION STATE becomes of more importance than anything else. Bureaucrats become your masters, as they do in Communism


yikes bro

Holy fuck you are an idiot. Being outnumbered doesnt mean you are inferior. The problem is that there has always been more non-fascists than fascists which is why fascists lost. A bunch of fire ants can kill a human, that doesnt make fire ants better than a human you mongoloid.


why are fascists always retarded?

>anyone who was in europe
no. you said western hunter gatherers and indo-europeans. then you said not indo-europeans but western hunter gatherers which excludes scandanavia. you have the dumb.

>you can't define
no, i can. you can't define white
, how you going to build up ur shitty ethno state if ur too dumb to define words.

and if they resist? violence. you re going to ethnically cleanse people. sounds like fascism to me

>also you're conveniently ignoring the part where a lot of these people were happy about American intervention since they were living under gasp gasp authoritarian/fascist governments
USA din't bring happines in my coutry in fact my country was bombarded by NATO(usa) without UN approval just because my country was socialist and not democratic western country.Just for instence we are yet to reach our 1980s standars of living.

China is doing good with it so I don't see problem with authoritarianism.


litearlly never said this ever here is what i said

>Explain I don't get it why being a fasist is bad and being a communist is good if they are same as you claimed.

Nice argument, as typical from liberals.

Attached: ifls.jpg (627x642, 66K)

>fascism isn't inherently authoritarianism but it just ends up that way
when you have an ideology focused around murdering minorities then yes, it is inherently authoritarian

>Many of them will OPENLY admit even now that life under the Americans is in many ways better
But Americans were an occupying force, and I think they ruled the occupied territories with autocracy of the army generals?

I'm not a liberal, I'm just not a retard

or are you falsely conflating being conservative with being a fascist like a liberal would? Conservatives put family first, friend.

You're a deluded, pacifist fool to think there is no violence in the world and that it's unethical to use violence to defend your homeland. How's Israel's treatment of the Palestinians? All land has been seized by conquest.

>you re going to ethnically cleanse people.
You have nightmares of Nazi ghosts. Compensating people to be repatriated to their homelands sounds like a pretty good deal.

> sounds like fascism to me
If that's all your head can conceive, then that's your problem.

Attached: Pedro.jpg (500x557, 87K)

no argument from me, I've been arguing against fascism for the better part of an hour now


Attached: 1561533778392.jpg (630x420, 22K)

an occupying force that doesn't kill you or chop your hands/fingers off for minor infractions is exactly the same as an indigenous force which exercises its authority cruelly over its people is totally the same thing
Don't attack the soldiers standing around not actually doing anything to you and they won't point their rifles at you and probably shoot, it's pretty basic shit


no such thing exists

>compensating people
you will forcibly remove people that don't want to leave their homes and probably kill quite a few. that is authoritarian

it is fascism. that's what it is. Might be a good idea to see what happened to all those fascist countries ;)

I've said it before

there is no logically arguing with these people and if they ever show up with weapons at your door be ready to shoot them in their stupid fucking heads

But that's like saying that Fascism is fine and does work, as long as it is practiced by "illuminated" fascists. Which is what Italians thought to be in Ethiopia...

Nah it's more to illuminate how people fall for this stupid shit
it's a veneer of fine gold solidly encrusted over a stinking, rotting pile of shit
It always starts this way, people who want power will tell idiots willing to give them that power anything if it gets them to fork it over, and then they'll often exercise it to get rid of political rivals or dissidents.

excuse me, mr fbi / cia man but violence against fascists is never justified ;)

I was referring to the spirit of the thread.

If they show up threatening violence you are well within your rights within the overwhelming majority of US states to shoot first

There is no discourse with someone threatening to remove you from your home under pain of death except to give them an offering of death in kind

Get over it

>no such thing exists
FALSE! Tell that to Israeli Jews.

>probably kill quite a few. that is authoritarian
Hypothetical fear mongering because you have nightmares of Nazi ghosts.

>that's what it is
I don't give a fuck. We will not become minorities in our own countries! Do you have any balls at all?

Attached: EuropaKicksMudslimeOut.jpg (400x298, 38K)

You've almost literally justified a outside force occupation as an Italian Fascist propaganda piece would. I say bravo to you.

I think you've linked the wrong post

Nope, sorry, I must have misinterpreted your words.

And I thought you were the one I've replied to.

You do realize Fascism is just an authoritarian/darwinistic derivative of socialism/collectivism. That's why the nazis called them selves National Socialists and Mussolini National Syndicalists.

>If they show up threatening violence you are well within your rights within the overwhelming majority of US states to shoot first
>There is no discourse with someone threatening to remove you from your home under pain of death except to give them an offering of death in kind
>Get over it

The massive immigration from the third-world in the US is due to the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act. It was "sold" to Americans as "not changing the ethnic makeup of the country (Sen. Ted Kennedy)". It is an illegitimate Act, thus all third-world immigration following that is illegitimate. They will be repatriated and compensated nicely. Moreover, there will be laws promoting stable, affordable family formation for White people, which will help boost our numbers.

Attached: t3_7x8miu.jpg (753x760, 88K)


Attached: (YOU!).png (1069x390, 15K)

Talk is cheap

get fucked faggot

I double posted: Where did your ClearType go?

No fucking clue

Great thread everyone! Been fun making fascists look like retards.

>Talk is cheap

>get fucked faggot
No, YOU get fucked!

Attached: Hart-Celler1965_Repeal.jpg (751x1003, 112K)

I'm white telling you to get fucked retard
Have fun going up and telling some brown redneck with more guns than you to "go back to mexico" when a. he was born here and b. he's not even mexican you dumb fucking faggot yeesh

There are four tenets of fascism:

1) Absolute power of the State: The Fascist state is a glorious, living entity that is more important than any individual. All individuals are part of the State, but the State is greater than the sum of its parts. All individuals must set aside their own needs and supplicate themselves to the needs of the State. There is no law or other power that can limit the authority of the State.
2) Survival of the fittest: A Fascist state is only as glorious and powerful as its ability to wage wars and win them. Peace is viewed as weakness, aggression as strength. Strength is the ultimate good and ensures the survival of the State.
3) Strict social order: Social classes are strictly maintained in order to avoid "mob rule" or any hint of chaos. Chaos is a threat to the State. The State's absolute power and greatness depends on the maintenance of a class system in which every individual has a specific place, and that place cannot be altered.
4) Authoritarian leadership: To maintain the power and greatness of the State requires a single, charismatic leader with absolute authority. This all-powerful, heroic leader maintains the unity and unquestioning submission required by the Fascist state. The authoritarian leader is often viewed as a symbol of the State.

Sounds like communism under different branding
Kinda like how WalMart and Abercrombie and Fitch get their clothes from the same company


>Have fun going up and telling some brown redneck with more guns than you to "go back to mexico" when a. he was born here and b. he's not even mexican you dumb fucking faggot yeesh

All you're doing is projecting your own fear and weakness. You're too damn pussified to defend your own homeland and your own people. You're also irrationally imagining violence because you have nightmares of Nazi ghosts from years of indoctrination. yeesh

Attached: TheMostImportantGraphInTheWorld_SteveSailer.png (882x709, 60K)

so many levels of irony here, where to even begin

first, your entire premise of "returning" america to a white country is laughable since whites are not native to north america anyway
you can argue
>yeah we came and killed the indigenous tribes and took it for ourselves, fair game!
but then the same applies to you.
You sound kind of like one of those caricatures of a Jew stabbing people in the back while playing the victim
it's kind of painful, you must live a very conflicted life



Note quite. Definition of socialism, a society in which the means of production are communally owned and controlled by the society as a whole.
Definition of communism, a society that is classless, money-less and stateless.
Definition of Stalinism ("Marxism-Leninism"), the people are too ignorant to manage anything beyond trade unions so the state will do that instead and lead them from "socialism" to communism also the westerners are a bunch of savages that are being bribed by the 1% because they are resisting the spread of [our] communist docturine.

Yeah yeah subtle differences
does it really matter when the overall results are nearly identical?

>but then the same applies to you.
Yes, you are correct. And the difference between you and I is that I want to resist this and fight back (by peaceful means, first, of course) and you just want to bend over and take it DEEP in your ass like a fag.

It's okay to defend your homeland and your people. It's okay to be White, friend.

Attached: CuKixuOWYAAkaZU.jpg (824x630, 181K)

yeah you're really fighting back telling jim bob to go back to mexico because his skin isn't white enough

I really wish you understood why we're laughing at you

I suppose you could say socialism doesn't intentionally try to achieve those results.
P.S. I'm an ex-marxist.

by the way

the way to "win" is to outbreed the other races, if you're really that concerned
you're not or you'd be out lifting to improve your body, reading to improve your mind and working to inflate your ego and your bank account

You're probably doing none of these things, you're rallying to the wind on Cred Forums for some stupid faggot cause that makes you feel better about being inadequate that you can't get another white person to have sex with you


It could do without all the Facebook tourists.

you sound like you're still kinda sympathetic to the idea, like you think it could work but you're jaded
I was like that too, it passes
Hope your journey to inner peace works out for you user
you already took the blinders off, don't put another pair on because you like the colors!

You're describing authoritarianism, which is far more common on the far left (Communism) than on the far right.

The biggest difference between far left authoritarianism and far right authoritarianism, is that the left tends to victimize your own people whereas the far right tends to victimize outside people for the benefit of those within.

For example, Hitler insisted that his common people should have personal mobility, something unheard of at the time, and thus constructed the world's first "people's car" and highways. He setup the world's first welfare system for mothers to encourage higher birthrates among aryan women. He also setup some of the first animal anti-cruelty and nature protection laws, so that future generations of his people could have a clean environment in his vision of a thousand year German empire mirroring that of the Roman empire.

The North Korean, Chinese, Soviet, and other such far left authoritarian regimes by contrast resulted in widespread exploitation and suffering of their own people, mostly ignoring those outside when possible.

I'd rather be in a right-wing authoritarian government as long as I'm a majority common person, as those victimized would only be minorities that are a threat to the party (like Jews and Communists) than in a left-wing authoritarian government where people like myself are the target.

Attached: 1579134702071.jpg (1024x683, 143K)


>you sound like you're still kinda sympathetic to the idea
I kind of am, in my opinion is has failed do to herd/npc mentality. Socialism for me was about not having bosses and making decisions equally but people(sheeple) seam to be more comfortable with bosses so they don't have to think. I think a quote form George Orwell (who was a socialist syndicalist himself) fits my view quite well on the problem: "They will not rebel until they become class conscious. They will not become class conscious until they rebel". Narrative are far too controlled and the normies seam to be fine with that.

I’m not even the guy that you’re arguing with but you sound like a fucking toilet, loud but ultimately just noise.

Hitler specifically tells Mussolini NOT to attack the lower balkans.
Mussolini attacks greece.
He loses.



Attached: tenor.gif (248x380, 1.5M)

See also and